His Hostage in Love- Heart Attack? ep. 25 IMM2

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His Hostage in Love- Taken home ep. 24 IMM2


Kabir chuckled and plopped down on the sofa, exhausted while Sejal did the same. All of a sudden Sejal shrieked bringing Kabir out of the sleep that was slowly engulfing him.

Kabir: What happened? Hijack? (sleepy)

Sejal: Rihanna!

Kabir: Oh yea she’s a terrorist! (sleepy)

Sejal: Kabir! Rihanna! (shouting loudly)

Kabir: What! Sorry what happened to her now?

Sejal: Where is she? She’s not here with us! (worried)

Kabir: So it’s fine, anyway it’s better for us only! (shrugging his shoulder while Sejal glared at him) Okay fine, maybe in the car. I’ll go check.

Sejal: Quick!

Kabir rushed down to the car park and unlocked his car as he saw Rihanna in the front sit, sleeping soundly. Opening the door, he looked at her and bent near her to pick her up. As he bent, he glanced at her innocent face while sleeping, adoring it. He picked her up in his arms and kept looking at her. Closing the door, he carefully took her up where Sejal was waiting for him. Entering in with her, he took her slowly to her room and placed her on the bed.

Unknowingly his hand caressed her face lovingly. Sejal entered bringing him out of his thoughts. He went to the living room and adjusted himself on the couch, tired of all the happenings. In no time sleep engulfed him.

As the bright morning light passed the windows and hit the faces of the two sleeping souls, who had unknowingly been hugging each other and cuddling each other. Soon as the light got brighter, Vansh tilted his head in sleep and rubbed his eyes, feeling some type of weight on his chest. Slowly opening his eyes, he saw a hand encircled around his waist and a head lying on his chest, peacefully sleeping.

He smiled when he saw it was Riddhima, she seemed to look like an angel as she glowed in the sun rays. Caressing her hair gently, he lifted her head and moved it to the pillow beside him. He sat on upright on the bed and held his head instantly. Hangover. Groaning loudly as the pain hit him hard, he woke up Riddhima who had her sleep soon fade away.

Yawning and stretching a bit she looked at Vansh who was holding his head, massaging his forehead to relax the pain. She got up and felt the same pain, yelping, snatching Vansh’s attention.

Vansh: Are you fine?

Riddhima: Not really you?

Vansh: Does it seem like? (sarcastically)

Riddhima: I wonder why it’s paining and this room….(looking around) seems very familiar.

Kabir: Of course it will be, after all it’s your apartment! (Kabir said as he entered) Here have some

Kabir offered two glasses of lemonade so that they could ease the hangover that looming upon them. Gulping the liquid in some seconds they placed them back on the tray while Kabir placed the tray on the table beside them.

Kabir: Feeling fine?

Riddhima: I don’t remember a thing from last night! Uhh it’s so annoying! What happened to us? (curiously)

Kabir: Don’t remember?

Vansh: Even I don’t but I don’t know why I saw a weird dream! Strange it was!

Riddhima: A dream? Which one?

Vansh: It was of us two in a room, you sitting on the cupboard while I was on the floor, singing together. Weird!

Kabir: (chuckling) Not weird but the truth….you both were heavily drunk yesterday! That’s why we brought you here and not VR mansion.

Riddhima: The truth! (shrieking) You mean I was singing and sitting on the cupboard!

Sejal: Exactly, acting like a pilot oh and by the way you suck at singing. (entering the room)

Riddhima: (embarrassed) God! It must be all because of him! (pointing at Vansh)

Vansh: What did I do? Look I wasn’t the one who even suggested of going to the bar! (whining)

Sejal: Enough now! Come outside and have your breakfast.

Riddhima: did we sleep on the same bed? (murmuring)

Vansh: We did, this isn’t the first time by the way! (whispering)

Riddhima: Vansh! (pushing him lightly)

Vansh got off the bed giggling while Riddhima was on the bed reminiscing her mission. It had gone flop however she had seen both Aryan and Ishani together. Tying her hair into a low bun she left the bed and waited for Vansh to exit the washroom. As he did, she went inside and freshened up, ready with the thought to confront both of them. They both left for the dining area.

Vansh: (walking with Riddhima) Your house isn’t that bad, it’s quite cozy and warm.

Riddhima: I know!

Vansh: It’d be a nice place to keep someone in hostage after a kidnap! (teasing)

Riddhima pushed Vansh to the wall, pinning him with a force. She looked at him dangerously.

Riddhima: Dare you do that Vihaan! (menacing tone)

Vansh: Who knows it’s you next!

Vansh said as he in turn pinned her to the wall, but gently. Riddhima rolled her eyes and jerked him away from her, marching away in anger. Vansh looked at her retreating figure and wondered why she all of a sudden became a tigress. Was it related to something she was holding on to for years? Brushing it off, he went and joined them at the dining table where Sejal served them with hot and delicious waffles with poha.

As they satisfied their famished stomachs, they settled on the sofas where Riddhima enquired about Rihanna. She told him her story too and claimed that she was still sleeping. The house phone rang and Riddhima immediately picked it up.

Riddhima: Hello, Riddhima here.

Uma: Hello…..Riddhima. (sobbing)

Riddhima: Mom! Are you okay? Why are you crying? (worriedly)

Uma: Hospital…..heart attack. Quickly come!

Riddhima: hear….heart attack! (choking) Where is he? Which hospital? (tears)

Uma: Lifeline! Please! Come (crying)

Riddhima: I’m coming. (crying)

Everyone present in the living room were alerted when they heard Riddhima speak in tears. Something had happened, something really serious. Sejal and Vansh rushed to her, trying to comfort her.

Vansh: What happened? Who got a heart attack? (comforting)

Riddhima: Da…d! (tears) Again.


I’ve never seen you so devastated before….you didn’t care about your dad right?

Feelings overflow

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  13. A brilliant n excellent episode Dear Parita ❤ 😊. You wrote very well. They forgot to bring Rihanna out from the car n Kabir was really tired u til Sejal shreiked n reminded him about Rihanna.
    Riansh woke up cuddling each other n couldn’t remember what had happened but Riddhima could remember thst she definitely saw Ishani n Aryan at the night club. Vansh thougjt he had a very funny dream about Riddhima sitting on top of a cupboard singing n he was also simging. Kabir comes in with 2 glasses of lemonade n gives to them. He tells thdm thst it wasn’t a dream but tbe truth n that they were drunk. Riddhima says itsll becsuse of Vansh. Vansh says that it wasn’t his idea to go to the nightclub. Sejal tells Riddhima that her singing wasnt good n calls them down for breakfast. They go fown nnhave waffles n poha n then Riddhima s phone rings n she sees its a call from her mother.
    She answers n Uma tells her to come quickly as herfather has suffered an heart attack.
    Riddhima is crying n Vansh n Sejal go to her n adk what hsppened. She says heart attack n they ask who had heart attack. She says thst its her dad. Deep down she loves her father a lot. They go to the hospital to see him n Riddhima is devastated. Well done My Dear Parita 👏👏👌👌💞🥰🤗. All the emotions, feelings n reactions were perfectly portrayed. A wonderful episode. ❤😍😘✋✋🌻🌼🌺💐🌹🍓🥭🍉🍎🍊🍫🍫🍬🍬🌹🌹🦋💞💞🥰🥰🤗🤗🦋. Lots of love, hugs, kisses n loads of blessings flying over to you ❤🌹🦋. Very proud if you My Super Author 👌 👍 😍 🥰. Looking forwards to the next episode 👍. Until then, please take care n stay safe ❤ 😍 😘. Love you.❤💞🥰🤗🦋🌺💐🌹😍😘😊💐💞❤🦋

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