His Dollar Biwi (Part 1) (A Riansh OS)

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I am here with another TS i.e. Two Shot.

Sorry if there are any grammatical errors. Proof reading is not done.

So this OS will start from the Vihaan track.

Kabir forced Riddhima to marry him by threatening her with Ishani and her child’s life and Riddhima agreed as she had no other option to save Ishani. Here, Riddhima doesn’t know the truth of Anupriya that she killed Vansh’s mom and all.

Riddhima called Vihaan and told him to come to VR Mansion before 7 which was the time of their marriage…Kabir gave her a red bridal wear which she was supposed to wear but she, wore a white bridal wear and thought,

Riddhima:Today, forcefully I am going to get married to Kabir but I will never let the ritual get completed…either Vihaan will come and save me or I will have to go to Vansh…even if Vihaan will not come, I will not hesitate to take my life…this marriage is not a marriage for me but a mourning ritual which is the reason I have worn these white clothes….today at any cost I will not let Kabir win even if it costs my life….

Anupriya came to take Riddhima…they both went downstairs but Riddhima’s face expressed no emotion at all…all she was doing is just staring at the door…which was her last hope but to her dissapointment no one came to save her…she came near Kabir and stood like a lifeless body…the priest told them to sit down and Kabir, happily sat down but Riddhima was still standing…Kabir called her name twice but she din’t move so he forcefully, pulled her hand down which brought her out of her strance and she sat down but still, her eyes were on the main door…

Now the priest ordered them to stand up and exchange the garlands…Kabir again forcefully pulled Riddhima up, and then they exchanged the garlands…now it was the time of the 7 rounds….Kabir started walking with Riddhima behind him and then, he whispered to Riddhima,

Kabir:Only 6 rounds are left Riddhima after that you will become Mrs. Kabir Raisinghania…

Riddhima:I will never let that happen Kabir…

Kabir:But it has almost happened…what will you do now?

Riddhima put some small sticks in the fire which created smoke all around and then, she opened the lid of the poision bottle and was about to drink when a voice was heard..

The voice:What is happening here??

Soon the smoke dissapeared and face of the person was visible and all the family members were shocked to see who it was…it was Vansh…

Riddhima just ran to him, hugged him and said,

Riddhima:Vihaan…were where you all the time?? The marriage was just about to get over…how come you were soo late??

Vihaan:Arre dollar biwi…don’t they say that the hero’s entry is always at the end?…so I am here at the climax…

Said Vihaan with a flirty smile on his face and a wink…he then changed his expression to a serious one, seperated Riddhima from him, held her hand and went where the other people were standing…he then went towards Dadi, touched her feet and hugged her…he also hugged Ishani and Angre and then went towards Kabir and said,

Vihaan:What the hell is my biggest enemy doing here and that too why the hell was he marrying my wife?!!

Ishani:Vansh bhai..you know one fine day Kabir came here and then claimed that he is mom’s son with proofs and moreover, this Riddhima allowed him to stay in this Mansion inspite of knowing that he is ur biggest enemy…when u were not there, this Riddhima was literally ruling this house as she was the queen…she used to take every decision..

Dadi:Shut up Ishani!!…first of all it was not Riddhima who let Kabir stay here…it was me…I told her to take the decision…just now our Vansh has arrived abd you started with ur drama…Vansh, beta now you go and take rest ok?

Vihaan nodded and took Riddhima with him and was going towards the room when he stopped in front of Kabir and said,

Vihaan:So Mr.Kabir….after coming in my house and trying to marry my wife, are you happy??…what else can you do?…only snatch people’s right…

Vihaan said and let out a chuckle and was abt to go but stopped when he heard Riddhima, who was besides him say,

Riddhima:I told you Kabir that I will never let the marriage happen…I was, am and will be only of Vansh…you can never snatch that right from me…

Said Riddhima and went towards her room with Vihaan…as soon as he reached the room, Vihaan again came back to his flirty nature and his signature style and said to Riddhima,

Vihaan:Arre wah dollar biwi!!…what did I hear?…you let your husband’s biggest enemy stay in your husband’s house?…wow!!

Riddhima:Listen Vihaan…I did not do it willingly…it was my Vansh’s last wish…mummyji though is not Vansh’s real mom, still she did soo much for them…so it was Vansh’s last wish that if by any chance he gets the oppurtunity, then he will let mummyji’s son stay here…in VR Mansion…

Said Riddhima and directly went out of the room not noticing Vihaan’s expressions which contained some other sort of emotions…

At night, Riddhima was in the restroom and when she came out, she saw Vihaan sitting on the middle of the bed with his legs in front and his hands spread on either side of the bed…Riddhima came there with an irritated expression and said,

Riddhima:What the hell is this Vihaan?…why are you sitting on my bed??

Vihaan:Ohh come on Dollar Biwi…a person is sitting on the bed at night obviously to sleep right?…what else do we do at night??

Riddhima:I know that we sleep at night but what are you doing on my bed??…get out of here…I want to sleep..

Vihaan:Ohho Riddhima…can’t you see?..this bed is soo big…it can easily accomodate around 3 people…so I don’t mind if you too sleep with me…

Riddhima:Shut the f**k up Vihaan…every joke has a limit…don’t forget that we have a contract and because of that, I am letting you stay here…keep that in mind…

Said an angry Riddhima and she picked up her blanket and pillow and went towards the couch to sleep while Vihaan just kept staring at her with such an expression that no one can read and he too slept…

After 5 days…

It was Riddhima’s birthday…eveeyone was present down and now it was the time of cake cutting…Riddhima cut the cake and fed the first piece to Vihaan…after the cake cutting session, now it was the time of gifts…

Dadi gave Riddhima a necklace and Vihaan made Riddhima wear a garland which consisted of dollars…dadi was confused seeing this so she asked,

Dadi:Vansh…why did you make Riddhima wear this garland of money??

Vihaan:Dadi…you only say that Riddhima is the lakshmi of our house so I thought to give this lakshmi a garland of money…

Said Vihaan and went towards Riddhima to make her wear the garland and said in her ears,

Vihaan:Happy Birthday Dollar Biwi!!

Riddhima:Thank you Vihaan..

Vihaan was shocked as Riddhima was talking so sweetly with him but he shoved his thoughts and said to everyone present there,

Vihaan:So as today is my wife’s birthday, I am thinking to organize a party for her….so today, we all will meet in the evening for Riddhima’s birthday party…

Said Vihaan and everyone else too agreed for it…Vihaan went to the study while Riddhima went towards her room….as Riddhima reached her room, a few tears fell from her eyes thinking about something….


A day before Riddhima’s birthday…

Riddhima was walking past the study when she heard Angre say something which shocked her to the core and she stopped there itself to listen further…

Angre:But boss why did you come here as Vihaan…you could come as Vansh and then punish the betrayers..

Vansh:No Angre…it was necessary for me to come as Vihaan…now I got to know the real faces of the family members…what does she think Angre…that she will betray me and I will sit quietly not doing anything?…the fake love that she has showed and the betrayal which she has given has broken me to the core Angre but now that I know the truth, I will punish her…tomorrow on Riddhima’s birthday itself I will punish her…

Said Vansh while Riddhima was just standing there like a statue with tears continuously rolling down her eyes…she quickly ran in her room and started crying…she said,

Riddhima:It means…it means tht Vihaan is my Vansh…he..he is not dead…my Vansh is not dead…

Riddhima kept chanting this with a small smile on her face but then, her smile disappeared when she remembered the conversation between Vansh and Angre….

Riddhima:Vansh was saying that he got to know about the betrayal…this means that he got to know everything…that I was a spy and I betrayed him…now he is going to punish me…no no no…what if Vansh gave me divorce??…no no…I can’t handle it…I don’t want to go away from Vansh….I will do one thing…I will wait for tomorrow…if Vansh even orders me to kill myself then I will do it but I will not go away from him…not until I am alive…

So this was the first shot guys….

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