His Silent love – Chapter 20

Chapter – 20 – Imbécil and confessions





Poke. Poke.


“What?” I snapped turning sideways to Ben and he raised his hands in defence wide eyed, “Geez! Woman, calm your tits down”

“You have been poking me since the last ten minutes” I glared at him, “Any specific reason for that, Ben Jonathan?”

He sighed dramatically shaking his head, “You call me Ben Jonathon on two occasions. When I steal your food or when you are mad at Kunj”

I narrowed my gaze at his banter and he smiled innocently at me, “But this time I haven’t stolen any food. So, I guess it’s the latter part…” he trailed whistling and I hit the back of his head with the ball.

“Ow” he rubbed the area wincing, “You are so violent”

I grumpily sat on the bleachers eyeing the football players practicing and rolled my eyes at Melody who lifted her skirt higher giving Kunj sly smiles.

“I confessed kinda liking Kunj to Kunj” I grumbled and Ben stopped drinking his water harshly choking on it. I sighed tapping his back and he coughed looking at me in disbelief. “Girl. Get your shit together. How? When? Why aren’t we aware of this?”

“I don’t know. It was a mistake” I mumbled glaring at the back of that a*sh*le’s head who was causally talking to his teammates laughing along with them. “Mistake? Nah. Nah. Drunk confessions are done with honesty”

“Shut up” I muttered picking up my backpack, “I am not some miserable girl who’s life’s gonna stop because a certain a*sh*le isn’t present in it anymore”

“Well, Novio (It means sweetheart in Spanish)” he smirked at me and I chuckled remembering Toni’s word, “It seems like that thou”

I gave him a bored look and we got down from the bleachers walking towards the locker rooms but not before I heard someone shout, “Watch out”

I whipped around catching the ball in a second else it would have smashed my face. “Woah. That was a quick safe” Ben looked wide eyed clapping and I shrugged looking ahead as Kunj jogged towards us.

“Nice save, Novio” He placed emphasizes on the last word and I rolled my eyes swiftly throwing the ball back at him. “ Thank you, Imbécil (Fool/moron)” I passed him a bright smile and he chuckled, “I see. Toni’s been teaching you some Spanish”

“What else does he teaches you, Novio” He grinned wiggling his eyebrows and I couldn’t miss the s*xual reference in his words.

“Things you couldn’t teach me Kunj. Pretty interesting and fun things” I smirked.

And you guys.

The look on his face was priceless.

“His jaw is literally touching the floor” Ben couldn’t keep his laughter hidden as we walked back to the locker room. “Uh-oh. And now lover boy’s got that extremely jealous and frustrated look on his face”

Ben turned around grinning at me and I chuckled, “Stop your commentary. I can feel his glare on me anyway”



“Good news” Jacob entered the Kitchen waving his phone in the air, “They are coming back next Monday”

“That’s two days from now” I said setting the garlic bread on the table and took a seat beside Mr. Thomson. “Can’t believe we almost spent two weeks together” Mr. Thomson remarked helping Sarah with he food.

Two weeks with loads and loads of drama Mr. Thomson. Only if you knew.

“You guys know about your school trip right?” Seb (Also known as Mr. Thomson, their physics teacher. He is Theo’s uncle. In case someone forgot) said and everyone shook their head. “No way. Don’t tell me they are taking us to that boring museum again” Nat groaned and I chuckled.

“Well, Yes they are” Mr. Thomson grimaced and I sighed shaking my head.

I looked at Theo and from that smirk of his I could clearly sense something was cooking in that tiny head of his.


“What the f**k do you mean you couldn’t trace him?” I heard Dhruv booming voice from inside the room.

Don’t eavesdrop. Don’t. Don’t.

“Calm down, buddy” next came up Theo’s controlled and calm voice. I tip toed towards the room pressing my ear against the door.

Stop being nosy. It isn’t your business.

But what if it is…

“One wrong step, Theo” Dhruv bellowed again and I jumped frightened against the door, “It all goes down in vain. One wrong step, do you get it?”

“Dude, Calm your tits down” Yuvi snapped and I gulped audibly. “Kunj’s arranged everything since long back. There’s security roaming everywhere. In school, outside the house and wherever Twinkle goes”

“I don’t care” Dhruv snapped back, “His f**king jet is seen to be out of Texas”

Who’s jet? And who’s living in Texas?

“You took the responsibility of looking after her” Dhruv spoke up again and I moved closer, my elbow resting on top of the door handle. “You promised Dad you would look after this. Find about Zindan’s son, Kunj. And I see no progress yet”

So my guess was right. They are talking about that bald ass’s son.

“All I see is you messing up with my little sister. Is that how you gonna take care of her? Or is it all just you waiting to f**k her up?” Dhruv yelled and my breath hitched my throat.

No. No. Don’t say that Dhruv.

“Is that what you think?” I heard Kunj’s booming voice and I squeezed my eyes shut. “That I want to get into her pants?”

“Guys, calm down” I heard Nat’s pleading voice but of course he was ignored.

“Then you are wrong, a*sh*le” He yelled and next thing I heard ruckus. It seemed like they got into a fight because next thing I heard is the rest of us guys yelling at them to stop.

“Get your hands off each other” Jacob bellowed and my heart hammered inside.

“I have f**king been in love with that girl my whole life and you think I am messing around” Kunj’s loud voice echoed around.

Get some oxygen please. Something. Anything.

He’s been in love with me. He just said he’s been in love with me his whole life.

He just confessed.

Kunj Sarna just confessed he loves me.

What’s happening…

My feet buckled and I accidentally pressed harder on the door handle opening the door. The ruckus inside it stopped and I could hear the frantic beating of my heart.

Footsteps neared the door and I was about to rush the other way but Nat opened the door fully his eyes widening at the sight of me.

I gulped looking around as Nat stepped back and my gaze met Kunj who looked at me wide eyed. All the colour seemed to fade from his face and I could see how pale he looked. Just like me right now.

Dhruv left his collar stepping back and I still couldn’t move my gaze away from Kunj who looked down at the ground frustrated.

“How long were you standing there?” Yuvi questions and I tore my gaze away from Kunj gulping nervously. “I heard all of it” I mumbled looking down at my shoes and heard a strangled groan from Dhruv.

“Why did…” I couldn’t finish my sentence when my gaze snapped towards Kunj. I looked on boggled as his hands trembled and then one hand wiping off the sweat on his forehead. He took in deep breaths shaking uncontrollably and in seconds Theo rushed towards his side.

“It’s okay, buddy. Deep breaths” Theo tapped his shoulder and Kunj shakily sat down on the couch. “What’s w-wrong?” I stepped forward and Theo avoided my gaze mumbling, “He’s having a panic attack”

I whipped my head towards Kunj rushing towards him and bent down holding his hand. “Try controlling your breathing, come on” I nodded encouragingly and he took in deep breaths his hands still shaking.

“You’ll be fine. You’ll be fine” I muttered sitting beside him. I took his hands in mine rubbing them lightly and gripped them harder trying to calm him down.

“It’s temporary. It will go away. Breathe in” I mumbled and he nodded resting his head back on the couch and taking in and out deep breaths.

It lasted for another five minutes before his breathing stabilized and he stopping sweating and shivering a bit.

I looked around at everyone who were still fazed by this. I was too but I nodded at them and they took the hint moving out of the room. “Tell me if you need anything” Theo whispered bending down and passed me a glass of water.

“Sure. Please close the door too” he gave me a small smile and nodded going out too. I sighed my hands still trembling and I closed my eyes shut blinking back the tears.

Don’t be guilty, Twinkle. You didn’t knew. You didn’t knew.

Another five minutes passed and Kunj shuffled sitting up a but straighter, “W-water” he choked and I hurriedly grabbed the glass helping me him.

I looked around the room sighing and looked back as Kunj leaned back on the couch side stretching.

“Sorry you had to see this” he mumbled scratching the back of his head. I shook my head sighing, “Don’t be sorry, Kunj. Feeling better?” he nodded staring at and held my gaze.

“Don’t be awkward” he chuckled shaking his head, “You heard it right. Some crazy news, huh? Me being in love with you since lifetime” I couldn’t tear my gaze away from him and gulped down audibly.

Kunj’s hand held mine drawing random patterns on it, “Zindan’s son saw you that day in Disneyland before you 16th birthday. And it was me gifting you those tickets. He saw you because me. And then I started getting these panic attacks”

“Before these panic attacks, I just acted like a coward and couldn’t gather up the courage you know. To tell you how I feel. Always degrading myself that maybe my love would somehow hurt you someday”

“But then later on, guilt stopped me from confessing to you. Guilt that you are threatened because of me. Guilt because I may lose that girl I have been in love with for years”

“It wasn’t your fault, Kunj” I shook my head grasping his hand tightly in mine. “It was fate. He would have seen me anyway. And besides, I know you’d always be there. I trust you”

“It was. It was” he shook his head vigorously and I leaned in placing a hand against his jaw. “No. It wasn’t. Kunj Sarna, listen up. It wasn’t your fault. Okay? It wasn’t”

“It wasn’t, right?” he mumbled and I nodded, “You are safe. You are here, with me. My girl is safe”

He just called you his girl.

With my heart hammering inside and my hand trembling nervously, I shifted my body leaning closer to Kunj. His front touched against mine and I held his gaze nervously chewing on my bottom lip.

It’s now or never.

I closed the gap between us pressing my lips against his, breaking the boundary between us.

And a part of me knew I wouldn’t regret this.


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