History repeated Itself . Kanchi ff Introduction

Hello lovely readers…usually I write an OS but this time I came up with An ff….this ff will be not only about kanchi but also about their children…..it will be the love story of their children but also how Kanchi’s love story with flashbacks…i will only proceed if you guys will like…
Just a little information of the story

1.) Kanchi’s children will be one boy and one girl that means they will be twins.

2.) Kabir will be separated from Sanchi and his children because of some serious misunderstandings…..for that his own children will  hate him and they never saw him and don’t  have a idea that he exists or not.

3.) This story will first be about how Kabir will be get together with them and how…then the children falling in love and ending themselves in trouble..and kanchi solving the matters…
The title might sound weird but you will know why I named that
So this is the plot of the story…i will continue if you all will like it so please drop a comment if you liked it and if you can please tell me what name will be nice

Boy= Aryan

Girl = kanchi or something else
Moonlight Tania

  1. It’s very unique pliz continue and I think it should kanchi girls name

    1. Moonlight25

      Thank you and I will continue it..

  2. Sajnana900

    Hey moonlight this is very unique and different
    Plz continue it

    1. Moonlight25

      Thank you Sanju..

  3. It is surely unique I agree with u ashnita nd moon dear u should definitely continue it dear this one is really different nd guess kabir nd sanchi will realise their love while solving the problems of their children nd hope their misunderstandings clear soon. Lastly plzzz start it soon dear.

    1. Moonlight25

      Thank you so much..yes their mis understandings will get clear but not that fast…i will start soon

  4. Richa1496

    It’s awesome…. I think u should continue…..

  5. Hema69

    its nice you should continue
    and this roop and suzie both are one and they hate kanchi we earlier also saw them discourage us
    but i think u should continue dear

    1. Moonlight25

      Thanks Hema…and I know they are one..yes I will continue dear

    2. Richa1496

      I also think that both are same….. One thing more… It’s a request for sanveer fans…. If you don’t like kanchi, that’s ok… But u don’t have any right to discourage any kanchi fan for the ff….. Or say anything negative…..

  6. Anee

    Hey Taanu (if you don’t mind I calling you Taanu) I am glad to see that you are using my Collage as your coverpage that you got from kabir_and_saanchi account on insta……………comg to introduction it seems really intersting you know how much I like your writing……………… update soon.

    1. Moonlight25

      Anee thanks a lot…actually my home name is Tanu…my parents call me that…what a coincidence..yes i did use that one but never knew it was yours there are amazing pics I really like it….yes I will update soon

    2. Anee

      hey tanu thankx for liked that.

    3. Abhilasha

      Awesome creativity anee dear…. Collage is awesome…. I hope u know my account abhilasha… Kanchi and pis are amazing

    4. Anee

      yaa i know abhi dear you are also on insta as Abhilasha_kaanchi. Am I right?

  7. Trisha139

    Hey moonlight that was just perfect awesome everything was just perfect sweetie I loved this one …pls continue soon this is a sincere request …lots of love to u tania

  8. Moonlight25

    Thank you so much sweetie..yes I will continue it..love you too ??

  9. Awesome plot please continue and update soon and yeah please tell me who will play the role of kanchi and aryan

    1. Moonlight25

      Prachi…thanks a lot…i have to think a bit about them..i will let you know

  10. Oh nice intro.please continue the story.please update the story soon????

    1. Moonlight25

      Thanks Anu and sure

  11. Tania dear, I was speechless after reading the intro, & of course would luv to read this storyline……u & ur writing skills r highly commendable………..& roop/suzie….whatever…..ur comments really sucks………..why u keep coming back again & again, just stay away…..shooooo……….u r the person who goes in the category of “GOOD FOR NOTHING”……..if u can’t encourage someone, don’t try to demotivate them………….being kanchi fan, we don’t hv any problem with sanveer, we expect the same from u……….stop badmouthing kanchi ff………….

    1. Moonlight25

      Thanks a lot Riya..your comment brought a wide smile on my face and thanks for supporting me…love you loads

  12. I just love kanchi, so continue

    1. Moonlight25

      Sorry I meant felly

  13. Abhilasha

    Taniya dear ur story is awesome and eagerly waiting to read it yr….. Plot is so fascinating and interesting and don’t get discourage with some……… People(why to spoil our mouth) and keep going and post soon….. All the best!!

    1. Moonlight25

      Thanks a lot Abhilasha…i don’t get discourage because there are so many people like you to encourage me…thank you so much…and sure I will post soon

  14. The plot is awesome…. Plz update the episode asap……

    1. Moonlight25

      Thanks Vasundra..i will try

  15. AnahitaAnnie

    Really interesting plot. I am excited to see what happens in this unique story. Aryan is also the name of my younger brother. Anyways pls continue. Would love to see amazing writing from such a talented writer.

    1. Moonlight25

      Thank you so much Annie for this lovely comment…yes I will continue

  16. Negisanyukta

    Hey Aysel,this concept seems to be very interesting ????and after reading the intro i will read and comment on each and every episode .I m going to bore u with my comments.????
    Keep writing dear .

    1. Moonlight25

      Thank you so much,I will be so happy if you comment on each part…thanks for that…

  17. Niyaaa

    Amaz n unique dear contiue soon

    1. Moonlight25

      Thank you …i have submitted the next part

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