A Hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (episode 2)

A hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (epi-2)
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The episode begins with raunak and akshay comes to temple.
Raunak searches kajal.
Akshay : Raunak u go and search . I will be waiting here.
Raunak says ok and goes inside temple.
He walks in and sees everyone standing for aarti. He too joins them .
People are pushing themselves to get prasad. Some people pushes raunak. He goes more front. Suddenly air is blowing a girl’s few hairs touches raunak’s face.
The girl turns after getting prasad. She sees Raunak in front of her. She is likely to slip. Rauank catches her hands and hold her.
Rauank says “Kajal” .They share an eyelock.
Akshay looks them and smiles and goes near them and calls Raunak.
They get normal.
Kajal : Raunak sir aap ?
Raunak: Why I should not come here?
Kajal :No sir. I was surprised to see u here.
Raunak stares at kajal and smiles.
Akshay :vo we have come to pray for neeti, sanjana and sanketh
And handle the situation.
Akshay hits rauank and raunak comes back.
Raunak : Best of luck kajal.
Kajal: thank u sir.How do u know sir that today I have exam.
Raunak : vo Akshay said to me.
Kajal : thank u sir.
Raunak, kajal and akshay walks down from temple.
Rauanak : What u have planned after ur studies.
Kajal : After getting degree. I would like to start a business and she continues saying about her dreams. Akshay nods his heads and listens to her raunak keeps stare at her.Muskurane ki waja song plays.

They reach down.
Rauank is standing down to kajal . Raunak signs akshay.
Akshay :Wait here raunak. I will go and get some blessings from god and leaves.
Kajal and Raunak see their faces and they feel shy.
Some children pushes kajal and runs .
Kajal slips and raunak catches her by his side. They share an eyelock. Mai tenu samjhawan music plays
Kaira comes there and laughs and calls kajal di .
Kaira : di It’s getting late. Exam is today come fast.
Kajal: S I’m coming.
Rauank : hi kaira.
Kaira : hi sir
Raunak : Best of luck for ur exam.
Kaira : thank u sir . v r leaving v r getting late.
Raunak : ok kajal bye.
Kajal: bye sir. Raunak smiles
Akshay comes there and says” is it kaira”
Raunak : s bro it is ur Kaira
Akshay : Stop it raunak. I don’t love her. I think her as a friend.
Raunak : Friend! it will start in the word friend but something is between u and kaira.
Akshay : u know raunak . I like her but I don’t love her.
Raunak: oh ! u like her.ok .
Akshay: it’s getting late we will move they get in the car and the car moves.

Precap : Both couples speak about their love.

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