Himanshi Khurrana and Asim Riaz to celebrate Valentine’s together??

There are many love stories which have blossomed in the closed walls of thr Bigg Boss over the years. Many have even gotten married, some inside and some outside the house.

This year too there is one romance which the fans want to see blossom. The romance of Himanshi Kurrana and Asim Riaz. The two were seen very close to each other in their last interaction and with Valentine’s day right around the corner, there is a chance that Himanshi might get a chance to celebrate it with Asim.

In an interview with BT, Himanshi said, “The feeling when he proposed to me on national television was unbelievable and it can’t be described in words. He was not ready to leave me. When we met each other we were actually talking less and laughing a lot. The happiness of seeing and meeting each other after a gap was quite visible. I want to meet him soon and I just hope I get a chance to meet him and celebrate Valentine’s Day together as this will be ours first.”

Well, would you like to see the two come together for the day of love.

  1. With Asims temper the relationship might not last long. Good luck to them.

    1. well said but she is not less as well

  2. Who leaked this? Certainly asim didn’t release this news from bb house & he has no PR hmmm no offence but I don’t’t think himanshi would be with asim if he wasn’t getting so much fame she’s a business woman through & through & all this seems to be another profitable venture for her as soon as asim loses his popularity after bigg boss as most contestants do this relationship will be over

  3. She’s squeezing every last drop of the hype she could from this ship lol and it’s bothering me. She doesn’t feel genuine about it.

  4. This woman is only using Asim…. cause she knows how famous he is shes only after fame and money and nothing else or else why didnt she like Asim when she was in the house only when she came out and found out how famous he really was then automatically she ended a 10 year relationship just like that
    fake fake fake

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