His Silent love – Chapter 23

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Chapter – 23 – The trip and the smart Harper

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Twinkle (Pov)

“Gather around. Gather around students” Coach Henderson hollered and all of us shuffled hurriedly taking a seat in the auditorium. I sat in between Chloe and Ben looking around for Kunj.

“Lover boy isn’t in school today. I told you that a thousand times” Ben repeated passing me a bored look and I simply rolled my eyes huffing. “Whatever. I wasn’t even looking for him anyway”

“Mhm. I totally believe that sweetheart” He hummed and I sighed eyeing the students occupying the seats in front of us. Jacob, Maira and Nat sat behind us with Maira kicking the back of my seat.

“What?” I turned around in my seat and she leaned forward grinning, “I still can’t believe Chloe and Dhruv got together. I am so happy”

“Yeah” I chuckled whispering, “Dhruv told me last night. But Maira..” I trailed furrowing my eyebrows, “What about Nat?” my gaze lingered on Nat and he smiled at me giving me a small wave.

“About that” Maira leaned ahead, “He knows. He actually overheard their conversation last night” She mumbled sighing.

“What? Shit” I groaned, “How’s he handling it? I didn’t knew..” I trailed and Maira shrugged. “We’ll talk to him later on. Here comes the principal”

She leaned back in her seat and I turned around eyeing Mr. Pattinson. “Please, take a seat, Ms. Melody. Our extreme apologises we couldn’t arrange a VIP section for you”

Our principal, Mr. Pattinson spoke through the mike pointing at Melody who was fussing over the seats and I stifled a laugh while she turned bright red hurriedly taking a seat.

Just as everybody hushed down, Mr. Pattinson cleared his throat stepping ahead with the mike.

“Morning, students. Let’s get straight to the point, shall we? Firstly, the drama gala is three months away. And our school has been winning the inter drama gala competition for years”


“So, as Romeo and Juliet has been removed off the list” His gaze lingered on me and I fought the urge to roll my eyes.

I am helping the school by that. Duh.

“I do expect some great performances this year. Next up is the annual talent hunt competition and it’s the first time our school is participating in this activity”

“The annual talent hunt is divided into four categories. Photography” I grinned at Chloe and she smiled at me.

“Art. Singing and dancing” He continued. “Our school this year received the opportunity to actually host the 1st round ; which is photography, and it’s starts next month”

“No way” Chloe mumbled beaming at me, “Finally, something amazing this year”

“Faculty and I would be really glad if we get all the help from you students this year and make it amazing experience for the rest of the school students coming. Forms are being distributed to you all and everyone interested are supposed to hand in the forms this coming Thursday”

“And about your school trips. Well, this year we decided to change it a bit. It’s a five days trip consisting of you people going to different places, attending theme parks or water park and basically having the time of your life. I decided to be a bit generous this year”

He chuckled followed by the rest of us. “Your trip begins next Monday. Oh did I mention you’d be camping for a day too?”

No way.

“Damn. Mr. Pattinson is being extremely generous this year. I think he finally got laid” Ben mumbled in a low voice and I chuckled shrugging.

“Thank you for your surprising attention. Ms. Taneja and Ms. Harper, my office in ten minutes” he called out when moving down the stage.

“Mr. Pattinson, I actually have a spa appointment in half an hour-“ Melody started giving him a not-so-apologetic look and our principal stopped simply rolling his eyes, “I actually meant the smart Harper family member”

Melody turned bright red again clearly flustered by the insult once more and I hid my smirk. “Bring Chloe with you” He pointed at me and I nodded.

(In case someone was wondering, Meldoy and Chloe have the same surname because they are cousins)


“I see no progress yet, Twinkle” Mr. Pattinson continued not letting me speak and I resisted the urge to roll my eyes. “No play. No cast. No props”

“Mind your language” I cut his rant in between and he turned his head to me in a second stunned, “Excuse me?”

Damn it.

“No. That’s not what I meant. The play’s name is mind your language” I breathed out a nervous chuckle and he nodded at me sighing. “It’s a Comedy from the 80’s, a teacher struggles to teach foreign students English.”

“No romance?” He questions frowning and I laughed humorously. This man for sure is nuts. “Mr. Pattinson, what’s with you and romance? Enough of Romeo and Juliet already. I swear last year only thirty people were in the school to watch our show. And half of them dozed off there in between the play”

“I am well aware of the circumstances, Twinkle” he passed me an unkind look and I scoffed under my breath, “That doesn’t mean historical romance has to end in this era”

“I promise you this would be the best play and we would win the championship” Chloe interrupted giving her best convincing smile and I nodded.

“I need sufficient reasons” He shrugged sitting back on his chair.

Fine then.

“Props? Don’t worry about that. The scene takes place mostly in classrooms. So, all we need is the essential classroom chair and desks which we already have in this magnificent school”

Of course, he didn’t miss my sarcasm on magnificent school.

“Costumes? It’s the everyday jeans and shirts. Don’t worry about that. Casts? Well, I have the best drama club members this school had in 30 years”

Okay the last one may or may not be a lie.

He seemed to think for a moment and slightly nodded, “Fair enough”


Let’s get onto the mission of finding the cast.


Emergency meeting. Get your flat asses in theatre room right now – Twinkle.

I quickly typed the message in the group which had my friends along with Kunj, Jacob and Theo.

“I am tensed about photography. I don’t exactly have a theme” She sighed sitting on the stage and eyeing her form. “You are the best in school, Chloe. We’ll help you find one”

“Whaaaats up b*t*hes?” Ben opened the door entering like a monkey followed by Maira, Jacob and Nat.

Then came Kunj and Theo with some papers in hand conversing in a serious tone.

“Hellloooo” Ben waved a hand in front of my face and I snapped my gaze away from Kunj raising an eyebrow at him. “Don’t jump on that poor guy and kiss him. Patience”

I smacked the back of his head and plopped down on the chair sighing. I looked on as the rest of them sat on the couches and chairs looking at me to start speaking.

I told them about the Drama gala which is in three months and how I need to find the perfect cast.

“Nope” Ben smirked at me crossing his arms across his chest and leaning back, “You crossed our names from the list a few days ago. No way we are helping you”

I simply rolled my eyes. “You’d still be a water boy, Ben”

“So, we need to divide the work and think before telling it to the other drama club members” Maira begins taking out some papers and pens.

I grabbed my planner from my backpack flipping through the pages. “Okayyy. First up, when do we start with the audition?”

“Tomorrow” Theo said as he finished with the character list and I gave him a thumbs up. “Okay then. Jacob make sure you distribute enough pamphlets and put them on the boards outside the classes everywhere”

He nodded going back to making the pamphlet design. “Chloe and Ben, you both are on the costume section. Include Roy, Abigail and Dray too” I told them writing their names ahead of the costume section.

“Theo I really need you and Maira to be on the play” I told them and they grinned.

“Nat you are on the props section” I told him about who else would be helping him.

“What about Kunj,?” Ben smirked at me leaning back to cross his arms. “Water boy” I mumbled and Kunj finally looked up from his papers raising an eyebrow at me.

“You can do whatever you want” I told him and he rolled his eyes at me.


I sighed a bit of relief washing over me knowing a bit of work is done but realisation seemed to take over me again.

I kissed Kunj yesterday.

We made out. How are we both still normal?

And no shit. He’s for real ignoring me.


I gathered my things as soon the bell rang. Ben and Kunj jumped from their seats yawning and stretching. “It was such a boring class” Ben yawned and I gave him a bored look, “How did you knowthat? You were sleeping throughout the whole lecture anyway”

We walked out immediately and I gagged looking at Yuvi and some girl clinging to one another

Time for some fun.

“Hey brother. How was your appointment yesterday?”

He looked up from his making out and frowned at me. “Your HIV appointment-“

I didn’t even finish when the red haired girl pushed him back with a look of horror plastered on her face. “Stay away from me twat” She flipped him off before turning the other way and I tried to hide my amusement.

“What’s your problem?” Yuvi turned to me with crossed arms and an annoyed face. I shrugged pretending to think for a while, “Tit for tat. You shooed away Miguel so yeahh”

(Miguel was just a random guy who tried to ask Twinkle out but Yuvi being Yuvi, the over protective bother shooed him away)

He rolled his eyes at me before going to his next class followed my Ben who gave me an amused grin.

“Kunj” I called out when he was about to go somewhere too, “Can we both talk?” I question him and he seemed to be taken off guard a bit before nodding reluctantly.

We walked with an awkward silence between us towards the football pitch. I looked on at the guys practicing on the field and sat down on the bleachers.

“So” I begin with a nervous chuckle and stole a quick glance of Kunj who was looking ahead at the players. “I have- I mean…we kissed and I heard you-“

Straight to the point.

I stopped seeing Kunj visibly flinch at my words and I cleared the lump in my throat. “What’s wrong, Kunj? You have been awfully avoiding me since that day”

“It’s nothing” he mumbled quickly still not meeting my gaze. “Don’t stress about it” He gave me a dismissed gesture and I looked on boggled.

“Stress about what?” I asked in an incredulous tone, “What are we now? And what happens after that kiss?” I question fighting back the urge to rip his body apart.

Stop the violence, Twinkle.

But he’s being an ass again.

“I don’t know” he muttered rubbing his temples, “I don’t know”

“Great” I mumbled annoyed rolling my eyes at his stupidity. “Just great. So we are back to square one. Amazing”

“It’s not that-“

“Then what is it?” I looked on frustrated and he sighed shaking his head, “I don’t think we should step this up at this point. Let’s take it slow”

“Slow? As in we remain how we were? Friends maybe?” He snapped his gaze away from the field and have me a small nod. “Yeah. I guess so”

Don’t cry. Don’t cry.

“Okay then” I blinked back the tears and gave him a small smile, “I am fine with it. It’s not like you were so important. I can live without your presence you know”

Lies. You like him.

I like him.

“Alright then” I gave him a tight smile and he looked at me with a neutral expression. “See you around” I gave him a small wave and rushed outside the field blinking back the tears.

And I knew that instant.

I am falling for Kunj.

Way too fast and way too bad.


It’s been a day since our parents got back and we went to our own houses. And a day to the last time I had a proper conversation with Kunj. We have been in a weirdly awkward zone with one another.

He’d casually nod at me in greeting or avoid my existence for real. Either smile at me or frown till the end of the day.

And me.

Well, I have been bursting on the inside to grab my hundred degree glowing knives and slash them across his gorgeous face and his stupid body.

Or just pounce on him and kiss him till his last breath.

No. What. No.

“Next one” I was snapped out of my thoughts by Theo’s booming voice next to me. He groaned keeping his head down, “Twinkle, focus man. These people are killing me with their horrendous acting”

“And you are lost in your fantasy” He added.

“I am not-“

“It’s Kunj again?” He asks turning to face me and I chewed on my lower lip shaking my head. He gave me a flat look and I sighed.

“After all what happened, he decided to put an end to it. So, we are just back to square one” I shrugged and he narrowed his gaze at me. “Don’t tell me you are gonna chase after him like a lost fool in love”

“I don’t love him-“

“Don’t bullshit. You do” he laughed, “But love’s stupid” His gaze lingered on Ben laughing along Maira and Chloe.

He does. Theo loves Ben.

Maira was right. And all these possibilities I was noticing are true.

“You love Ben…” I muttered with widened eyes and Theo’s gaze snapped towards me shocked. “W-what?”

“I know you do” I mumbled nodding my head and he opened his mouth to speak but couldn’t. “What’s holding you back?” I kept a hand on his and he closed his eyes sighing.

“Things, Twinkle. You are too young to understand” He mumbled and I gave him a flat look. “You are just an year older than me”

He breathed out a small chuckle. “Needs time to come out of the closet, sweetheart. We’ll see” I gave him a small smile, “But it would be better if you’d both confess at least”

“I guess so” He stole a quick glance and turned to me. “Kunj doesn’t know, yet. This is your chance. This trip we are going to make lover boy jealous so he’s gonna come begging you to get laid and you’d fall into his embrace and see stars and the moon and light-“

“Shut up” I laughed placing a hand on his mouth. “Same goes for you. So my dumb of a best friend would actually show you his love” I winked and he grinned.


“Next” he turned around hollering and I grimaced the his loud voice.



“Twinkle, are you done? We’ll miss the bus” Dhruv yelled and I could hear him rushing up the stairs. I quickly grabbed my small suitcase and handbag turning to frown at my brother.

“Dhruv? Why on earth are you getting late?” He gave me a bored look sighing, “I am going too”

“What? But it’s our school trip” I frowned and he shrugged. “Mr. Pattinson met me last night and told me how only Mr. Thomson and Ms. Robinson were going. All the other teachers have classes to teach to. And I am a pretty responsible adult next to him so yeah”

“Ahan. Or more like you are looking for excuses to spend time with Chloe” I added and he looked at me flustered. “Aww. Are you blushing, big brother?”

“Shut up” he swatted my hands away and grabbed my suitcase. “Mom! Twinkle is still sleeping” he hollered going down the staircase and I rolled my eyes.


“I am so excited” Maira grinned going inside the bus and I followed behind only to be pulled back by someone. “Hello there, sweetheart”

I turned my head to the side finding a grinning Theo and looked at him confused. “Play along” he mumbled smiling and realisation hit me.

Oh. Mission make those two a*sh*les jealous.

“Hey, Theo. I was waiting for you” I smiled looping my arm around his and from the corner of eyes I could see Kunj frowning at us.

“Sorry about that. Let’s go” he ruffled my hair and we entered the bus taking a seat on the second last seats ahead of Maira, Jacob and Chloe.

We both sat opposite to Nat and Ben who scowled immediately at mine and Theo’s interlinked arms. But he quickly hid it passing me a smile.

“Kunj. Your spot is beside me” Melody cheered when he entered the bus and I could clearly see a look of horror flash through his face but he quickly gave her a polite smile.

Theo and I snickered silently.

This was going to be fun.


“Four people get to stay in a single room. So hurry up and get your keys” Chloe took a key from Dhruv, who unluckily is here as an assistant teacher and I couldn’t miss those googley eyes Dhruv was giving her.

“You both are so cute” Maira gushed and I gagged, “*cough* gross *cough*”

They both laughed and we carried out luggage to the room internally praying it wasn’t Melody who we’d be a sharing a room with.

“Hey Jenna” I grinned at her and she waved at me opening her bag. “Thank God it’s you and not-“

“Melody or her fake b*t*hes. I know” She smirked and I chuckled. “Jenna and I have biology together” I told them.

Thankfully, we got along pretty well with Jenna. “Geez! Half of them are already there” Chloe grumbled eyeing from the window where the beach was clearly visible and I hurriedly changed into my bathing suit pulling a white net romper on top of it.

We made it to the beach around ten minutes later and I took in a deep breath smiling. “This feels so good” I mumbled and Maira laughed, “look ahead and you’ll feel better”

I looked at my classmates and friends playing volleyball and raised an eyebrow at Melody and Kunj with her leaning against him examining her nails.

“Quite a sight,huh?” Chloe smirked and I rolled my eyes, “I don’t even care”

I am gonna have a nice time during this trip and act normal.


We walked towards them and I smiled at Theo waving at me. “Hey three more players. Nice”

“We were about to start another game” Jacobs came towards us wrapping his arm around Maira and I grinned, “Great. Let’s go ahead”

“Me and Kunj are the team captains. Let’s choose. Twinkle” Theo said my name first and I quietly snickered making my way towards him. Kunj scowled at Theo’s arm which he draped around me and I grinned at Kunj.

“Jacob” Kunj muttered annoyed choosing him and it went on until our teams were finalised and we took out positions.

I was talking to Chloe when Kunj was walking past us to his side and his hand brushed past mine. Ignoring the tingling in my hand and my stupid heart along with Kunj’s satisfied smirk we started the game.

Get a grip, Twinkle.

“Yess!” Theo cheered when our team won and I jumped hugging him. “Whatever” Ben muttered bumping his shoulder against mine and I chuckled booing him.

“Aw come on. Don’t be a loser now” Theo mockingly punched him shoulder and Ben looked at him awestruck. I smirked to myself seeing them both lost in each other’s gazes.

“Just don’t get a boner” I muttered to them and they probably didn’t even hear me. I could hear the rest being ordered by Dhruv to be back at the hotel in about 15 minutes because they were leaving for dinner to visit some pizza place.

I quickly rushed towards the ice cream shop groaning at the long line but stood there anyway.

Just as my turn came, someone broke in and stood ahead of me. “What the hell?”

“Hey. Move back” I forcefully pushed him back by his shoulder but glared at him realising it’s Kunj. He grinned at me and I narrowed by eyes at him.

“Stand back. I waited in this line for like 15 minutes” I tried to move ahead but he blocked my way. “I am in a hurry”

“No vagina is gonna die if you won’t deflower it in a few minutes. So stand back” I gave him a huge grin and the couple behind me snickered making Kunj scowl at me.

“I am not-“

“Can you both not fight in front of my booth and get lost from here?” The ice cream man interrupted and I was about to open my mouth when he closed the window shut from our side and went to the other window.

I groaned when everybody behind me rushed towards the other window and I glared back at Kunj.

“I can’t describe how much I hate you”

He scoffed at my words and I brushed past him towards the previous spot where the others where.

“What the heck?” I grumbled eyeing no one from our school and quickly died Maira’s number but there was no signal.

“I guess they left without us then” Kunj stood beside me, his arm brushing against mine and I sighed. “Whatever. I am just gonna go back to the hotel”

I patted my jeans pocket but then realised I wasn’t wearing anyway and I had left my hotel key at the room.

Wow real smart.

“You don’t have your key” Kunj smirked and I rolled my eyes. “And I don’t have mine”


“I don’t need your help anyway” I muttered playing with the hem of my romper and he shrugged, “If you say so. I was thinking about getting some Chinese. But well never mind” he trailed and slowly started walking ahead whistling.

“I am not hungry” I mumbled and at that exact moment my stomach decided to grumble loudly. I sighed following Kunj and I could hear him chuckle.

“You are buying me ice cream later on”

“Whatever you want, novio”

And man am I not smiling like an idiot.



Guess who’s back after ages.

How’s everyone??

Extreme apologies.

Wouldn’t ramble about everything but 2018 so fair is chaotic and a mess. Hope you all are having a good time and update me what’s going on in your life. Pleaseee

But I hope you liked the chapter and I hope I am not forgotten ???‍♀️

I’ll try to update soon and hope you enjoyed it.


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