His silent love – Chapter 12

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Chapter – 12 – Non existent eggplant



“Damn” a guy near me started cussing heavily looking at the two fighters inside the ring. I shook my head looking around at the place. It wasn’t your typical stereotyped untidy fighting arena.

In fact, it was quite clean and composed.

The entrance was similar just like the racing arena one’s with waiting chairs lined up on either side of the walls and then four bars around each corner on reaching the end.

At the end of the stairs near the bars were several hallways which led to different fighting rings. Kunj led us through the 11th hallway and I looked around gaping at the huge crowd.

Towards the left in the far corner, they had their changing rooms and separate waiting rooms for the fighters.

And yes, almost everyone here was huge. The guys here with firmly built bodies and of course they were tattooed.

Dumbass, they are fighters. Of course, you’d see such hot people here.

I spotted the rest of my friends and was about to go towards them but Kunj grabbed my hand and started walking towards the room for the fighters.

This guy would never change.

He can just ask me to follow him.

We entered the room which had Kunj written on it and I looked around. “This is like your permanent room?” because Kunj literally had everything in here.

May it be books, photos, posters.

“Yeah. We have our own permanent waiting rooms. Dhruv, Theo, Ben has theirs in the other hallways” I nodded looking around.

“Why did you drag me in here? Or do you plan on keeping me locked up here?” I snickered raising an eyebrow at him and he sighed, “Like I have told you a thousand times. Be careful”

“And don’t to around without anyone on your own. If you need something, come to me or the rest of them. And- are you mocking me?” he looked on half amused half annoyed at me.

I immediately stopped. I was mouthing the exact words he was saying and gave him a sheepish grin. “Nope” I shook my head giving my best innocent look.

“Stay safe. Alright?” he steps forward keeping a hand on my cheek. I nodded, “Do your thing safely too. And just don’t get your peaches kicked” I smiled at him and he chuckled nodding.

“Go now” he shooed me away opening the door and I was about to step outside but stopped turning around. “What?-“

I stepped forward placing a kiss on his cheek, “Good luck, Kunj” Grinning at his startled expression and then his flustered face, I turned around rushing outside.

Ahmm? I mean it’s okay. It was just a good luck peck yeah?

“Let.me.go” I hissed at Ben who gave me a stern look shaking his head. “Are you mad?” he hissed back angrily, “He’d be alright. Kunj always wins”

I rolled my eyes at his cockiness and turned my attention back to the ring where Kunj was fighting with a fighter named Chase.

Why was I worried?

Well, no doubt Kunj is really good at this shit. And I mean it. Really good but he got a few punches right on his nose from Chase. And those punches were pretty good aimed which I am sure have hurt him.

And you are practically dying worrying about him.

Because he’s my friend.

A friend. Ouch. Is he friend-zoned now?

I turned around to face the other side biting on my nails anxiously, more like biting on my fingers.

“Yes. Yes. Yes” I immediately opened my eyes hearing Dhruv cheer out loud looking sideways at a grinning Chloe. “Turn around, idiot. He won”

I turned around in a second eyeing Kunj who was frowning looking around the crown but the moment his gaze landed on me, he grinned at me.

He was looking for you…

No, Shut up. He wasn’t.

“I totally saw that” Jacob tilted his head and whispered to me. I gave him an incredulous look before following the rest of the arena towards the waiting rooms.

“You killed it” Dhruv hugs Kunj the moment he enters the room and pats his back meeting the rest while I stood in the corner with Ben who was looking through the list for the upcoming matches.

“Twinkle..” Ben muttered pulling me down so I sat beside him on the couch, “I never saw you this anxious or worried for anyone. I mean except us”

“I have idea what you are trying to say” I shrugged keeping my voice calm and composed and he smirked at me, “Like that sigh of relief you breathed out the moment you saw Kunj won the fight”

I rolled my eyes, “So? He’s my friend too”

“Why’s he friend-zoned now?” he gave him an unbelievable look and I shrugged laughing lightly at his words.

“But I noticed something too” I smirk back at him and he hummed, “You aren’t roaming around or chasing that bimbo anymore”

“Who?” he question furrowing his eyebrows together and I slapped the back of his head, “Ashley”

“Oh. Well” he shrugged, “I swear she literally ripped my flesh out while holding onto me” a look of horror flashed through his face and I looked boggled, “How?”

“Duh. While we were having s*x” he gave me an innocent look and I bursted out laughing.

“Shit. I have to go and submit the list. See ya” he gave me a side hug and rushed outside.

“Kunj” Maira called out, “We are going to see the next match. Catch you later” he waved at her as she smirked at me making me shake my head at her. She went outside with Jacob, Chloe, Nat and Yuvi.

Kunj picked up his clothes and went towards the washroom. I was about to go after the rest too when Theo and Dhruv pushed me on the couch and sat beside me squeezing me in between.

“What?” I gave them a boggled look and they rolled their eyes. At the same time.

“What’s going on between you two?” Dhruv questions his voice firm and serious. I raised an eyebrow at him shrugging my shoulders, “What are you talking about?”

“You and Kunj” Theo said in a bored tone and I tilted my head to face him, “We are making babies. Happy now?”

He rolled his eyes at me again.

“Holy babies. My baby is growing up” Dhruv patted my head and I laughed, “Aren’t you supposed to be the over protective brother who would scold his sister for dating and all?”

Dhruv chuckled shaking his head, “Yuvi is enough for that. Besides, you are my sister. The Dhruv taneja’s sister. She’s got to have an interesting love life”

“Really?” I smirked at him crossing my arms, “Because dear brother, I don’t really see your so called interesting love life”

Theo laughed beside me earning a punch in the arm from Dhruv.

“And why are you both discussing this with me?” I gave them an annoyed look, “Me and Kunj. We are friends alright”

“And me and Theo aren’t hot” Dhruv retorted sarcastically. “Your sarcasm is running low, brother”

“Just don’t get yourselves in trouble” Theo muttered, “And don’t do something you might regret later on”

“What’s that supposed to mean?”

“Well, it’s for us to know and you to find out” Dhruv ruffled my hair going outside with Theo trailing behind.

“You both are true b*t*hes” I yelled after them and just then the washroom door opened revealing a very shirtless Kunj.

“Who you calling b*t*hes?” He questions drying his hair with a towel and I shrugged, “Some a*sh*les like you”

“I am hot a*sh*le” he grinned at me and I gave him my best bored look, “And I am not funny”

“Are you hungry?” he questions putting on his shoes and I nodded. “When am I not?”

“Kunj” I muttered nervously running a hand through my hair, “What you said last night-“

“Just forget it” he cuts me in the middle and I looked on startled for a second before composing myself. “yeah..” I breathed out a nervous laugh and stood up, “I am just..gonna go and join the rest”

He nodded carelessly before going back to typing on his face.

See. I knew it. I knew it.

He was just playing around.

Why would Kunj suddenly have feelings for me?

He’s a player for b*t*h sake. I am not going to fall for his words ever again.

But you felt it. You thought it was real.

Doesn’t matter. He never felt it.


“Damn it” Muttering incoherent words under my breath, I entered in my English class settling down beside Chloe. I glanced back at Maira who was throwing paper balls at Nat in the back row.

“Anyone seen Ben?” I ask and Maira turned facing me, “Hey, best friend. Ben’s discussing something regarding tomorrow’s test with Mr. Thomson”

“What?” Chloe questions turning around too, “Since when did Ben started preparing for tests?”

“I know right” Jacob appeared sitting beside Maira. Chloe gave me a knowing smirk and I cleared my throat when they literally started making babies by just looking at each other.

“So” I sighed smiling at the two of them, “When are we going to another race?”

“Today” came an extremely familiar voice right next to my ear and I jumped slightly. “Yup. Kunj’s racing” Jacob informed us and I nodded playing with my pen and ignoring Kunj’s heated gaze.

Trying to ignore his gaze.

“Wait-what?” I looked up with widened eyes and tilted my head towards Kunj, “You.are.racing?”

“Yes. Why so shocked?” He questions sitting on the chair next to our table and I shrugged, “I kinda took you for the boxer guy”

“I am invincible” I rolled my eyes at him whilst he smirked totally showing off. “How come you didn’t notice these?” He patted his muscles and lifted his shirt up showing his freaking abs.

The heck.

“Maybe because I have seen better so couldn’t notice yours” I retorted smiling sweetly at him and he raised an eyebrow at me clearly amused.

“I thought you’d admire these” he pointed to himself and I scoffed loud enough for everyone to hear.

“Kunj babyy” next came a very familiar ear splitting squeak and I chuckled. “Here comes your admirer” I whispered to Kunj who rolled his eyes at me.

“Melody, sweetheart” Kunj’s sugar coated tone made me gag and Maira laughed behind me.

She sat on the table showing off her perfect tanned legs and Chloe shook her head going back to explaining us a formula.

“I hope you do remember what’s today right” she said out loud and I saw from the corner of my eyes, her hand resting on his thigh to close to his non-existent eggplant.

Why are they both so cosy?

Duh. They both deserve each other anyway.

“What’s she talking about?” Maira leans in whispering and I shrugged.

“You guys don’t know?” Jacob questions leaning in too and I shook my head. “Of course, baby. We have our two days anniversary today”

Say whaaaaat…..

And he was flirting with me.

“Here. That’s what it is” Jacob said pointing out what I already heard. On top of that, I started choking on my own and Chloe rubbed my back patting me.

I hurriedly grabbed a water bottle chugging the water down. “Are you alright? You look kinda pale” Kunj turned pretending to be giving me a sympathetic smile.

“You are dating melody?” Maira questions trying not to laugh and Melody scoffed out loud, “Says the loser who never had any guy even look at her”

“Watch out with what you say” Jacob and Kunj spoke out simultaneously and I looked down grinning to myself.

No matter what happens, Kunj’s always there for his sisters.

“I guess you all had enough fun” Ms. Robinson finally decided to show up and everyone hurriedly scurried to their seats.

“Turn to page 394”


Comment down, which movie/ book has this line. “Turn to page 394”

Do not CHEAT!)


“I know” I tell Kunj the moment he steps in the kitchen standing in front of me, “You are busy today. So, we can’t have our tuition session today. I know”

“You have your two days anniversary and shit. Who does that” I tried not to laugh.

“So why are you so mad about it?” he leans on the counter smirking, “Hmm… is that jealousy I sense?”

“You wish” I breathed out a sarcastic laughed and walked towards the other counter where Mr. Thomson was chopping some vegetables. I smiled seeing Sarah struggling to cut a tomato with a plastic knife.

“Pssstt..” Sarah tugged on my sleeve pulling down a bit, “He thinks I don’t know what he did. This is plastic” she rolled her eyes and I pursed lips in a thin trying not to laugh at how freaking cute she looked scowling at Mr. Thomson.

“Mr. Thomson, they have cooks in here. You don’t have to bother yourself” Nat entered with the rest of my dozen of friends who were staying at Theo’s house.

“it’s okay. I like cooking” he shrugged passing us a smile and went back to his work, “Besides, call be Sebastian or Seb outside of school”

“That would be awkward” Maira mumbled shrugging, “But it’s alright. We can work it”

“Didn’t you guys had a sleepover today?” Sebastian asks helping down Sarah. “Oh shoot! We totally forgot about that” Chloe exclaimed.

“How about we start the marvel movies?” Jacob suggests looking at me and I give him a thumbs while the rest of us agreed. “Hell yeah! You can join us too” Ben asks Sebastian who shrugged nodding.

“Are you in a relationship?” We all looked at Chloe who instantly kept a hand over her mouth after those words and Sebastian stopped chuckling.

“Nope. Totally single”

“And ready to mingle” Theo smirked and Seb threw a tomato at him which hit him right on his nose.

“Can we please watch Mulan?” Sarah shyly stepped forward looking at everyone with her widened hopeful eyes.

“Anything my princess wants” Ben chuckled picking her up and I smiled.


I had been craving to watch Mulan.

You watched it like 1728929191191 times already

So what?


Heyyy guys??

Yes, yes, yes. I am extremely late but that’s just because my 1st year finals started and I am extremely busy.

I truly apologise for that.

Hope you liked the chapter and I would try my best to upload more chapters?❤

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