Hitler Didi 21st June 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 21st June 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 21st June 2013 Written Update

Munna sees Indira’s room on a fire. He calls out everyone. Indira wakes up and sees fire in her room. She puts shawl around her and tries to leave, but door is locked from outside. Jamna notices someone opened the door of that room and she tells this to Ammu. Everyone rushes to her room and when they reach there, they see Indu standing outside and doing something with lock. They open the door, and the hero, Rishi, goes in and saves Indira. Everyone throws water to get rid off fire while Munna throws kerosene thinking it’s water.

Everyone gathers after they save Indira. Rishi is hugging in front of entire family as he’s too worried. Indira tells him, nothing can happen to me as you’re with me. Taoji coughs so they realize that they are not alone there. They finally leave each other. According to Jamna fire was done by a ghost, who came out from that room. She says, this is just a beginning and she will especially be behind Indira as she is pregnant. Indira disagrees and asks how did door got locked then? Everyone looks at Indu as she was standing outside her room, doing something with the lock. Indu says, I was opening it, not locking it. Indira says everyone, have you all gone crazy? She is my daughter. Why would she do that? Jamna says, the ghost is inside Indu and is making her do all this. Indira and Rishi disagree saying there is no such thing and Indira asks Jamna not to scare Indu by all this crap. Rishi says, it could be just coincidence. As light went off, Indu went to room with candle and candle would have fallen down due to wind and it caught fire. Ammu decides to do the hawan and asks everyone go back to their room. Munna doubts on Ammu. After everyone leaves, Ammu tells Jamna, we don’t have much time left. Jamna says to herself, she missed today, if she hadn’t, then my revenge would be complete with Indira.

Late night, Maher returns from the police station. She sees Inder sleeping peacefully with Kutumb and gets angry. She throws all of them out despite them saying that house is on Indira’s name.

In Rishi’s room, they are discussing who could have done this. Munna tells everyone, Ammu could do this because she didn’t get any dowry from Indira. Indira asks him to stop with his crap. Indira feels Jamna is hiding something from them. A servant comes and tells Indira that Ammu is calling her and Indu for the hawan. Indira asks Indu to stay in the room with Rishi and she will see how they make her sit in the hawan. Munna decides to go and catch the ghost or whatever it is.

Munna is searching for the ghost while Jamna is searching for that lady. Suddenly a ghost like person comes in front of Munna and he gets scared. In end it turns out to be Sugantha who says that she was just trying to scare Munna. She tells him she likes his company and her heartbeat goes high whenever she is with him. She winks him and Munna is too scared to say anything.

Jamna comes to the hawan and gestures Ammu about not finding that lady/ghost. Indira comes and says there is nothing like a ghost and they won’t do this hawan. Woman’s hand is shown who pushes a pot down on Indira. Rishi comes and saves Indira on the last moment. When everyone looks up, it’s Indu standing there. Rishi and Indira are confused now.

Jamna finally finds the woman.

Munna comes to the hawan with a sack bag and tells everyone he caught the ghost who is inside that bag.

Precap: Indira asks Munna to open it, but Ammu says no otherwise it will create chaos. Indira says, no matter how dangerous she is, I want to see who that is. Ammu is getting worried as Munna begins to open it. She whispers to herself, seems like secret will be revealed today.

Update Credit to: Julia

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