Hitler Didi 4th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 4th April 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 4th April 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with students attacking back on Indu. They surround her and make fun of her. Sehar, principal, and other school staff come and stop the fight. Principal asks who started this fight, and students say Indu did. Principal gets angry at Indu and asks her all that Indira said didn’t affect her and asks her to leave. Indu stares with anger. Sehar takes her and leaves. Principal says that she will have to call Indira again.

Here, Indira feels bad for what she said to Rishi about Sajni. She comes to bar place and doesn’t feel comfortable in that environment. A lady tells her that Sajni should be coming shortly. Indira waits there.

In court, Rishi asks his friend to find him some case. His friend says, have patience you will find one. Indira calls Rishi, but he remembers what she had told him that he is useless and he doesn’t pick up. He says to himself, you all call me useless, right? Now I will show you earning lots of money.

Sajni comes to bar place with lots of girls. She hides them in a room. A lady comes and asks her why she brought them here. Sajni says, when I was of their age, these people kidnapped me and made me what I am today. I can’t let that happen with these girls. Lady warns her that if those people find out, then they will kill her. Right then the group of people come. Their leader, Rajrani, is gay, neither man, nor woman. Rajrani says who dared to make those girls run away.

Indira is getting late for the interview so she decides that she will come tomorrow. While she’s leaving, she hears someone firing a bullet and everyone running here and there. She goes to check. She sees Sajni and group of people leaving with girls. She tells Sajni that she was just searching for her and asks who were those people. Sajni then falls and Indira catches her.

Sajni tells Indira that Rajrani sells young girls to men, and gives Indira a phone which has video proof against Rajrani. She asks Indira to promise her that she won’t let anything happen with those innocent girls. Sajni says if you do that, then I will be able to rest in peace. Indira promises her and also apologizes for what she said her in principal office. Sajni dies.

A lady hears all that and calls Rajrani and says that Indira has proof against her/him. Rajrani says that he/she will see not only Indira, but her entire family.

One side, Indira shows proof to police and asks them to arrest Rajrani. Police inspector asks her if she is sure because Rajrani has big contacts and it could be dangerous to mess with him/her. Indira says, Sajni gave up her life to save those innocent girls and I must save those girls now. On the other side, Rajrani’s men bring Rishi to Rajrani. Rajrani gives him lots of money and asks him to be his/her lawyer. Rishi asks, but what’s the case. Rajrani confuses him and doesn’t exactly say what the case is about. She gives more money, and Rishi assures Rajrani that arresting him/her is too far, no one even will be able to touch him/her.

Screen freezes on Rajrani, Indira, and Rishi’s faces.

Precap: Rishi pulls Indira in front of entire family and says to her, you were saying me useless right? and shows her money.

Update Credit to: Desitvbox

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