HIS SLAVE OR QUEEN – Chapter 7 #Riansh

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Vansh- to phir kya khayal hai shaadi karni ya … With a devilish victorious smirk playing on his lips

Ridhima- I will marry you hot tears floating from her eyes. But don’t do anything to them please I beg you while sobbing heavily.

Vansh smirked devilshly

Vansh- good sweetheart that you agreed.
he started moving towards her she was moving backward and this irked vansh he forcefully pinned her and caged her btw his arms and walls

Vansh- sweetheart tum chah ke mujse dur nahi jaa sakti Samji . Hum tab tak alag nahi ho sakte jab tak tumhari ya phir meri saanse nahi ruk jaati .

She was crying continuously vansh rubbed her tears

Vansh- itne aansu kiske liye sweetheart apne use purane Aashiq ke liye,?

Ridhima was shocked as she didnt knew whom vansh is talking about.

Ridhima- ye kya bol rahe hai aap vansh ji konsa aashiq.

Vansh started laughing like a miniac.

Vansh-don’t act inocent sweetheart I know that you and sanskar were in a relationship.

Ridhima was totally shocked as vansh has mistook her bestfriend as her boyfriend.

Ridhima- vansh ji please kya kuch bhi bol rahe hai aap. Mai aur sanskar bachpan ke dost hai .we are bestfriends.

Vansh- ohh just shut up u can’t hide it I know you love him that’s why you are crying this much and holds her jaw tightly.
Ridhima- ahhh….ahhhh vansh ji it’s hurting ahhh….
Sweetheart listen for the one last time I am telling you you are mine your every emotion just belongs to me . Jitni jaldi tum muje accept karlogi tumhare liye achha hai.

He left her jaw and moved from their
But not before telling her that today also she have to work as a punishment of pushing him . Before going he said

Vansh- sweetheart kal bhi tum nahi nahayi thi muje attitude dikhane ke chakkar mein am I right or am I right

Ridhima nodded in yes

Vansh- go and get ready after that you have to work also right.

Ridhima- I don’t want to go anywhere.

Vansh-if you have a problem in bathing alone then I will help let’s ….
He said in husky and intimating voice
Before he could complete his sentence ridhima vanished to washroom in mili seconds

Vansh chuckled on her antics and went to his room for getting fresh

Ridhima came out of washroom her face was completely swollen due to continuously crying. She was wearing a sky blue kurti and blue jeans. She was looking breathtaking.

Ridhima’s POV
My whole life changed from a happy go lucky girl to a rich man’s slave my life has totally moved up down. Today I woke up and found vansh sleeping and cuddling beside me I was horrified due to lots of dangerous thoughts. I tried to free myself from his grip but he was strong enough to leave . He is a total pervert he was sleeping with a girl and then when I tried to push him he told me that we r getting married wtf how can I marry him not at all. I tried to refuse him I told him that I would not marry him even if it cost my life but he Said he will harm my loved ones and showed me a video on watching it my eyes were popped out. It was sanskar tied and beaten up badly . Blood was oozing out of his body his condition was worst then anything and then he showed me one more video ( story mein twist ) in which a boy was standing with a gun in his hands and Sejal was standing there it was my college . I was sobbing and crying badly . Then he again asked me that will marry him or not forcefully I said yes. Shrugging my thoughts I remembered that today also I have to do all work as it is a punishment of pushing him.
Ridhima’s POV ends

She went down and prepared bread tost orange juice poha and vegetable omlet 🍳with the help of mrs desouza

She went down and prepared bread tost orange juice poha and vegetable omlet 🍳with the help of mrs desouza.

Vansh was waiting for breakfast and ridhima obviously.

Vansh- sweetheart u r looking breathtaking.

She made a ‘not in a mood’ face.

Vansh,- common sit eat with me
She started going towards the chair away from him and then .

Vansh pulled her towards him

Vansh- don’t you even think to go away from me sweetie as u know the consequences. Common sit with me .she was not sitting I said sit down in cold dangerous voice..

She sat beside him . He made ridhima eat

Ridhima- hmm

Vansh-I have a surprise for you

Ridhima- what

Vansh snapped his hands John came with some books in his hands vansh took it and gave to ridhima . Ridhima was totally shocked as she was not getting anything.

Vansh-you wanted to study right in a cold tone she gulped and nodded in yes.

Vansh-words ridhima words

Ridhima- ye..ee..ss

Vansh- ye lo tumhari books but remember you can only study 2 hours a day not more than that and if I saw u with books then I would snatch them.

Ridhima was happy to listen that he brought her books back but she wanted to yell at him as she was a medical student only 2 hours a day will not at all help him .
Ridhima- ab..von..ab.

Vansh-what jaldi bolo I don’t have enough time to listen ur blabberings.

Ridhima- after gaining some courage vo 2 ghante mein to ek bhi chapter complete nahi hoga aur mere exams hai next month se . She said all this in one go.

Vansh passing glares to her which send shivers through her spines.

Vansh- okay will take it back no need to study…….he was about say further but before that ridhima Said

Ridhima- no…..no please chalega.

Vansh- 5am to 7am is the time in which u can study ( itni jaldi kon uthta hai 😂) . And remember am watching you whole day in CCTV so if I catch u with books then it won’t be good .Agar padhna chahti ho to theek hai varna I don’t care. So bolo chahiye books ya ……

Ridhima snatched books from his hands

Ridhima- chalega np .

Vansh-u can study today 3pm to 4pm

Ridhima nodded

Vansh was going to office just then a call came.

Vansh-yes angre what happened am just coming

Angre-boss meeting has been cancelled.

Vansh-what!! Why

Angre- boss there is heavily raining outside and there is thunderstorm also so the clients are not able to come.

Vansh- ohh ok np .

Vansh moved back to see ridhima but she was not there he got tensed that where she gone as she can’t run as vr Mansion had Asia’s best security system. He looked here and there and what he saw was…….

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