Hitler Didi 13th June 2013 Written Episode Update

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Hitler Didi 13th June 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 13th June 2013 Written Update

Rishi doesn’t know how to apologize to Indira. Indira comes and teases him saying this shouldn’t happen again. She then thanks him. Rishi asks thanks for what? Indira says, isn’t it strange that hitler got slap and she is not feeling bad? Because she saw someone own’s love in that slap. She wishes that she could have gotten such love from her own mother. Rishi says, you’re missing your family, right?

Munna runs away with Kutumb’s medicine money to buy alcohol. Kutumb’s condition is getting worse. Mahek comes and Kutumb asks her to stop Munna. Mahek tells her, it’s your age and stop wasting money behind medicine. She leaves as she has to go to parlor. Kutumb is now missing Indira. She imagines Indira giving her medicine, and gets happy. But it’s Munna who is showing her alcohol bottle. He asks her to drink and she will be all fine. Kutumb gets annoyed and Munna runs away.

Indu is outside with Taoji. Taoji is telling her all cows name. Indu keeps names of other cows and then she hears payal’s noise. She catches the person this time, and it’s Veeru. Veeru asks her not to tell anyone. Indu tells him, if you offer me something, then maybe I will stay quiet.

Beera is drinking in his room. Nanda comes there and asks him, why he is drinking this early? Beera gets angry and beats her very bad as he faced defeat against Rishi and property went to him.

Jamna comes there with Suganthi. Instead stopping Beera, Jamna says this was about to happen. Sugantha serves him more alcohol. Beera has a look at Sungantha. Jamna asks him, what are you looking at? Beera says, nothing.. she has grown up a lot. Jamna says, grown up enough to give a child to this family. Nanda is shocked. Sugantha is not pleased. Beera goes to her and touches her face. Nanda gets down to Beera’s feet and asks him, what are you saying? At least listen to me. Beera pushes her back and asks her to leave saying there is no need for her in this house anymore. Indira comes and sees wounds on Nanda’s face. She asks Beera, you beat your wife? I can’t let that happen. Nanda gestures Indira not to do anything. Beera warns Indira to be her in limits. Indira says, do you want to me teach you your limits? She asks him to apologize Nanda. Beera tells Indira not to interfere and goes to push Nanda again, but this time Indira pulls him back and goes to her hitler giri. Beera asks her to leave him and Indira asks him to apologize Nanda. Jamna goes crazy and says, what am I seeing this? House’s lady is fighting with house’s man? She calls out everyone. Ammu comes and says to Indira, how dare you to do this to him? Leave him. Indira leaves him. Ammu asks, who are you to interfere between husband and wife?

Jamna says, she got all these daring because she can give a child to this family. Jamna suggests Ammu to bring a new wife for Beera before situation gets worse. Indira shouts at Jamna and says there are many other ways. Jamna says, tell me what are they. Indira says, they can adopt a child. Beera doesn’t like the idea and gets mad. Indira asks him, why do you always blame Nanda didi? There can be problem with you as well. Beera gets more angry. Indira then says, there are other scientific ways such as IVF as well and if that doesn’t work, and if problem is with Beera, then they can with other man’s.. Nanda asks Indira to shut. She asks Indira how she can blame Beera and how can she say such things? She says, I never thought about other man in my dreams. Indira tells her, you’re misunderstanding me.

Nanda apologizes to Ammu as she can’t give a child to this family. She suggests Ammu to do second marriage of Beera. Indira asks Nanda, have you gone crazy? Why are you destroying your own life? She tells her, as long as I am here.. I won’t let that happen. Ammu is just standing there quiet. Jamna interrupts and says to Indira, you will go against Ammu? Indira tells Ammu, I am not going against you, but this is wrong. Ammu asks Indira to stay quiet now. Indira still doesn’t stop talking. Ammu calls Rishi there. Nanda tells Ammu that it is important to do second marriage of Beera. Only after that, she will be relaxed. She says, this way his respect will be maintained and child will come to this house. Ammu confirms from Nanda asking her, you know what you will have to go through because of his second wife, right? Nanda says, I know. Indira interrupts and says, you don’t know anything. If you want to know the pain of second wife, then go and ask my mother. I have seen her in pail all her life. You will have to change with time. Indira tells Ammu, I am saying all this for this house’s good.. why are you all not listening? Nanda interrupts and says, when I don’t have any issue despite being his wife, then no one else should have any issue either. Beera smiles. Nanda says, I have even decided girl. Ammu asks who is it? Nanda says, Sugandha. Sugandha doesn’t seem happy, but Jamna stops her from saying anything.

Precap: Indira tells Nanda, you’re getting your husband married just so he can have a child, right? Even after knowing that you can become a mother. I told you about IVF as well and there is nothing wrong with that treatment. Indira is explaining her what’s that treatment, but Nanda says to her (in English), “Don’t teach me about IVF. IVF is in vitro fertilization and I am quite aware of it.” This surprises Indira.:

Update Credit to: Julia

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