A Hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (Promo1)

A Hidden love between lovable son and beautiful girl (Promo-1)
Hi guys I am santhiya
The promo starts with Akshay and kaira making video. It is party. Kaira is dressed in green long dress.
Kaira: How do I look?
Akshay: Beautiful!!!!

They continue the video. They show whole party. They show vinay and neeti dancing together. They show sanju and sangeeth playing cards.
Akshay: Kaira let’s go to the most romantic couple.
They show Kajal in red long dress. Raunak in black suit with rose.
Raunak holds Kajal’s hand and kneels down catches her hand and tries to say something.
Someone comes back of Akshay and touches his back Akshay turns and gets shocked.
She is nother than Janki. Akshay moves away from there and takes pictures of Rajal. Janki scowls at him.

Thank u n for ur support. Thank u guys for reading.

  1. sry am late…..but promo was vry nice….but janki omg………. raunak proposed kajal??????

  2. where r you… kaira: di apko pyar ho gaya.what now.???
    I wish raunak to kajal will you marry me but kajal says no..she avoid raunak..raunak feels vry bad and crys..but after some times kajal realized she also loved him & she proposed raunak & says to him i love you 2 raunak sir & says sorry for her rudness…. ronak also sys i love you kajal & he was vry happy..n both hug each other.

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