His Destiny Awaits – Porus FF – Part 7


His Destiny Awaits – Part 7

Darius with his Persian soldiers fight with Macedonians. Alexander heads towards the palace. He kills everyone whom he meets in front. He finally comes in front of the main entrance of the palace. Persian guards come to fight with him. He kills them and enters the palace. More soldiers come. He fights with all of them and kills them.

A guard runs to Barsin and informs her about this. “Please escape and save your life princess.” Barsin says, “This cannot be. Persians are the undefeatable warriors. My dad is in the battle front. I won’t leave without him” Guard says, “King will come princess, you leave and save your life. Persians will win somehow” Barsin thinks a bit and refuses to leave.

“I myself will kill Alexander, then dad will come to know who I am” Alexander kills all the soldiers and says, “Now I am the winner”

“You are not” Barsin shouts. She comes in front of him holding a sword. “Persians are the best. They’ll never lose.” Alexander says, “So does Alexander, you are a beautiful princess” Barsin shouts, “Shut up” and tries to attack Alexander. He avoid her sword and says, “I don’t think that I must fight with you”

Barsin shouts, “Why? Are you scared of a princess?” Alexander says, “I’m scared of her heart because I want it” Barsin shouts, “You won’t get my heart so easily because I won’t die soon” She attacks him with her sword. Alexander pushes his sword towards her and stops her sword from doing any harm. He looks at her and says, “You took me wrong, I want your heart alive” Barsin looks at him surprisingly. Alexander says, “No need of war. I can end it at this very moment. But on a condition.” Barsin angrily says, “Are you afraid that you will lose?”

Alexander says, “No my princess, I’m afraid that you will lose.” He smiles. Barsin shouts saying, “Persians will never lose. You cannot defeat them by your cunning tricks”. Alexander says, “Everything is fair in love and war. But here it’s only a matter of war, not love. If you like, we can make it a matter of love too”

While in Bharath……………

King Bamni gathers all the Farsis in Bharath near the palace. He addresses them and says, “It’s time for you all to serve your motherland. Persia needs you now. You owe to protect your motherland. So you all should go and help to save your motherland from the King of Macedonia, Alexander. He is attacking your motherland. He’ll soon conquer it if you all don’t help them.” People starts murmuring with each other.

King Bamni continues. “If you all join hands, your king will gain strength and none will ever be able to conquer Persia. I am doing this because of the 21 years friendship of our two countries. I hope you all are ready to fight back for your kingdom”. King Bamni orders some people to provide the goods and send these people to Persia as soon as possible. He tries to leave from there but someone stops him.

“Kanishk?” King Bamni gets surprised. “If you want to talk with me, let’s go to the garden first”. Kanishk says, “I don’t want to go anywhere. I want to talk with you here”. King Bamni gets surprised, “What do you want to tell me?”. Kanishk says, “What will Darius think after returning when he comes to know that you sent all his people from Bharath?”. King Bamni looks at him questioningly. “He will think that Bharath people are very helpful”. Kanishk smiles mockingly.

He says, “No father. He will think that you threw away his people from your country when you got the best chance”. King Bamni gets shocked. Queen Anusuya and Puru comes there. They also hear Kanishk’s words and gets shocked. Kanishk says, “Do you understand now? Darius will think that you betrayed him. I am going to marry his daughter and that’s why I am saying all these. If he think so, what will happen to the 21 years of friendship which we had with them father? And, will I ever be able to marry his daughter?”. King Bamni and Queen Anusuya gets shocked. Kanishk’s mother smiles evilly.

Puru interferes and says, “Don’t think negative Kanishk. All these things will happen only if they misunderstand us. I’m sure 21 years of friendship with us might have given them a sense about our helpfulness”. Queen Anusuya gets relieved. She feels proud of her son. She smiles at him and thinks, “You know how to handle every situation perfectly just like me”. Puru smiles back with her.

King Bamni says, “Puru is right Kanishk. We don’t need to think negative”. King Bamni gives a friendly smile at him and leaves from there. Kanishk fumes in anger. Kanishk’s mother also gets angry. Queen Anusuya says to Kanishk’s mother, “Don’t worry. Everything will be alright”. Puru and she leaves from there. Kanishk looks at them angrily.

Kanishk walks on royal garden thinking, “Barsin likes Puru because he is a great warrior. But I am a great warrior too? Ah Barsin doesn’t know that.. I shall prove her that I am a better warrior than Puru, What shall I do for that?” He thinks looking far away. Suddenly, ”This is the only way” He says and leaves inside the palace.

Precap: Kanishk tells his idea to King Bamni. Kanishk’s mom doesn’t agree to his decision.

  1. Wow…Awsm…loved to see this side of Alexander…I like this Bamni more…

    1. Priyu

      Thank you so much for commenting ??

  2. Yoho! Alexander and barsine??? loved his bit romantic,cheesy side?
    Would love to see more of their chemistry???
    Well, is kanishk going to be slain at the hands of alexander??
    Mastermind plan of mother son duo ???
    Actually I commented for both part 7 and part 8 ??
    Very nice update✨?????
    Update asap?

    1. Priyu

      Thank you so much for commenting on both parts dear!! I’ll update soon ? I’ll reveal that soon ?

  3. Mansi

    Beautiful update???Loved it❤❤❤Barsin wants to prove to her Dad n there Alex thinks he won but he isn’t as Barsin is ready to fight with him?Alex wants her n is convincing her by his cunning talks?Now what will she do?Bamni addressing Farsis to go n save their motherland but Kanishk came n tried to brainwash him?But good he didn’t unlike the show?This is how I wanted to see Bamni☺Now what is Kanishk planning to do?Precap??

    1. Priyu

      ?? thank you so much Didi. Your comment means a lot ?

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