A Hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (episode 6)

A Hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (Epi-6)
Hi guys this santhiya I’m really sorry aparna, prithiv chahuan, n, nikita and everyone who read my ff. I was stuck in travel so plss forgive me.
The episode starts with Raunak leaves Kajal and kajal’s father in home and he leaves. In hospital Akshay forcely gives medicine to kaira.
In raunak’s house
Janki : Beta where r u from. Why r so u tensed? Is anything problem.
Raunak says everything to janki.
Janki: teeka beta u go and have some sleep.
Raunak leaves.
Janki : Harish v have to do something to throw Kajal out of raunak’s life.
Harish : U don’t worry di I will take care of her.
Kajal closes the door and thinks about the hug .
Kajal’s father: Kajal beta come fast. It is getting late.
Kajal: ji papaji I’m coming.
Kajal’s father leave
In hospital
Akshay holds kaira’s hand and cries.
Akshay: I’m sorry kaira.
In Kajal’s home.
Someone knocks the door. Kajal comes to open the door. Raunak opens the gate and sees someone running and chases him.
Kajal opens the door and sees no one ther and gets shocked.She hears someone running in backyard. She goes there.
Raunak: kon ha waha?
The man runs and Kajal mistook Raunak and beats him with stick and switchs on the light .
Kajal gets shocked and says: Sir aap.
Rauank gets hurt.
Kajal: sir aapko aana hai tho front se aa sakthi haena aisae kyu aariyae.
Raunak: Will u allow me in or with pain shall I stand here.
Kajal: oh! Sorry sir. Plz come in.

They gets in.
Raunak shouts in pain.
Kajal I’ m really sorry sir I thought thief. Plss forgive me wait I will bring first aid box. She goes . Raunak sits in the sofa.
Kajal brings the first aid box she applies ointment to rauank.They share an eyelock. Kabhi jo badhal barse plays.
In hospital
Akshay wipes his tears and gets up Kaira holds his hand.
Kaira : if u love me too much then why u did this to me.
Akshay: vo kaira.
Kaira : plss Akshay don’t say anyone false story. It is better pls leave me alone.
Akshay leaves.
In kajal’s home
Kajal: sir aap is vakat mein is there any emergency.
Raunak : no Kajal. I thought u would be alone so I thought to be with u so that u will be safe.
Kajal: thank u sir but I don’t have any fear.
Raunak: Really so u took the stick to play.
Kajal: vo mein thooda daar gaya tha.
Raunak: Kajal I won’t leave u alone and unsafe.
Kajal sees and they share an eye lock.
In Raunak’s home

Harish: di Raunak aa gaya waha so I can’t do anything.
Janki : what .Raunak went to kajal’s home without saying to me.Everything happens becoz of Kajal. Surely I’ll teach her lesson.
In hospital
Akshay sees kaira sleeping and sits in the chair and think about their sweet moments and smiles.
In kajal’s home
Raunak: I’ll stay here this night and I’ll leave morning. Don’t worry ma ka kasam I’wont do anything.
Kajal: sir I know but.
Rauank: par var kuch nahi. I’m decided I’ll stay her and I’ll protect u.
Kajal: ok sir has u ate dinner.
Raunak: s I had dinner.

Kajal: sir u r lying I know it shows on ur face. U feel hungry I will bring dinner for u.
Kajal brings dinner.Kajal gives it to Raunak but Raunak gets hurt.
Kajal: sir aap chodiyae I will help u and she feeds Raunak. Jeena laga hoon plays.
In hospital
kaira asks for water and Akshay feeds her. Kaira holds his hands.
In kajal’s home. Kajal shows her room to Raunak.
Raunak: Wow kajl tu films bhi thekithyiu.
Kajal: y sir.

Raunak: vo u r a college topper how would u.
Kajal : vo sir papa promised me every month any one day papa will take us there to movie r hotel.I like spending time with family. And this posters are kept by kaira and vinu.
Suddenly light goes off.
Kajal hugs Raunak Rauank gets shocked the light comes she moves away and gets shy.
Raunak: vo I feel sleepy shall v go.
Kajal: sry sir I forgot.
Kajal shows guest room Raunak gets in Kajal offers to sit she also sits in sofa.
Raunak : Kajal u go and take rest u need rest not for me and turns and sees the paintings drawn by kaira and says wonderful. Kajal gets dizzy and falls down Raunak sees that and lifts her to bed and pours water on her and she wakes up.
Rauank: what happen Kajal r u okay I’ll call doctor.
Kajal: no sir just I feel tired
Raunak: so u go and sleep take rest
she gets down the bed and goes to her room .Raunak holds her hands.
Raunak: wher r u going .
Kajal: sir to my room and she leaves.

In hospital kaira sees Akshay struggling and says “ everything is drama if u really love why did u do this to me akshay. I hate u.”
In kajal’s home
Raunak goes to kajal’s room and sees Kajal sleeping I sofs and struggling.
Raunak lifts her and puts her in bed and sees some hair in front of her face and moves that hair. Galliyaan plays.Rasunak sit behind her.
In morning
In kajal’s home kajal and raunakr sleeping in the same bed and hugging each other.

Precap: Raunak, Kajal ,Akshay, kaira all go outside and have sweet time together.

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