HIS SLAVE OR QUEEN – Chapter 18 #Riansh

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“What the hell it is, nobody cares about my emotions I don’t want to marry that monster…” Riddhima said and looked at the dress in front of her legs.

“You’ll have to marry him” She heard and looked around but didn’t found anyone.

“Who are you?” She asks getting tensed then her eyes feel on her own reflection in front of her.

“Main, tum. Leave all that. You’ll have to marry him that’s it” Riddhima heard from her and looks around.

“I won’t marry him, he is a monster in disguise of a human. I hate him. I will run away anyhow” She yells and tears rolls down her eyes.

“”You won’t be able to do anything and all that… How long do you run, if not today or tomorrow, he will bring you back. Where will you go and for how long, one day you have to be back in this cage” Riddhima looked at her reflection who was smirking.

“”Never, I will not marry her, in what condition, not at any cost”” She said and wipes her sweat buds.

“Tumhe kya lagta hai Riddhima aisa hoga, nhi, Woh Vansh Raisinghania hai, usne jo chaha hai har keemat par paya aur abb Riddhima ushki ek zid hai woh aise hi nhi jaane dega tumhe” She said and gave her a light chuckle. “Do din mein shadi hai aur phir tum yahan kaid hojaogi, aur kabhi bahar nhi jaa paogi”

“Mein kabhi nhi karungi, usse aur shadi usse main dushmani ka rishta bhi na rakhun. Mujhe kanha ji pe pura bharosa hai woh mujhe yahan se zarur nikalne mein help karenge” Riddhima again yells on top of her voice.

Aaaj Baat bharose ki nhi hai Riddhima baat Vansh ke zidd ki hai, jisse tum abhi rakshaas keh rhi ho.Do din baad usshki wife ban jaaogi. So aadat banane lago usske saath rehne ki” She said with a smile “All the best Riddhima, aadat hojayegi don’t worry.”

Riddhima picked up the showpiece kept on the table and threw it on the mirror breaking it into many pieces. She closed her eyes in frustration.

She sat down and again start crying
“Why why kanha ji you are punishing me like this what I have done I don’t understand why only I face everything first my mom left me then dad sold me and now this Vansh”

Suddenly she heard a knock on the door, looking at the broken pieces of mirror she got panicked. Moving to them, she slides them under the table and wiping her tears opened the door. She saw Siya standing there, with a beautiful smile adorned on her face.

“Bhabhi, Are you okay?” Riddhima shocked looked at her. “Were you crying?”

“Nahi to woh bas meri aankhon mein kuch chala gya tha” She said and wiped her wet cheeks and passed her a smile.

“Ok, chaliye bhabhi woh function start hogya hai mehandi ka” Riddhima looked at her shocked.

“Siya tum chalo mein aati hun thode der mein” She saw as Siya nodded and left from there.

“Nhi nhi nhi main yeh shadi nhi karungi. Kuch to karna padega par kya yahan se nikalne ke liye koi to rasta hona chahiye na.” She said to herself keeping her hand on her head. “Sab ke sone ke baad try karti hun par abhi to inn function se nikalun

Coming down, she saw as everything was arranged embarking a word “perfect” just like Vansh likes everything. Descending down the stairs, she saw dadi and Siya smiling looking at her, an evil smile on Ishani and Aryan’s face whereas Vansh who was fascinated by her beauty.

She didn’t know how to react to their expression. Well if she don’t want to marry him then what’s the need to fake any emotion. She looked down at the plate in which cones of mehandi were arranged for her.

“Riddhima, sit beta.” She heard dadi saying and she sat down expressionless and the designer started applying on her hand while everyone got busy in their own. After a while, she felt her other side getting heavy. Turning around she saw Vansh sitting there beside her. Moving a bit aside she turned to look everywhere else.

“Khubsurat lag rhi ho” He whispered in her ears to not let the designer hear him even she wasn’t interested in it who knows what will VR do to her if he saw her listening to their private talk.

“Tum nhi lag rhe ho” Riddhima said and saw him smirking. She saw as he lead his hand to her hand and took it in his. Picking up one of the cone he looked into her doe shaped eyes.

“Vansh kiya karrhe ho?” They heard dadi’s voice and craning their heads looked at her.

“Kuch nhi dadi, aapne hone wali wife ko mehandi laga rha hun” He said looking back at Riddhima.

“Par Vansh, ek rasam hai ki tujhe aapna naam ushki haaton mein dundh na hoga to tu kaise laga sakta hai” Dadi asked confused at her grandson’s.

“Don’t worry dadi, naam dono haath mein hoga main uss haath mein dundh lunga” He said and dadi hit her head with her hand knowing its impossible to win from him in talks.

Slowly caressing the back of her hands, Vansh sat beside her on the sofa. Drawing different patterns on her hand, he looked at her face.

“Tumhe mehandi lagani bhi aati hai?” She asked and he looked at her with an evil smirk.

“Socha tha apne hone wali wife ke haaton mein lagunga. Aur waise bhi bhagwaan ne kafii fursat mein banaya hai mujhe” He said focusing on the designs. “Har ek talent ke saath bheja hai”

She rolled her eyes at his dialogues when she heard the voice “Kya naam likhna hai?” Hell his name on her hand, that’s never going to happen. I’m not his.

“Vansh…” Before she could say she heard him saying. Looking at him she glared at him, but it was of no effect on him. Snatching her hand from him she destroyed the design he was making, which irked him.

“What the hell? Haath do” He said and was about to grab her hand when she took it back.

“Kabhi nhi” She said and he snaked his hand on her waist caressing it. She looked around shocked at his work. By god grace even that designer’s work was also done on her hand so she left. “Kya karrhe ho? Chodo”

“Kabhi nhi” He said and she moved aside. Just in a moment he took her hand in his. “Just one mistake and you are mine”

His words were confusing just like him a complete puzzle, but she don’t want to solve it after all she is not his.

“Baar baar you are not mine kehke dil ko dilasa de rhi ho kya taki mere paas na aayo” She heard him and realized she said it aloud. He left her hand as the design was over.

“Jaa Riddhima aaram kar beta, kal haldi ka function bhi hai na.” Riddhima nodded and getting up was about to move when she turned around hearing dadi’s voice and saw Vansh standing just after her “Vansh, tu kaha jaa rha hai. Tum dono ek kamre mein nhi reh sakte jab tak shadi nhi hojati. To Vansh tu guest room mein reh le aur Riddhima ussi room mein.”

His expression was worth watching, she looked and nodding at dadi left from there while what he can say to dadi so better option was to leave silently which he did.


Entering the room, Riddhima closes the door behind her and takes a deep breath. Looking at the design he made, she moved to the washroom. Keeping her hand under the running tap she started scrubbing it to remove it.

“I won’t marry him ever in my life. Never” She shouted and taking the soap washed her hand and again looked at him but the design was now imprinted so there was no effect of her work.

She looked at his name written on her hand and rubbing it trying to remove it sat on the floor. Tears were coming out of her eyes and her hands were red due to continuous rubbing but none of them bothered her.

“Mujhe bhagna hoga main aise nhi har man sakti hun” She mumbled and getting up came out of the washroom. “Thank god woh pagal insaan aaj iss room mein nhi aayega I can plan how to run away from here.”

Moving to the cupboard, she was about to take out one of the dress but just then she saw the room’s door flicked open. Turning around she saw Ishani standing there. 

“Take this and get ready in half an hour.” She heard as Ishani threw her dress for haldi on the couch and looked at her from top to bottom with disgust. And left from the room not before mumbling few curses under her breath.

Looking at the dress, she took at a smirk came on her face.


At night, Vansh looked at the laptop screen sitting alone in the guest room. Closing the laptop harshly, he moved to the bed and lied down there gazing at the ceiling. Take a turn he changes his position.

“What the hell?” Mumbling few curses under his breath he got down from the bed. Getting down, he moved to the window.

Gazing at the moon, a smile came on his face as soon as he reminisced of Riddhima. Her anger whenever she glares at him, well she never smiled at him wholeheartedly but he knew she might don’t fall in love with him so easily not at all after his these behavior with her.

“But she is mine and will stay with me forever.” He mumbled and closed his eyes.

Jerking his eyes open, he moved out of the room. As soon as her room’s door came into view, he tried to open it but it was locked from inside. Taking a deep breath, he took out the spare key from the drawer which was kept beside her room’s door.

Entering the key in the hole, he opened the door. Peeping in, he saw her sleeping on the couch in an uncomfortable position. He closed the door behind him he moved to her. He was about to take her in his arms but his eyes fell on her dress kept on the bed.

“Planning was going on” He saw as she had torn up the dress. Definitely that will delay the function when she will tell them at the last moment and whatever she had planned to run away will work. “Sweetheart, let me also see how your plan will work.”

He saw and picking her up laid her on the bed with a smile on his face. Planting a forehead kiss, he sat besides her gazing at her face with her hand entangled with his. Without breaking his gaze for a moment he just kept looking at her face as if that was the thing which he just wanted to see throughout his life.


Angre looked at the guests who came for the haldi function. Although except family members none were invited but then he inhaled a sharp breath when he saw Vanraj and Kavya entering. Without inviting them he moved to Vansh’s room.

Knocking on the door, he heard the voice Come-in” Entering in he saw Vansh who was sitting on the couch wearing his sherwani for the haldi function reading a file.

“Boss, aapne Riddhima bhabhi ki family ko bulaya hai?” He asked on which Vansh just nodded.

“Dadi chahti thi, unhe nhi pata hai inn sab cheezon ke bare mein.” He said and Angre was confused.

“Par bhabhi?” He asked and Vansh looked up at his face again.


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