Hitler Didi 29th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 29th April 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 29th April 2013 Written Update

Munna’s wife calls him and asks him to bring money otherwise she will die with hunger. Munna and Ghajini are sitting on a street, unable to find a job. They ask for some work and a guy comes and asks them to take care of his dog until he returns. There is a lady sitting beside his dob and Munna and Ghajini think that the guy is asking to take care of the lady. Dog owner tells them that she (dog) can’t stay in sunshine.. has to pee every 15 minutes.. can’t stay at one place. Munna and Ghajini find it weird, but happily take the job as they think dog owner is talking about the lady. They go to the lady and ask her to get up and say they will take her for a round. Lady gets angry and beats them. Other people also join her and beat Munna and Ghajini.

A lady comes for some legal work and Rishi gets it done for her. When he asks for money, lady starts flirting with him. Her husband sees it and runs after Rishi. Rishi, Munna, Ghajini meet and tell each other that they failed in finding job.

Bheem tells Indu that he feels none of the men in Indu’s family will find job and that he likes Indira’s style. Indu asks him, are you on my side or Indira Rishi Kumar’s side? Driver comes and picks up Bheem. Indu tells him if any problem, then contact her and she will solve it right away.

Shweta tells Indira that she will go to her parents now and she has got strength from Indira to fight with any situation. She tells Indira to tell Indu that she will write her letters everyday as she can’t say this to Indu directly. Indira tells her to say herself to Indu this time.

Shweta calls Indu and tells her that she is going away for child. Indu asks her to return as soon as possible. Shweta asks her to promise that she will call mum to Indira and behave well. Indu doesn’t promise and disconnects as she sees Indira coming.

Indira comes with pizzas and burgers. She explains Indu that everyone faces difficulties in their lives, but they only become strong because of that. She asks her to join her in eating. Indu refuses saying she knows Rishi and other will bring money to house. Indira says fine.. I just melted seeing your innocent face, but thank you for reminding me.. now I will eat all by myself. Rishi returns with Munna and Ghajini who are badly beaten. Indu gets disappointed as they didn’t bring money. Munna’s wife tries to take pizza from Indira, but she refuses to give to anyone and tell them to eat whatever this house’s men can give them. She goes to the kitchen, and doesn’t feel like eating as none of her family members got to eat. She gives all the food to children who are playing outside their house.

Suddenly there is a blast in Indira’s house. Everyone except Indu, Rishi, and Indira get blind. They go to the hospital and doctor informs them this happened due to explosion of gas tank. He tells them this is temporarily and slowly they will regain their sight. All family members are doing comedy, while Indira and Rishi are talking to the doctor. Indu handles everyone.

They are going back to house. Everyone has put on blind people glasses. Coincidently there is a song going on, “gore gore mukhde pe kala chasma”, and they think society is making fun of them. Indira asks Rishi to take everyone to home and she will go and get medicine. Indu says no to Indira and asks Rishi to go. Music gets loud, Indira says but he doesn’t have money. He asks Rishi if he wants money, Rishi can’t hear as music is too loud. He asks her to say loudly. Music stops and Indira says, there is not a penny in your pocket, should I give you money for medicine? Society people hear that and Rishi glares at Indira.

Precap: Rishi is at a store. He asks for medicine and says he will pay later. Owner tells him to see his face properly..he is same person who got injury on his one of the eyes because of Indu and then Indira sent him to the police. He says I got destroyed because of that and now you’re asking for medicine without money. No one will give you medicine on loan.. not just me.

Update Credit to: Julia

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