His first and only love-Rikara ff (Chapter 15: Reception)

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“Hey so you guys finally got married?” Gauri and Omkara turned around to meet a young woman in a pink dress smiling widely at them. “I knew it! I always knew there was something between you guys! Ahh!!! So the school bus sweethearts finally got married!” She exclaimed happily, clapping her hands like a 5 year old.

Omkara and Gauri exchanged quick glances and then looked back at the overjoyed lady infront of them.

“Ishana?” Omkara asked surprised to see her here after so many years. He had not expected to meet her here at all.

Ishana had been Omkara’s classmate in 12th grade and she was in the same bus as him too which always made her ask him if there was something going on between him and Gauri. But each time, Omkara would just shrug it off, declining to have any feelings towards Gauri. He hadn’t invited anyone from his school as he wasn’t in contact with any of them and neither did Gauri have many friends she wanted to invite. All she had invited were 2 of her friends from school and some from her college.

So how did Ishana come to know about the reception?

“Remember?” Ishana asked rolling her eyes. “I wouldn’t be surprised if you don’t remember me! You didn’t even invite me yaar! You knew I shipped you both! If I hadn’t checked Priyanka’s social media, I wouldn’t even have known! Your sister is way better than you.” She said shaking her head dramatically in disappointment.

Omkara stood surprised not knowing how to react.

“Ishana di!” Gauri called smiling happily.

“At least now stop calling me di! I’m three months younger than your husband!” Ishana said with a chuckle. “Now I know why you never called him bhaiya.” She nudged Gauri mischievously while Gauri looked at her surprised.

“Nothing like that…” Gauri said trying to hide the blush that threatened to find it’s way on her cheeks.

“Here!” Ishana said as she handed over a cover to them. “My gift to the lovebirds. Even though you guys didn’t invite me for marriage, I brought you gifts. Congratulations to you both! I must say you both turned out to be silent players!”

“Actually…it was an arranged marriage…” Omkara said scratching his head.

Ishana turned to look at him in utter shock, unable to believe him then immediately chuckled, “You guys want your parents to believe it was arranged so you guys set it up like it was an arranged marriage? Don’t worry your secret’s safe with me.” She said keeping her palm on her chest.

“No no…We haven’t been in touch since I left school.” Omkara cleared. However what Ishana had missed and what Gauri had noticed was the slight hurt in his voice as he said that, surely it was her fault they weren’t in contact. “It was arranged.”

“Really?” Ishana asked eyeing him suspiciously. “Then tell me how it all happened!” She said turning excited the very next moment.

This woman could change her expressions too quick! Omkara mused to himself.

Once Gauri and Ishana moved to the side so she could narrate everything, Omkara couldn’t help but stare as his wife talked to Ishana. He could see how shy she looked when Ishana teased her and the way she kept blushing again and again. It gave him a certain kind of joy to know that he was the reason for her blush.

God..I could keep watching her for my whole life. Omkara thought.

“Good evening everyone!” Rudra called out from the centre of the stage. “Thank you all for joining us on this wonderful night.”

And on and on blabbered Rudra about this and that like he always did and Omkara found himself zoning out in the midst of his speech that made no sense to him.
Gauri and he had met almost everyone in the function and it was high time for the function to get over but here Rudra was, trying to stall it.

Why did he have to have such an extrovert brother? Omkara couldn’t help but wonder.

“So on this beautiful night, I have something in my mind to make it even more beautiful. A beautiful challenge for my beautiful bhaiya and bhabhi.” He finished as he pointed towards Omkara and Gauri.

What on earth does he have in his stupid brain?!

“So the challenge is that they have to dance on a paper which will be folded every few seconds. If they step out of the paper, they loose. So let’s see if they pass this test of love or not! Please give a round of applause for them!”

Omkara mentally cursed Rudra while Gauri looked on in horror. They would have to stand so close!

Omkara looked at Gauri and mouthed a sorry at her, he knew how much dancing in public scared her. Then, holding hands they walked to the stage while Rudra set up everything for the game.

Kaise hua plays…

Hansta rehta hu tujhse mil kar kyu aajkal
Badle badle hain mere tevar kyun aajkal

Omkara and Gauri stood in the positions holding eachother.

Aankhein meri har jagah
Dhoondhe tujhe bewajah
Ye main hoon ya koi aur hai meri tarah

While they danced, he couldn’t help but appreciate his brother’s song selection.

Kaise hua, kaise hua
Tu itna zaroori kaise hua
Kaise hua, kaise hua
Tu itna zaroori kaise hua

Gauri and Omkara, both couldn’t help but relate to the song. He had never thought of love, even when the other boys got into casual relationships in school, Omkara had never wanted to be in one and that very same Omkara Singh Oberoi had fallen head over heels in love with Gauri Kumari Sharma. He hadn’t even realised when she had started to become so important to him.

Main baarish ki boli samajhta nahi tha
Hawaaon se main yun ulajhta nahi tha
Hai seene mein dil bhi
Kahaan thi mujhe ye khabar

As a teenager, when his classmates fell in love, Omkara couldn’t even relate to that feeling, which made him feel that maybe his heart wasn’t made to love. But the moment he got to know Gauri, he could feel something happening to him.

Kahin pe hon raatein
Kahin pe savere
Awaargi hi rahi saath mere
Thehar ja, thehar ja
Ye kehti hai teri nazar

Gauri on the other hand couldn’t help but wonder how this mangnetic force of a man always managed to attract her towards him. How her wandering thoughts would always lead her to him. How her eyes always searched for his in the crowds, even in the past 11 years. And how his gaze would always capture her. Why was he important to her?

Kya haal ho gaya hai ye mera
Aankhein meri har jagah
Dhoondhe tujhe bewajah
Ye main hoon ya koi aur hai meri tarah

The paper was folded for the final time and Omkara stepped on it and lifted Gauri earning a gasp from her. As they kept dancing, they got lost in eachother’s eyes, those eyes that spoke of the unspoken feelings, engraved deep in their hearts.

Kaise hua, kaise hua
Tu itna zaroori kaise hua
Kaise hua, kaise hua
Tu itna zaroori kaise hua
Kaise hua, kaise hua
Tu itna zaroori kaise hua

hmm mmm…

The sound of claps filled the room as the music went silent. Omkara and Gauri broke out of their trance and looked around and then at each other in wonder. They had just won the challenge!

Gauri grinned at her husband in happiness while he had a soft smile adorning his face, admiring her cuteness.

Later on while Omkara was having a little talk with some business leaders, Gauri who was standing near the entrance gets pulled outside by someone.

“What are you doing?! And who are you!?” Gauri asked furiously as fear gripped her heart wondering who on earth was this intruder. The stranger had pulled her out covering her mouth.

“You forgot me so soon darling?” The stranger asked as he pushed her to a nearby wall and stood close to her, making it unable for her to get away. Something in Gauri told her that she had heard that voice before. But because she couldn’t get a clear view of him, she couldn’t identify him.

“Who are you?” Gauri’s asked again, trying to sound as brave as possible.

The man tilted his face to face her and she could feel his breath on her face reeking of alcohol. It made her feel disgusted to have him this close to her.

To be continued….

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    1. Ishana_stories

      Thank you so much! You will see it in the next chapter!

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    I never expected Ishana here but happy to see her as a cool friend of Rikara. Lol she teased Rikara and it was damn funny when she said now I understood Gauri why you didn’t called Om as bhaiya . Ishana telling you guys want to keep it as secret then it’s safe was so hilarious. Rudra was so cute by making arrangement for a paper dance for Rikara. The song selection and the way Rikara performing and relating themselves to the situation were fantastic. It was lovely to see Rikara winning dance and the way Gauri expressed her happiness with cuteness and Omkara looking her was so beautiful. While Ishana corner sided Gauri and the way they were chating and Omkara hiddenly noticing the blushes of Gauri’s face was so cute one. Who is that intruder who troubled Gauri ? Nice episode and it was so good to read. Sorry, I was very much busy and now only got time to read your FF.

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