Hey guys I hope you all are doing well so this is the first chapter so without wasting much time let’s start.

A man is forcefully dragging a girl towards a room and then throw her on the bed she was crying badly

Man- shut up just shut up stop crying i said otherwise it won’t be good for you

Girl- please le..av..ee me while sobbing please muje jaane do maine tumhara kya bigada hai. Mai ek simple ladki hu please muje padhna hai likhna hai kuch banna hai.
Man- hold her jaw tightly and said sweetheart you are mine get it in your mind understood from now you will live here you are mine only mine and dare you try to escape as you fail drastically dear and then I will punish you which you will not like

Girl-vansh ji( the man is non other than vansh) you are rich u can have whatever you want am a simple girl please leave me she was sobbing badly

Vansh – careress her face oh dear ridhima I own u ,(yes that girl is non other than ridhima) your father and step mother sold you in exchange of money, your step brother borrowed a large amount of money from me but now he doesn’t have money to repay which is in crores , so he and your father sold u. Ur family is such a crap they doesn’t even care that what will be her daughter’s future they really don’t care that after selling you your life will turn hell, they were going to sell you to someone else to pay back money to me but before he can do so I bought you and gave your father more money I bought you so from now you are mine and you will do what I will say did you get that in a loud and harsh tone .

Ridhima- sobbing y..eee..ssss

Vansh – you will do as I say if say what then eat if say stand then stand no tantrums if u disobey me then for each disobedience there will be a punishment ok sweetheart.

Ridhima while sobbing nodded

Vansh called marie

Vansh- ridhima from today marie will guide you all things and she will be their for you 24hours you need anything ask her . And yes once again am telling you don’t try to escape.be a good girl sweetie.

He went from their leaving sobbing pale week scared ridhima crying.

Ridhima’s POV

I was studying in my room when my step mom came with a tea she was behaving too sweet than how she is but ignoring her extra sweetness I drank the tea but after drinking tea I was feeling dizzy and felt Unconscious. When I opened my eyes I was in a dark room I wasn’t able to understand anything then suddenly a muscular man appeared in front of me I met him before


Ridhima was going to her college and herΒ scootieΒ bumped into a Mercedes she felt down she stood up and started screaming on driver

Ridhima- hey you idiot are you blind can’t you see that a scootie is coming
Inside the car

Vansh- what happened dammit why the hell this lady is screaming

Driver- boss her scootie bumped with the car that’s why

Vansh – ohh gosh go and handle her if she doesn’t listen then give her some money.

Driver came out of the car .

Driver- madam I am sorry

Ridhima- sorry what sorry agar abhi mein mar jaati to muje tumhare boss se milna hai just call him.

Driver- mam please

Ridhima- u will not call right I will tell him/her

She went towards the car and knocked the window and asked the person to come out.

Vansh came out he was really pissed off as he was getting late

He asked her without looking

Vansh- what

Ridhima- listen mister ur driver doesn’t know how to drive .

This voice gained his notice he looked up her doe shaped eyes her soft plumpy lips her mesmerizing face for him she was the most beautiful girl he had ever seen . Brushing his thoughts he made his face cold again.

Vansh- what is this young lady why are you screaming have you lost it

Ridhima- hey mister listen just throw your driver from the job he doesn’t know to drive I was about to die

Vansh took out a bundle of notes and offered her which made her more angrier.

Ridhima- ohh hello I don’t need ur money bhot paisa honge aapke pas but mein bikau nahi hu understood ye paise na apne pass rakho idiot .

This made vansh angry and somewhere happy as he himself wanted her to reject money but he controlled his feelings and Said

Vansh- listen young lady take this money and go don’t waste my time I am not free like you

Ridhima- ohh mister mai bhi khali nahi hu muje bhi college jana hai am already late aap jaise bigdey huye amiro se ladna ka shauk muje bhi nahi aur ye paise ki dhauns kisi aur ko dikhana and picked up her scootie from ground and left to her college.

Vansh was hell angry as till date no one dared to argue him or insult him like this he called angre and asked to take all information about the girl as he secretly clicked her picture when she was buzy arguing.

Vansh’s POV

Today I have a very important meeting to attend I buzy scrolling my phone when suddenly car stopped a lady was screaming I aske driver to check but that came in front of my window and knocked and asked me to come out when I went out pissed I saw the most beautiful face the world she looks like an angel but then she started arguing with me she dared to insult the great vr I want her anyhow I will make her mine don’t worry sweet heart soon you will loose your freedom. And smirked.

Flashback over

Ridhima’s POV continues

He dragged me towards a lavish room and threw me on the bed and informed me that I am sold what how can living person can be sold he informed me that my parents and brother sold me to him for money I cried badly then a thing came in my mind and I understood that day I insulted him that’s why he is doing this with me and again started crying.

Hey guys that’s it for today I hope you guys liked it . Thank you so much guys for supporting me do share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section it motivates me to write moreΒ 

Love you all guys keep supporting like this.
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