A Hidden love between lovable son and a beautiful girl (episode 11)

The episode starts with morning Raunak gets ready and comes down to have breakfast he sees Akshay already there and chatting in phone He slowly goes back and sees the message from Kaira and Akshay replies I love you.
Raunak sees that and laughs and teases Akshay. Akshay gets shy and blushes. They have breakfast and gets in car to go to office.
In kajal’s home.
Kajal gets ready and gets blessings from her father. Kaira tells that she will drop her in office.
While travelling
Kaira: di congrats u got job in rj company.
Kajal: thank u kaira but I can’t understand one thing How that general manager accepted me for this job actually he insulted me then how can he give the job.
Kaira(thinks in mind): S di u r right but the person who gave u job is the one who loves u more than anyone in the world.
Kajal: Hlo kya hua.
Kaira: nothing di
In car
Akshay: La la la.
Raunak: bhai kya hua ?
Akshay: nothing Raunak vo mein bas aise .
Raunak: I know about whom u r thinking. Akshay blushes.
Akshay: Meri chod what happened to u.
Raunak smiles: vo aaj Kajal ki first day in office. Today onwards I don’t want to wait in college or in temple to see her. I will meet her in office daily. I can start my day by seeing her face and end my day by seeing her smile.
Akshay: hmm so finally u got ur love close to u.
Raunak smiles and they reaches office.
In office
Raunak comes to office everyone wishes him.
Kaira and Kajal wait
Kajal: Kaira y r u waiting.
She searches for Akshay.
Kaira: vo di I am waiting for someone after seeing him I leave.
Kajal: what?
Kaira: vo di ek friend hai after seeing hi I will leave actually he is working here.
Kajal: hmm.( Kajal gets nervous her heart starts beating faster.) she gets up and steps two steps front Her heart beats fast she gets more nervous. Raunak comes with his assistant seeing some files suddenly Raunak smiles. His heart beats faster. Kajal is likely to see Raunak suddenly someone calls her she turns and goes Akshay comes and says Raunak to go to cabin to see some files.
Kajal knocks the door and gets in she keeps the files.
Raunak thinks that his assistant came to give the files he turns and open the file.
Kajal gets shocked seeing Raunak.
Kajal: Raunak sir aap yaha?
Raunak: y Kajal it is my office.
Kajal: what?
Raunak sees her and stares at her.
Kajal: sir give me the files.
Raunak: y Kajal what happened?
Kajal: sorry sir I am not interested to work here.
Kajal rushes Raunak tries to stop her suddenly his assistant opens the door Kajal gets hurt and she shouts.
Raunak catches her and takes her to chair and goes near to her and blows and shouts her assistant to bring first aid box. On hearing his voice Akshay and kaira comes inside and sees Raunak aids Kajal and smiles. Raunak suddenly presses her wound without knowledge she shouts kaira goes but Akshay stops her.
Akshay: Wait and watch ab the love between both the hearts will come out.
Raunak: sorry sorry Kajal and applies ointment.
Kajal: it’s okay sir.
Raunak gets close to Kajal and blows. They share an eyelock. Mast maagan plays.
Kajal thinks about akshay’s words and gets away. Raunak stops her by holding her hands . Mast magan plays. She removes Raunak’s hand, takes files and leaves.
She goes outside and write resignation letter. Kaira sees that and gets shocked.
Kaira requests Kajal to join the job so that they can manage home expensese.
Kaira: di plss I don’t know why u don’t like to work here but di pls atleasst for mamaji u work here.
Kaajal Thinks about family situation and tears the resignation letter.
Precap: Raunak says to Kajal” wow Kajal this is my drem I got it Kajal.”and hugs her. She smiles.
Thank u guys for reading my ff. If u have any suggestion pls comment and say ur wish. Thank u everyone who supported me.

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