His Destiny Awaits – Porus FF – Part 8


His Destiny Awaits – Part 8

Kanishk goes to King Bamni. He says, “I want to talk with you father” King looks at him.

Puru is heading to Dasyu Lok in order to find Hasthi. “I know you are there Hasthi, You have no other place to hide” he rides hi horse more fast.

Hasthi and Pritha are also heading to Dasyu Lok. They reach the boundary. Puru also comes at the same time. Duo don’t notice each other.

Kanishk speaks, “I want to go and help Persians for the battle.” King Bamni is surprised. Kanishk’s mom enters with Queen Anusuya and she hears this too.

She shouts, “No” Kanishk and Bamni look at her. She continues, “I won’t let you leave there, why should you? They already have a powerful army!” Kanishk replies, “They are our business friends, It will be good if I go and help” Queen Anusuya interferes, “They won’t need our help” Kanishk, “Even if they don’t want, i must go. I must protect my to be wife” king Bamni looks at him. “I agree with you Kanishk, you may go, it’s my order”

Kanishk’s mom gets surprised along with sad, “Please don’t go” Kanishk looks at her eyes and replies, “please mother, let me go this time.” Tears roll over her face. She leaves, Queen Anusuya goes behind her.

King says, “You can lead the rest of the Persian army here, I don’t think they will need more soldiers, but I will send some Paurav Rashta’s soldiers with you for your safety” Kanishk nods and leaves.

While at Dasyu Lok…

Mahanandini is walking with some men and talking. Puru reaches the entrance of Dasyu Lok and hides seeing Mahanandini and others coming towards the entrance.

Hasthi and Pritha also reaches the entrance but they don’t notice Mahanandini. Puru sees them and gets shocked. “They had come just after me but I haven’t noticed them!”.

Suddenly, Mahanandini gets shocked to see Hasthi Infront and shouts, “Traitor!!” Hasthi and Pritha panicks, they notice the hatred inside her eyes, “shall we stay here or not?” Pritha asks from Hasthi quickly, “Move back” he replies in terror thinking about what is going to happen next. Puru is shocked seeing this, “now Hasthi will use his flattery words”.

Much to his surprise, Hasthi and Pritha keeps a step back and runs away. Dasyus chase them. Puru stands there shocked, unable to figure out what to do next, “I promised I will catch him but now Dasyus caught him. They will give him the right punishment, I shall leave now and inform this to King” he leaves. Laachi senses his presence.

Puru rides his horse back to Paurav Rashta. He reminisces Hasthi and Pritha’s terrified faces when Dasyus noticed them. “Once they were my family.” He sighs remembering them. “Now they will have to start their life back again. Because of Baba’s death, they don’t have peace now” He gets sad remembering his promise to Pritha. “I’m sorry Baba, I’ll give him a second chance if I meet him again, that , only for your upbringings”.

Precap : Puru senses someone coming from behind and he decides to surprise that person. Kanishk leaves to Persia.

  1. Its going excellent…I wish Hasti wl understand Puru soon,, nd Darius wl b defeated also…post asap next…

    1. Priyu

      Thank you so much ?? Lets see what happens to both of them ? Will update soon ??

  2. Mansi

    Awesome update???Loved it❤❤❤Kanishk wants to go n fight Persians?Puru going to Dasyu lok to catch Hasti?But is Kanishk’s mom a -ve character?She don’t want to but had to due to Bamni’s order?Dasyu people are so angry on Pritha n Hasti?Now Puru wants to give him second chance due to his Baba….Precap is interesting??Update ASAP?Missed pics?

    1. Priyu

      I’ll add pictures next time Didi ? thanks for commenting di. And kanishk’s mom isn’t a negative character di ? I’ll update soon didi

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