Hitler Didi 26th April 2013 Written Episode Update

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Hitler Didi 26th April 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 26th April 2013 Written Update

Indira tells Indu that she will have to listen to everything that she says as per their challenge.

Indu says fine but she won’t take anyone “hiter giri”. She says Indira runs this house with her hitler didi.

Indira challenges her and tells her to run this house for next 48 hours. And if Indu runs it better than Indira, then Indu once again won’t have to listen to everything that Indira says.

Indu accepts it.

In their room, Rishi asks Indira why she is taking all the decisions without asking him or anyone else. Does he have no importance? Indira says to him that she did all this so Indu realizes her responsibilities. Indira romances with him and makes him smile. She says my husband looks good only when he is smiling.

Shweta gets call

from Dr. Jasvant. She is about to disconnect it, but Indira picks it up and talks with him in Shweta’s voice. She makes Dr. Jasvant think that Shweta’s child is dead and plans a meeting with him. After the call, Shweta asks her how can she go to meet him. Indira says if you need justice, then throw away your fear. Nothing will happen, trust me.

Next morning, Indira comes to Indu’s room and she’s still sleeping. She starts singing song loudly which wakes Indu up. She gets annoyed with Indira. Indira says I didn’t come to bother you.. I am just happy today as I don’t have to do anything. She reminds her of her new responsibility and says everyone is waiting at dining table for the breakfast. Indu says I know my responsibility very well and she leaves.

She comes downstairs and sees everything in breakfast is made of potatoes. Indira’s mum says there was only potatoes in house so they had no choice. Now there is nothing left for night. As it is Indu’s responsibility to make sure everyone eats, she says tonight there will be pizza, burgers and party like environment. Indira says but for that you will easily need 1200 to 1500 rupees, from where will you get that? Mehar says she will give. Indu forwards her hand, but Indira says when she used to run house, she never took any help from an outsider. Indu takes her hand back. Now she decides to take money from Shweta saying she is her own, but Shweta also doesn’t give saying Indira didn’t take any money from their own either.

Indu then decides to send all guys out for the work and says they will bring money like how other fathers bring money to their home. Rishi, Munna, Indira’s father and Indu leave. Indira says to herself if all men get jobs, then she will be happy. Sometimes what elders can’t do, children do them in no time.

At school, Indu tells all this to Bheem. Bheem laughs and says to her, your father don’t earn anything? Indu is very confident that they will bring money this time. She tells Bheem what if anyone makes fun of his dad like this. Bheem says fine.. your father is good.. but mine is greatest. People call him a God.

Shweta meets Dr. Jasvant and Dr. Jasvant confesses everything. He says, but now as there is no more child.. how will you prove that I did all that? Indira now comes and says they can prove it with DNA test. Dr. Jasvant laughs and says he never gave any DNA sample and they can’t prove with fake reports. His wife comes and says she gave sample. Dr. Jasvant loses his temper and takes out a gun. Now police come and arrest him.

Dr. Jasvant’s wife is very embarrassed and she doesn’t know what Bheem will have to go through now. Indira tells her not to worry.. everything will be fine. She leaves.

Indira tells Shweta they will go home now, but Shweta says she won’t go there. She doesn’t want to create any problem for Indira and as long as she stays there, Indu will never come closer to Indira. Indira gets lost in thoughts.

Precap: Shweta tells Indira to tell Indu that she will write her letter everyday. She says she won’t be able to say all this to Indu personally. Indira says no this time you will tell her all by yourself.

Update Credit to: julia

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