His Destiny Awaits – Porus FF – Part 15 (Last Part)

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Hasthi is seen getting ready for the battle. Puru comes near him. He says, “Thank you for helping me” Hasthi says, “I’m completing my dad’s work” Puru smiles. Laachi sees them. Puru goes to her. “Mom is not happy with this. I will have to talk to her” Laachi nods. Puru looks at her eyes. “Thank you” he says. Laachi asks, “for what?” Puru says, “for being with me”

Puru goes to Queen Anusuya, “I promised you…” Queen Anusuya stops him in between. “I know. I know you will fulfill it somehow” Puru gets happy. He says, “Give me blessings” queen Queen says, “They are always with you” they smile.

A guard comes running in. “king … King has ordered to gather” Queen Anusuya and Puru look at each other. They run to meet King Bamni.

King Bamni announces the Raj Sabha. “Alexander has declared war against Paurav Rastha” Everyone gets shocked. “We have to face them” He sees Puru and says , My elder son will lead the army. Kanishk enter the palace at that moment. His mom runs to him and hugs him. “You are back safe. ” She thanks god. Kanishk isn’t seem to be happy at all. King Bamni address him , ” It’s time for you to take your revenge. Enemy has come near us, we will show them who Bharaths are” Kanishk looks at his father for a while and understands what has happened. He gets a hope of Barsin and his life. He gets determined by that hope and says, “I am ready” King Bamni nods proudly.

Laachi comes running towards Puru and hugs him. Puru gets emotional, “Im giving another promise to you”

Laachi looks at him teary eyed. “I will return back safely after protecting my mother land” Laachi smiles through tears.

While at Macedonia…..

Alexander says, “It’s time to meet my destiny.. ” he leaves for battle.

Author’s note:

I thought of ending this ff at this point because the battle between Alexander the Great and Puru was a very vital historical one and so I don’t want to change anything in it. It’s a special thing. Thank you everyone who supported me throughout this whole journey. Thank you so much who commented liked and read my FF. You all were a great courage for me to continue this ff. ????

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  1. Priyu , I will miss this ff but you take right decision ….You are right war between Alex & Puru is very historical ….Priyu,will waiting for ur others work ….Come up with new ff & love u ? ?

    1. Priyu

      ???ha niyu? I’ll try my best niyuu ??

  2. Arsh4heaven

    Superb story n superbly written as well

    1. Priyu

      Thank you so much ??

  3. Troll_Queen

    Dearie, come ASAP with another story. With lots of love.
    Your ___

    1. Priyu

      You read all the parts so soon? ??Wow yaar!! Thank you ? ????

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