A Hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (episode 8)

A Hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (Epi-8)
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Kajal get the flowers and feels shy. In evening they reach a lake everyone sit and share their thoughts about love.
Kajal :Love is a beautiful relation in which always our heart beats for the one with whom we r independent and happy even till the last minute. Love doesn’t end when our lovable one is true and happy with us.
Raunak sees Kajal and smiles.
Raunak: (in mind)wow now I understood what is in kajal’s mind.
Raunak: According to me love is between everyone but in every male’s life his mother’s love play an important part. Always love is the only think which would make us live.
Akshay: hmm . Love doesn’t mean choosing someone who suits for ur future but choosing someone who is ur future.
Kaira : Then y didn’t u choose someone like this still now.
Akshay : It is my life I would choose it.
Kaira: oh please don’t try to act.
Akshay and kaira fight.Kajal and Raunak stops them.

After some time
Raunak : Akshay what happened between u and kaira. Akshay wakes up and goes. Raunak stops him and says “Kab tak chup karkae baitaega. Sach sach bataoe.
Akshay : leave me Raunak.
Raunak: Aksahy why r u hiding the truth y r u bearing the pain alone if u share to us we will share the pain.
Kaira: No Raunak sir u can’t becoz u don’t deserve that sir.
Raunak: Akshay share with us so that we can help u to find a solution. U r innocent Akshay. I know about u Akshay
Kajal: Akshay Or Kaira anybody say us aisa kya hua u started hated each other.
Kaira : di pls don’t ask about that night which night I lost everything my parents. My love everything . She cries.
Raunak : stop this everything and say us the truth. Akshay meri kasam u should tell the truth now.
Akshay: Raunak. Vo
Raunak: Akshay say the truth.
Akshay: That night Fb is shown. Raunak, Akshay and his friends r in party . Raunak drinks more and forcefully picks akshay with him and drives more fast and hits a car. The car which Raunak hit was kaira’s parent’s car. To hide that Raunak did this accident Akshay says that he says in police that he did this accident. The fb ends.(Akshay hides that Raunak is driving and Raunak did the accident with Kajal and kaira and says that one of his friend did the accident.)
Kaira : what pls Akshay don’t try to say a false story.
Akshay : S Kaira meri kasam This is the truth.
Kaira : Akshay y din’t u tell me this before.
Akshay : Becoz I don’t want to make my friend In struggle and u r not ready to hear my words.
Suddenly kaira hugs Akshay and cries and confesses.akshay too hugs her and cries.
Kajal and Raunak sees tht gets happy.

In morning
Kajal reaches akshay’s home. Kajal rings the bell and Raunak opens the door and gets shocked.
Kajal : sir aap yaha.
Raunak : I should ask this question to u.
Raunak welcomes her.
Akshay : Kajal u actually I have planned to come to ur house. Is everything okay.
Kajal : s everything is okay I just have came here to clear some doubt
Aksahy : doubt ?
Kajal : s I have to speak to u alone.
Raunak leaves and goes to his room and thinks about the moments he spend with Kajal and smiles.
Kajal: Akshay sach sach bol what happened that night?
Akshay gets shocked and says whatever happened I said yesterday .
Kajal : no Akshay who was that friend? Say me that truth.
Akshay: Kajal u don’t know him.
Kajal : Akshay u r lying I know u since childhood so don’t try to act.say the truth
Akshay : vo vo Raunak hai vo friend.
Kajal : mera shakh sahi nikhla. So janki aunty gave money to hide the truth. Am I right.
Akshay : no Kajal aise kuch nahi hain.
Akshay : I know everything . Mein kabhi bhi soch a nahi than both ma aur beta aise karega.
Akshay : Raunak did not do any mistake.
Kajal : va Akshay drunk and drive karna no mistake.

Precap: Some men break kajal’s shop

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