Hitler Didi 20th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 20th February 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 20th February 2013 Written Update

Episode starts with Indira sleeping and dreaming of Saheb is singing a song. Noor and her father are getting jealous. saheb is then showed in jail. Noor comes and tells him to go back home with her. Kabir says that he has to go and meet Husna because its really important. Noor leaves. Her father comes and threatens him. Rishi comes concerned for Indira and tells her to drink water. She goes from there. Meher applies henna to Kutumb’s hair. Inder teases Kutumb. Indira applies mehendi mentioning Saheb. Rishi wipes the henna off and asks about who is Saheb. She hits Rishi. Rishi says that if Saheb is all she wants he will get him. He goes to fetch his bag. Kabir’s friend helps him in getting him out of jail and leaves for India. Noor’s father-in-law washing hand and gets some clue. That friend tells Kabir that somebody has sent a mail and that Indira is in Delhi. Noor’s father shoots him. Rishi is talking to Radhe and Indu shouting that she also wants to go along with him. Rishi declines. He tells her to take care of herself and hands her to vanraj. He sits in a car to leave. Indu tricks Vanraj and hides herself in the car. In Pakistan, a policeman goes to Kabir’s cell and tells him to get up but finds him missing. He informs the same to Noor’s father. Kabir secretly sneaks out of the jail in an ambulance and goes to sits in a jeep. he talk to babli and she tells him to open the packet. He gets out of jeep with Babli. Rishi reaches a place and gives some money to a man to let him travel in a truck but the truck driver says that he is taking a girl along. Rishi scolds Indu and decides to take indu along. Noor’s father goes to get kabir. Kabir and Rishi sit with Babli and Indu respectively in their respective trucks to leave for their destination. Precap: Noor’s father has sent men to find Kabir who are stabbing sacks to locate them. They are going to stab the sack in which Kabir is hiding with Babli.


Update Credit to: saumya

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