Hitler Didi 20th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 20th March 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 20th March 2013 Written Update

Everyone at SN comes to the patio and ask Inder what happened, he says that Indira called him by his name rather than uncle ji that she recently had been using. Everyone is shocked . Rishi is happy that she is recollecting her past now. They all Babli where are the Chowdhary’s off to. Kabir stats taking Husna and Babli , Rishi asks him again about where are they going. Kabir pisces towards the door with his family . Indira looks back . Rishi says it’s time for their plan and gets the pamphlets which say Kabir is wanted.

Kabir goes with Babli to fetch a taxi. Rishi on his bike goes to Indira and repeats their old dialogue of if he should drop her somewhere. Indira looks on. Rishi asks if she can remember something. She says no. Rishi repeats his dialogue. Indira tells him not to follow her , she gets a flashback. Rishi leaves. Indira looks on.

Rishi, Munna and Vanraj stick that pamphlet all around. Kabir comes w with an auto. Munna throws a pamphlet in the auto. India sees it and tells Kabir that they shouldn’t go. Kabir insists but Indira refuses to go. Munna comes there and says that they must go home because it’s not safe outside. They spot cops and go back home. Rishi is arm wrestling with Indu. Indu wins. Kabir tells Munna that he knows that it was him all along who threw the pamphlet in the auto. Kabir then challenges Rishi for arm wrestling. Kabir keeps looking at Indira, Rishi wins and says that he will win back his shrimatiji Within 24 hours. Kabir says that he will be with Husna in Lahore in 24 hours.

Precap: Husna sits on a bike with someone and the bike speeds away. Indira gets a flashback of Mandira and shouts Mandira.

Update Credit to: saumya

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