A Hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (intro)

A hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (intro)

Hi guys this is santhiya. This is my first Fanfiction.Silsila pyaar ki is a beautiful story but it is going on offline so I decided to write a Fan fiction. Pls support me

Raunak :a successful business man, sweet son, who considers his mother as god, loves his family, a secret lover of kajal, CEO of tiwari group of companies.

Kajal: a beautiful girl who loves everyone, a lovely daughter. College topper and a best sister.

Akshay : best friend of raunak and good friend of kajal. Good son for parents.

Vinay : a good brother, a good son, lover of Neeti.

Neeti : a sweet sister, obeys everyone, loves her brother and mother so much. Loves vinay.

Janki: a possessive mother and can do everything for his son.

Kamini: a friend of Janki. Normally to say a cunning friend.

Pradeep: brother of raunak’s father. Nice person. But manipulated by her wife.

Vidhi: wife of pradeep who wants her son and daughter to be the CEO of Tiwari group of companies and family.

Other characters:

Sanjana: daughter of Pradeep and Vidhi

Sanket : son of Pradeep and Vidhi

Munmun: daughter of Kamini

Harish: brother of Janki .

Guys ur commenting is my strength.plzz comment. Even the silent readers plzz comment. Your comments will decide should I continue or stop.

  1. That’s the same as silsila pyaar ka

  2. s rusky but i am going to change the whole story. I am going to concentrate only on raunak and kajal and a good pair to akshay

  3. Please continue the show…… Its such a wonderful story… Dont stop it… But encourage raunak and kajal love story much

  4. Plz continue the show
    I ❤ silsila pyar ka
    I’ve always just watched never commented now I am
    It’s the best show I’ve ever watched

  5. Plzz continue this show

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