Hitler Didi 1st April 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 1st April 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 1st April 2013 Written Update

Rishi Kumar goes to kiss Indira but she moves and Rishi Kumar hits his mouth to bed edge.

Next morning Indira wakes up and sees Gudiya studying for her exams. Indira then goes to Indu’s room and wakes her up and asks her to study thinking she still goes to school and it will be her exams time too. Indira finds all Indu’s school stuff is mess but doesn’t realize that she doesn’t go to school.

Indu gets ready to go to school and Rishi Kumar gets ready to go to the court so Indira doesn’t find out that he doesn’t work anymore.

When Rishi Kumar comes out everyone laughs at him as his face is messed up due to him hitting bed edge. Indira goes to him and asks him if he couldn’t see his face in the mirror before coming out. Indira tells him to drop Indu and Gudiya at school and then go to the court.

After they leave, at home, Indira is relieved and decides to rest for few days. She talks with other family members and they all appreciate how good Indu and Rishi Kumar have been while Indira wasn’t here.

Other side, principal suspends Indu and asks her to come with her parents and then they will decide whether to readmit Indu or no.

Other side, Rishi Kumar is passing his time outside the court.

Milk man, cable man, newspaper guy, etc… come to take their long time pending money. Indira tells them to come back in evening and Rishi Kumar will pay them.

Mehar comes and reveals that Rishi Kumar doesn’t have any job. Indira cannot believe. Mehar says its her who has been paying all the money in last few months and tries to give money to all those people. But Indira stops her and says she doesn’t need any help from an outsider. She tells Mehar she will pay back all her money and then kick her out from Sharma Niwas.

Indira gets ready to go out and search for work, but she is unsuccessful.

She comes to a mandir. Indu also enters the same mandir.

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