HIS SLAVE OR QUEEN – Chapter 6 #Riansh

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“Marry Me”

Ridhima- how dare you sleep with me you pervert monster and pushed him very hard that he fell from bed ..

He got up from ground and twisted her hand

Vansh- I can sweetheart I can do whatever I want in very dangerous deadly tone . He left her

he had red shot eyes , if would have been someone else rather than ridhima he would have shot him dead till now.

Ridhima- I will never ever marry you if you were the last person on the earth still I will not marry you. If I would be given choice between marrying you and death I would choose death dying is better option than getting tied to you for lifetime hot tears were flowing from her eyes she was continuously crying. She broke down and with jerk sat on the ground . She started crying more loudly.

Ridhima- please let me go I want to study want to become neurosurgeon pl..ea..see l..ee..tt mee.. goo… Maine tum..ha..ra.. kya bigada hai while sobbing heavily. pl..ea..see l..ee..tt mee.. goo please…

Ridhima’s this act enraged vansh he just forcefully pulled her and pinned to the wall from one hand held her jaw very tightly. And from other he held her waist he was digging his nails into her soft milky waist
Ridhima’s eyes were not stopping from tears it was paining like hell.

Ridhima- le…av..ee mm…eee

Vansh-I didn’t spend 17.5 crores to let you free( 10 crores+ 7.5 crores of debt) in deadly tone his tone can only kill people with heart attack he was shooting death glares on her.

Vansh- first of all how dare you push vr . U will again get punished for this sweet heart . Yesterday I only gave you some work but today will be more hectic and torturous day for you And ya am going to marry you I didn’t asked for your permission .in a very dangerous and deadly tone. You are mine I own u I can do whatever I want to. You should be thankful to me that I didn’t forced you..

Ridhima- u didn’t forced me wohhh to phir ye kya hai jo tum abhi kar rahe ho .. she was about to say something but then..

Vansh held her jaw more tightly that she was not able to speak anything not even breath properly.. he smashed his lips on her (vansh ka sabar😂😂) on which she widened her eyes 👀 and kissed her deeply his hot breaths were falling on her he kissed her till she got breathless she was continuously hitting him with her tiny fists but he was two strong then her he was kissing her like a hungry beast he chewed her lips that they were swollen now. He went out all his frustration on her lips. He pinched her on which she gasped and in the meantime he entered her lips he enjoyed her whole mouth . He left her with a jerk .

Vansh- this time I only kissed you but next time I also don’t know what will I do to you btw you taste delicious sweetheart.

Ridhima was looking him with total disgust hot tears were flowing from her eyes.

Ridhima – you monster , devil ,pervert you stole my first kiss I kept it for my sole mate .

Vansh- what’s the problem sweetheart am your soulmate. We are going to be soon husband wife 😉

Ridhima- husband wife my foot tumse shadi karna to dur ki baat hai muje tumhari shakal tak se nafrat hai. Rahi baat shaadi ki to tumhe jitne sapne dekhne hai na dekho lekin mein yaha se bohot jald bhaag jaungi . Dekhna tum! tumhari naak ke neeche se aapni sapno ki udaan bharne chali jaungi.

On which vansh gave a ‘ u can’t do anything’ look

Vansh- jitne sapne dekhne hai dekh lo sweetheart kyuki shaadi ke baad to zindagi bhar mera hi chehra dekhna hai tumhe.

Ridhima- maine kaha na I will not marry you kabhi bhi nahi …

Vansh was moving towards her and she was taking back steps and then it came wall vansh caged her from sides and held her waist when she tried to move.

Vansh- so u will not marry me in a calm yet dangerous tone. His hot breath was clearly felt by ridhima.
She got nervous n was scared too aa vansh started roaming his hands around her waist and was making patterns so in slow voice she said

Ridhima- nn…oo..oo

Vansh- didn’t heard it baby

Ridhima- gaining some courage said I said I will not marry you even if it costs my life.

Vansh- how do you even thought that I will kill you no baby but ya I will definitely harm ur loved ones.

Ridhima’s eyes widened in shock 👀 on which vansh smirked.

Vansh- see this baby then tell me that still you won’t marry me.

He showed a video to her from which her eyes popped out of socket she was shocked tears were flowing from her eyes…….on which vansh gave a victorious smirk 😈.

She tried to snatch phone from his hands but he was two fast to react he kept his phone back to his pocket.

Vansh- to phir kya khayal hai shaadi karni ya … With a devilish victorious smirk playing on his lips

Ridhima- I will marry you hot tears floating from her eyes. But don’t do anything to them please I beg you while sobbing heavily.


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