Hitler Didi 7th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Hitler Didi 7th June 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 7th June 2013 Written Update

Part 1
Jwala Niwas
Jamna Tai goes to Ammu and like always adds fuel to the fire (Ammu) ie they have to do what the priest said . She continues doing what she is best at and smirks.

Nanda is on her way to take Indira’s clothes but she meets Jamna on her way who asks her where she is heading to and redirects her. Indira comes out draped in a sari and asks Jamna if she has seen Nanda, she again directs her to the wrong room, Indira goes to the room where she has been guided by Nanda, she is surprised to see Rk pinned to the ground by Beera who is seriously hurting him! Indira as fast as a hare runs to help Rk. She jerks him off Rk and reprimands him for hurting him, Beera reprimands her for coming outside and stopping a mans game, The wrestlers and guards look down ! Jamna runs to Ammu and informs her where Indira is and her code of dressing! Ammu is shocked and rushes down angry!

Part 2
Indira is still reprimanding Beera for his doing, Rk has been quiet the whole time. Ammu comes outside and reprimands Indira because of the way she is dressed and for causing comotion. Rk is about to go to Indira but he is stopped. Indira covers her head with her pallu, Jamna says that’s disgusting! Indira tells them that Jamna was the one who directed her here after all she is new here! Jamna buts in and says since she is a house help the blame is shifted on her. Rk disagrees with her, Indira is shocked seeing her lying like this but her voice isn’t heard. Ammu questions the topic of shagun, Indira is not aware of all this! Rk starts scolding Indira and commands her to live by the rules of this house, Indira is hurt, sad! She tries to defend herself but she isn’t heard 🙁

Part 3
Indira tells Rishi, I came here unintentionally and I accept that I made mistake, but no one wants to listen to me. You’re right that I shouldn’t stay here. Indira apologizes to Ammu and says, I may not be able to keep up with your tradition and morals. She touches Ammu’s leg and leaves from the wrestling zone. She turns back, probably hoping someone will stop her, but no one says anything.

Sungantha comes and gives phone to Indira. It’s Kutumb’s call. Indira hopes that she will say that everyone is missing her, but Kutumb says everyone is happy without her and it’s good if she doesn’t come back anytime soon. She says you didn’t prove to be a good daughter, but I am mother in end. When your saas throws you out, you can come here. Our door will always be open for you. Indira says, don’t worry.. I won’t come there. Kutumb’s smile disappears (probably her plan went wrong?) Indira continues, and your bitter talks only encourage me. You make me realize that I can’t even cry for myself. Be happy there. I won’t come back crying.

Indira comes crying to her room and remembers her memories with her mother. She then sees saree on her bed and remembers Rishi’s words, if you can’t fulfill this house’s traditions and morals, then there is no point of living here.

Ammu tells Rishi, it’s better if our house matters stay inside our house. Go and explain to your wife. Today’s girl.. don’t know what she is made of. Rishi tells her, don’t worry I will explain to her.

Rishi is going, and Indu stops him. She tells him, I thought you were very good, but you’re not that good either. You said so much. You scolded Indira Rishi Kumar so she loses the challenge, right? You used to love her so much in Chandni chowk, now where did that love go? Rishi is quiet.

Indira is back in her regular dress and looking in the mirror. Rishi comes and looks at her. Indira sees him from the mirror as well.

Precap: Indira is packing her bag. Rishi asks her, what’s your plan? Indira doesn’t reply.

Update Credit to: AK

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