Hitler Didi 12th March 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 12th March 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 12th March 2013 Written Update

Indira sees her picture in Inder’s hand and failnts. Rishi runs towards her but Kabir catches her instead. Kabir misses the picture because Inder turns around . Doctor comes to SN and tells Kabir that Indira’s blood pressure was low. She comes outside and chides Rishi. She asks him what did he tell her that she fainted. Rishi takes the blame and the doctor tells him that he should mend his mistake otherwise she will go completely mad. Doctor leaves. Indu apologizes to RIshi , RIshi forgives her and hugs her.

Kabir is sleeping by Indira’s side and everyone else is concerned outside. Indira gets conscious and gets flashbacks of picture and Indu calling her mom. She goes outside. Everyone tells her to rest and follow her. She goes to the room and starts searching for the picture. Kabir too comes after her and tells her to stop it. She asks Inder to tell her about the picture. Inder tells her that its on the bed below the bed sheet. Indira goes and picks the picture. She looks at Rishi in disbelief and asks him if the girl on the picture is his shrimatiji and he agrees (The picture is of the new entry supposedly) . Indira says that he is lying. Kabir says that they should leave and how is it going to matter if that lady is Indira or not. Indira says that Indira Sharma was the Hitler DIdi of Chandni Chowk and that girl can’t be. Kabir tells her that they should not intervene in their personal lives. Indira tells the Sharma family that since day one they have considered her to be more than just a guest so now with that right she wants to meet Indira before she leaves. She tells Kabir that she would neither go to Lahore nor will she start the treatment before she meets Indira. munna says that he will tell her the truth. He cooks up a story of how Indira had a night job and Rishi did not like it and Rishi being an orthodox guy threw Indira out of SN. Rishi tries to stop him but to no avail. Munna tells her that if she wants to meet Indira then he will arrange for it. Indira is relieved and calls Indu who has tears in her eye. She tells her that she will get her mother back and wipes her tears. She leaves with Indu. Kabir starts leaving too but comes back and taunts Rishi about the picture in which the girl is wearing a little exposing dress. Munna says its because the picture was kept outside and the veil blew off in the wind
Kabir says that if it was raining , the picture would have caught cold He leaves.

Munna tells Rishi that he does not need to thank him for the story that he cooked up. Rishi insists and runs after him like Tom and Jerry
He catches Munna and asks him if he did not have a better picture to replace Indira’s and adds that if he kills Munna for this God would forgive him Inder and Kutumb stop them. Kutumb tells them that they should bring that girl and end the matter. Sunaina says how can they bring a call girl home. Inder advises Rishi not to lie because Indira hates lies and that is the reason she always hated him and so Rishi should not repeat the mistake that Inder did.

Precap : Kabir asks Rishi about the truth . Rishi tells him that his Husna is actually Rishi’s. Kabir hits him and Rishi keeps on repeating the same.

Update Credit to: saumya

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