Hitler Didi 6th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 6th March 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 6th March 2013 Written Update

Radhe, Vanraj and Rishi are sitting outside and drinking. Radhe says people come to CC on their wish but go according to their wish. Vanraj says they should not let Hitler didi go and that last time he brought fake cops but this time he will bring cops this time for Saheb. Rishi tells him to control “his” Munna first who has changed his party.
Vanraaj says he thinks he should become Husna and go to Pakistan
Munna comes and beats him up with his slipper He then tells Rishi that he has not changed his party and he can never do it when its Rishi’s heart at stake. He tells Rishi that they should send Zara with Kabir. Rishi ponders over it.

In the barsati, Kabir tries to go near Indira but she moves away. Kabir asks her when she has accepted Babli, why can she not accept Babli’s abbu. Indira tells him not to ask such questions. Indu is standing at their door and ties a napkin around her nose and burns chilly at their door which fills their room with its smoke and Babli starts coughing and they tend to her and come out of their room. Indira sees Indu and is going to slap her but Rishi holds her hand to stop her from slapping.

Kabir comes and tells Rishi not to hold his Begum’s hand. Kabir and Rishi share a confusing talk where Rishi is being extra sweet and taunting Saheb about how he keeps saying meri begum meri begum . He leaves with Indu an dtells Babli that he will send medicine for her. Babli comes to Indu and tells her that if she wants a mother, she will ask her ammi to love Indu too. Indira is listening to them and is smiling. Indu tells her off and thrusts her hand and both fall down the staircase. Indira rushes to Babli and Rishi to Indu. Indu gets unconscious and Indira tries to help but Rishi tells her to stay away.

He brings her to the patio. Munna goes to get doctor. Indira and Kabir try to help but Rishi denies to take any help. Everyone is busy with Indu when Indira tells Kabir that they should leave this place since its happening because of her and because Rishi does not teach his daughter right and wrong. Rishi tells her that it was not her fault to which she says that it was Rishi’s fault instead. She says that if Indu had a mom she would have taught her manners. Rishi says why does she not teach Indu the same. Then Rishi and Indira have an eye lock. Saheb tells Indira to go upstairs. Indira leaves with Babli. Saheb says some consoling things to Rishi and starts leaving when Rishi asks him why did he name his daughter Babli. Saheb tells him that Husna did so because she likes the name. Inder starts telling him why Indira likes the name and is going to blurt out the truth when Rishi stops him. Munna comes with doctor and SF gets busy with her. Saheb starts leaving the place in some thoughts.

Precap: Indira is telling Babli that she never loses control but as soon as she sees Rishi she gets filled with anger. Ishan is standing outside and mumbles to himself that is the way her and Rishi’s love story is.

Update Credit to: saumya

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