Hitler Didi 22nd March 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 22nd March 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 22nd March 2013 Written Update

**The show starts with Rishi all shattered and he’s having flashback of Indira pleading to him for Saheb,he says Hitler first time falls on his feet for the sake of Saheb.He says Sorry to Indu but Indu says no.
**At the railway station the train is ready to leave for Lahore ,Indira is feeling uneasy to leave but Kabir tries to coax her.As they begin to move towards the train an old video recordings of Indira as Hitler begins to play…

**Indira as well as Kabir are shock to see the recording and Indu thanks Ishaan for sending the cd.she asks the railway station to play Rishi and Indira marriage cd but it stops and Indira is not able to see Rishi face.
Kabir takes Babli and moves away.
Indu pleads to Indu to stop and to try to recall all her past,Rishi says enough pleading to her if ever they have prayed a statue it would have begin to talk.
Rishi tells her today he’s releasing her from every relation she may go.Indu is still stubborn…

**Rishi says enough to Indu and explains her if she loves her mom better to let her go her happiness is what is counted for them.Rishi promises never to show his face again.Indu still crying and Rishi takes her away.
Indira continuously tries to recall her everything and finally gets her memory back after seeing a couple wedding,she sees herself and Rishi as the bride and the groom .She laughs and cries at the same time and sees Rishi wiping Indu tears.
Indira sees some heavy weight coming towards Rishi and she calls Rishi loudly,she begins to run towards him and pushes him and Indu away but falls on him.Babli train begins to go and Babli is crying for Indira but he also explains her that Indira finds her destinations and this is destiny sometimes better to accept it.
A man coming with a plate containing flowers which falls on them they have an eye lock and Indu keeps on looking at them.Rishi closes her eyes and Indira in her hitler style tells him to get up and he hugs her.

PRECAP Indira hugs Rishi with the HD score playing in the background and Indu says she’s happy that her mom is completely fine.She asks Rishi who’s this girl? indu in her HD style says she’s her daughter and Indira also with both her hands on his waist asks what??

Update Credit to: ALUJNA21

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