Hitler Didi 3rd June 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 3rd June 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 3rd June 2013 Written Update

Part 1

Outside and Inside SN.
Rk calls Indira and tells her that its time for them to leave, Indira tells him she knows. She tells him to take their belongings to the rickshaw, Rk and two guys are shown dancing 🙂

Inside SN
Indira tells Indu to go and prepare herself cos they are about to go to their new home. Indu leaves, Indira says she never imagined she will ever leave SN which she has lived in ever since she was young. She then hears Kutumb and Inder talking. Kutumb asks him how he has been? Where he has been living? Inder pleads and asks her to swear by god that she will never disclose their secret of him stabbing Indira, Indira hearing this is shuttered, tears in her eyes. Kutumb promises to never tell. Indira sobbs, she shuts the door. Inder and Kutumb are shocked to see not only Indira but Rk and Vanraj. Seeing this. Kutumb tells Inder to run, she leads the way. Munna blocks their way and Rk comes and holds Inder’s collar and in anger asks him why did he try to kill his wife and baby. Kutumb reprimands Rk, Indira is rooted to the ground, hurt, disgusted and in pain. Kutumb continues but she is stopped by Indira, Indira reprimands Inder and Kutumb and she thanks god she is going to her sasural and she is leaving the selfish sharmas. Munna is as always confused, Vanraj heads to arrest Inder for his crime, Kutumb pleads with Indira to stop the arrest, Indira stops Vanraj she takes Rk’s hand and they leave.

Part 2

Indira comes down with her belongings, the rest of the Sharmas are standing watching her with sad faces. Sunaina comes and tries to talk her to stay back, Indira has flashbacks of how she used to manage the house expenses. Bhim comes and hugs Indira and asks her not to leave him and go, Indira explains to him that she has to go to her home that is her sasural. Indira Places the care of Bhim to Bar Owner. Indu and Rk brings rice for Indira to throw, she does the ritual and when she is about to leave, Kutumb tells her if she steps out of that door she goes forever, Indira is hurt 🙁 she sobbs

Outside SN
InShi and Indu are leaving SN with their belongings, Radhe and some people of CC makes a grand fare well for Indira. In fact one woman said if your mother can’t do this rituals we are here and we are like your parents 🙂 Indira smiles. They then escort the trio to their rickshaw, Munna wanted to escort his sister but Kutumb doesn’t let him. Indu hugs Seher and Bhim and gives Seher jet sling shot. The trio leaves
Bus and JN
Rk informs Taoji they just left CC and they will call when they are about to reach. Taoji calls his men and ask them to prepare themselves as he is coming, the men takes guns and they leave.
Rk asks Indira to smile and act well. Indira questions Rk about his family, he answers but when Indira asks who stays with taoji they are ambushed with men with guns who drags Rk out of the bus, Indira and Indu calls Rk. A man alightens from a car, RK is shocked seeing him. The man drags Rk on the roadside and his men takes Indira and Indu. Indira continues asking for his Hubby, Indu spots him running. The cars stops and the man along with his men and Indira Indu alightens. Indira takes out her sandal and hits the man on his face. He signals his men not to attack Indira, The man bleeds(on his lips) Rk shouts for her to stop, she continues to question the man. Indira is about to hit him again, RK takes a gun from one of the men and shoots up. Indira is boggled by this approach and the screen freezes on her face. (It is possible that that man is Rk’s father what do you guys think)

Precap: Indira is promoting Abhay Deol’s Connected Hum Tum

Update Credit to: AK

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