A Hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (episode 9)

A Hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (Epi-9)
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The episode starts with Kajal asking Akshay that Raunak did the accident.
Kajal: What? Raunak sir aise kaisa kar saktha hain? I can’t imagine that Raunak sir can do like this.
Akshay: Kajal that night Raunak was drunk. So he was out of control so this incident was happened.
Kajal goes Akshay stops her

Akshay: Where r u going?
Kajal : I am going to ask raunak sir that y did he do like this?
Akshay: Kajal pls don’t ask him he yet don’t know what was happened that night.
Kajual: What?? Ab tak unko nahi patha.
Akshay : s Kajal promise me u won’t say him anything.
Kajal :Akshay I am sure that u r hiding something from mo tell the truth.
Akshay: Nothing Kajal.
Kajal : say me the truth otherwise I don’t have any option other than complaining in police station.
Akshay : no Kajal pls don’t do that.
Kajal : then say me the truth.
Akshay: Fb is shown Janki warns Akshay

Janki: If u said the truth to police that Raunak did the accident then u r father also be in jail. fb ends.
Akshay : S Kajal janki aunty threatened me that if I say the truth then she will make my father arrest.
Kajal: god!(she shockingly sits down) how janki aunty can become such a person to hide her son’s truth and escape him from law even knowing that his son was a murderer.
Kajal goes to speak with janki Akshay truies to stop her. Suddenly Kajal gets a call.
Kaira: Hlo di where r u ?
Kajal (in phone): Kaira vo I had some important work so I came out. Is anything problem there.
Kaira: S di pls come fast to shop di.
Kajal: ok wait I will be there in 10 minutes. She cuts the phone.

Akshay: What happened is anything problem .
Kajal : I don’t know Akshay I think something serious I will inform u later.
Akshay : can I come with u.
Kajal: no Akshay y I will manange.
Kajal reaches shop and sees some goons is breaking her shop Kaira and vinu stand outside and trying to stop them. She asks the goons to stop it but they hit her she is likely to fall down Raunak catches her.
Raunak: Kajal r u okay?
Kajal: aap (and she pushes him)
Raunak: Y she is behaving weirdly?
Akshay: nothing Raunak she is in tension.
Raunak and Akshay stop them and calls police and arrests them.
On seeing Akshay kaira hugs him. Kajal tries to avoid Raunak. Raunak understands it.
In police station Harish takes the goons in bail.
Harish: Come fast .

Goons: s v r coming. Harish and goons come to a place near tiwari mansion.
Janki: What I said what did u do?
Goons: sorry ji we did our plan correctly but two men came in the middle and spoiled our plan.
Janki shows Raunak and Akshay photo and asks “ Is men in the photo are the one who came in the middle.
Goons sees the photo and says “S”. Goons leave.
Janki : I know Raunak and Akshay will help them but next time even I can’t help them. I will make such situation so that Kajal shouldn’t even see the side where my son walked in his life.
In night
Kajal sits and sees the moon and thinks about the romantic scenes between Raunak and her and smiles. Suddenly she hears Kaira and thinks about the accident and gets sad. She thinks in her mind Kabhi kushi Kabhi dard how can I bear the both Raunak sir. Mein Pareeshaan song from ishqzaadae plays.
In Raunak’s house Raunak signs some checque and gives to harish and says” Mamaji say to them that this they should do their work properly “Harish gives the cheque to same goons who had attacked Kajal’s shop.

Precap: Kajal goes to a office for interview . There the Mnanager behaves rudely with Kajal and rejects her from the interview. In home Kajal cries and hugs vinay and tries to say something.

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