Hired Fiance – Intro and Short Teaser.

Hello everyone, this is my first ever kundali bhagya fiction, hope to receive your support.

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Preeta Arora…

Oldest daughter of Raguveer and Sarla Arora, the name itself spells money, being the oldest child it meant that if her father were to step down from his office she would take over, but there was only one problem, Mr. Raguveer happened to be so old school, only believed that women belonged to the kitchen, he sometimes thought it as a curse that he was never blessed with a male child, he loved his daughter’s, but not enough to trust them with his company, he believed women are weak, and can’t make good decisions than men, that is why he decided to marry off his child to his best friend’s son Prithvi, if Preeta were to marry Prithvi, then instead of her, he would be the one to handle the family business, but his daughter thought otherwise, she believed women were tough and what men can do, women can do better, whatever wise decisions men can make, women can make even wiser decision, so she decided to rebel against her strict father and do the most unthinkable thing.

Karan Luthra…

Meet Mr. Luthra, no big name at all, the man who is content with his life, has little, but he is still happy and very unemployed allow me to add, not forgetting really attractive, he is from a middle class family, living with his older brother Rishabh and his grandma, things are not easy for him, but he always manages to wear a smile in his difficulties, so when Princess Preeta Arora comes to him with an offer, he doesn’t waste time to jump on it.

Short Teaser…

“Srishti, that’s ridiculous, I can’t do something like that. ”

“Listen Preeta, it’s either you do what I tell you or you get married to that ostrich, you decide. ”

“I don’t wanna marry anyone, I have to prove father and his old fashioned mind wrong. ”

“Exactly, and you can only do that if you don’t get married, and the only way you can avoid this marriage is by agreeing to my plan. ”

“If that’s the only way, then I am ready to do it. ”

“That’s the spirit sis. ”


“How much are you talking about again? ”

“Twenty-five million, five million will be deposited in your bank account as soon as you accept my offer. “

“You are kidding me right? ”

“I am being dead serious. ”

“Do you pluck money from trees, or maybe to do piss it? ”

“Do you accept my offer yes or no? ”

“With that amount of money, I can help my family in so many different ways. ”

“Mmmm. ”

“So all I have to do is pretend to be your fiance for a year, and you make me a millionaire. ”

“Yes. ”

“That wouldn’t be so difficult, you have got yourself a deal. ”

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