Hitler Didi 25th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Hitler Didi 25th June 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 25th June 2013 Written Update

Seeing Rishi and Indira getting closer, Zara is about to throw the knife at Indira, but Ammu comes on the last moment and hits her with the gun. Hearing noise, Indira and Rishi go outside and find Ammu with a gun. Ammu says that she took that gun in her hand after Rishi’s daddu left her and she took responsibility of the family. She decided to protect the family. She then gives that gun to Indira and tells her to take this house responsibility from today, but Indira doesn’t take it. She puts her hand on Rishi’s head and swears that she is not doing anything against Indira and her child, and if anything happens to them, then she will shoot herself with all the bullets inside that gun. She just wants them to be safe. Indira apologizes to Ammu for doubting her. Ammu tells Indira to be happy and gives her blessings. Ammu leaves.

Indira is still lost in some thoughts. Rishi thinks she still has doubt on Ammu and gets upset with her. He says, I accepted your family the way it was, then why can’t you accept my family? He walks away. Indira says to herself, I am trying, but there is something or someone in this house for sure who is not happy with my happiness and is behind me. Until I don’t figure out what that is, I can’t be relaxed. Indira wonders what to do to make Rishi happy.

She looks around and follows him in the rain and pulls him to her. They are then having a good time in the rain. Zara is locked in a room and she watches them from that room. She gets angry seeing Indira that close to Rishi.

Ammu, Jamna come there. Ammu tells Zara, you came here to kill my bahu, Indira, right? But I have taken her responsibility and I won’t let anything happen to her or her child. Ammu asks her men to lock Zara inside a trunk. She decides to send Zara to mental hospital or somewhere tomorrow morning. Drunk Munna sees them putting trunk and hiding it with other stuff. He wonders if Ammu is doing all this with Indira because she didn’t get any dowry.

In her room, Ammu tells Jamna that she knows her evil mind, but this time nothing should happen to Indira else she won’t spare her.

Back to Sharma Niwas, Maher takes off the old board and puts new board of her name outside their house. Kutumb asks her how she can do that, but Maher insults her calling a beggar. Kutumb calls Inder for help, but Maher says he left you and came to me and is currently sleeping inside. She closes the door. Kutumb cries saying Inder left her once again during their bad time.

Munna opens the trunk and gets surprised seeing Zara with her hands tied and tape on her mouth.

Precap: Zara threatens Jamna. Jamna then joins hands with her.

Update Credit to: Julia

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