Hitler Didi 11th April 2013 Written Episode Update

Hitler Didi 11th April 2013 Written Episode, Hitler Didi 11th April 2013 Written Update

Indira and Rishi get a note from Rajrani in which rajrani asked them to return chip to him by the evening.

Indira and Rishi come to Rajrani. Rishi tells Indira not to do anything and give chip to Rajrani.

Indira doesn’t listen to him and she kicks Rajrani on his private part. Indu also does same with Rajrani’s bodyguard and Indira asks Indu to get on the van and drives the van in which there are other girls too.

Indira takes van to all the parents who are waiting for their daughter. Everyone is happy to get their daughters back, but Indu is missing.

One girl tells Indira that Rajrani pulled Indu out on the last moment. indira breaks down.

Rishi begs Rajrani to let Indu go and keep him instead. Rajrani doesn’t listen and leave from there with Indu.

Media praise Indira’s bravery, but Rishi comes and says that Indira cares about whole society but doesn’t care about her own daughter. Indira explains him that she thought Indu was in the van when she drove, but Rishi is angry at her. He asks her to give chip to her.

Before he gets the chip, Indira receives call from Rajrani which make her angry and she decides to give the chip to the media and show the world what business Rajrani does. Rajrani shocked and worried.

Precap Indira tells Rajrani so did you get your answer? what did you think that you will play with innocent girls lives and no one will stop you? I will not only stop you, but get rid off you completely.

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