Its high time (episode 5)

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Hey everyone sorry guys I know I am too too late to post this but what to do its my last year to need to study . now I am free for at least for some days and these days I will try to post regularly. Its to bad yr now a days so much less post . now to story and here we go
Arjun is hugging radhika and she is struggling to free herself but its no use . As radhika to try to free himself the arjun tightly hold her. At last accept her defeat and hug him back . Both of them hugging each other with a beautiful smile on their face present in their dreamland ,but soon their dream land faded with the juke due to which both landed on birth . Radhika on Arjun’s chest and radhika’s hair on arjun’s face ……again both went to their dreamland with a beautiful eyelock . But soon radhika break their eyelock due to train horn . Both stand up and try to avoid their eye . At last Arjun says – go and sleep Radhika . Its too much for a day . Good night and went to his seat and lie down and close his eyes. For sometime radhika is standing there and seeing him after that goes to his seat and sleep. As she sleep Arjun open his eye and sit and goes to radhika lie her properly and kissed her on her forehead , come to his seat and says to himself “Radhika ” you are mine only mine ……Ok yes I know you all thought what I am saying and that to like phyio so yes she make me mad for her and all this start from when we (me, neil and sam ) come here see this city but I never know here I gone get my love Radhika .
We three reach after moving to hotel and freshen up we thought to start journey today itself .so firstly we move to Bheraghat throw cab . we are going at that time we saw few girls moving in scooty by making sounds and laughing wholeheartedly I have seen many girls laughing but in all them one attract me attention towards her I am trying to saw her face but not able to . so finally I said to driver to drive fast and overtake these girls . As I said both neil and sam turn their face towards me and watch me like I has said to kill these girls . But what to say atlast I said – what ?????? why you guys are watching like I am alien . Both move their face at front with doubt in their mind. Again I hear some laughing sound and saw in that direction but only disappointment come to my hand all because of their face cover ………. After that we reach to main river bheraghat but what attention move to a laughing sound leaving beautiful scenario of nature .And atlast I am able to saw owner of the laughing sound and she is most beautiful girl I ever seen in my life . Its like love at a first sight . I move to my dreamland with her . But something break my dream , someone hug my girl how dare he ……. I will kill him I am moving towards him , as a move closer towards him I listen their talks he is her brother . it make me little clam but still I don’t like it . After marriage I will not allow anyone to hug her only can hug her , kiss her no one else . What seriously I Arjun the great Arjun who hate girls is talking about marriage …………….after that incident I am following my girl daily …. Daily what she do where she go ………………..
Flashback end
So cutely you sleep my lady love ………………………. Soon you will sleep with me so close with me on my bed . i love you like hell my baby . you are mine only mine.
Please comment I am waiting . Hope you all like it .

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  1. Loved it waiting for next

  2. Nice.plz update soon.

  3. Loved it…

  4. Amazing.waiting for the next update

  5. Arti viswanathan

    Anki darling superb, excellent, outstanding, nice, good, awesome, mind-blowing, fabulous, amazing, fantastic episode. . . I loved it to the core. . . . . . I liked all the scenes . . . . . . . . Tc lots of love to u from me and teddy hugs to you. . . . . . Will be waiting for next episode. . . . . . .

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