His Destiny Awaits – Porus FF – Part 14

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King Bamni and Queen Anusuya are surprised and shocked to find Puru, Laachi, Hasthi and Pritha. King Bamni says, “My son always keep his word, you got our enemy here and fulfilled your promise,” he orders guards to arrest Hasthi. Guards come towards them . Puru stops them saying,”He is not the real culprit”

King Bamni gets surprised. “Are you saving the traitors?” Queen Anusuya is puzzled. She says, “why do you say so Puru?” Puru says, “the real culprit was Darius. He had ordered Hasthi to do so. He wanted Kanishk to die. He did all this”

King Bamni is shocked to hear this. “What are you saying? How can you prove this ?” Puru says, “isn’t a living man’s words are enough for you to believe the truth?” King Bamni is nervous, he replies, “I don’t understand you Puru. Explain”

Puru then asks Hasthi to explain Darius’s evil plan. He does so. Queen Anusuya says, “I thought of this before” king Bamni says, “I never thought they will cheat on Bharath. They did a big crime. They should be punished” Puru nods. Queen Anusuya, “but we can’t do anything now. They are already punished.

“Not much” king Bamni says. “We will punish him in our way. They will see what Bharath is for” Puru stopdhim from midllm, “So what will you do to them, “(pointing at Pritha and Hasthi) King Bamni says, “I can’t let them go, Hasthi did a crime by helping Darius. He has to be punished” Hasthi looks down. Pritha gets teary eyed and pleads not to do so. Puri says, “But this is injustice. He trusted us and told the truth” King says, “then I will reduce the punishment” Puru, “But..” king says, “No more arguments. I’ll declare my punishment right away”

Queen Anusuya, Puru , Hasthi and Laachi get shocked. “Now…”

King Bamni says, “I, the king of Paurav Rastha now declare the punishment for Hasthi, for helping a traitor in his evil plans, and that is to join my army and fight till death to punish Darius who evil eyed Bharath.” Everyone gets surprised.

Hasthi bends infront of King and says, “Your wish sire. ” He bows at both King and Queen then at Puru. Puru smiles. Laachi looks at Puru.

Puru says, “how can we punish Darius? He is with Alexander now”

King Bamni says, “Then we will take him to us, we will declare war”

Queen Anusuya says, “But that will be a disaster. It’s not useful. Please rethink about your decision”

Puru says, “yes queen is right. Innocent people will die of it”

King Bamni says, “this is a matter of Barath’s pride. And outsider came here and tried to destroy our mother land. They will have to repay for that”

Puru agrees .. but queen Anusuya doesn’t. “We are doing wrong” king Bamni looks at her. Puru says, ” I promise ethat I won’t let innocent people suffer because of this” he looks at her eyes. A tear drop falls from Queen’s eyes. She nods.

King Bamni gets happy. He orders “Be ready for a war”

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  1. Amazing episode ….Happy that Bambi don’t give any punishment to Hasti ……Waiting for war ….?

    1. Priyu


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