Hey roomie! -By Ninaku. Chapter 6

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Anika gets up the next norning with her hair all messed up and mascara rowing down her cheeks.

She finds herself in Shivaay’s bed and looks around the bed to find him sitting beside the bed with his head falling down in sleepiness.

She tries to get up and just then she notices her hand locked inside his’s.

“Did he stay this way the whole night?”
She silently mutturs and slowly tries to remove his hand.

He gets his conscious with her touch and gets up all yawning and rubbing his face. They both were standing opposite to each other. Anika was hiding a smile while Shivaay was building up an angry face.

“Why didnt you call me??? Are you out of your mind ??? You were literally losing your conscious there. You should have seen you face then.. you were finding it difficult to breath and was crouching yourself in a corner. You keep ranting all the time… why didnt you just just call me at that time??? He was shouting in a single breath.

Anika just gives him a smile and holds his hand gently. “Thankyou” she says and smiles even more.

He takes a deep breath and sighs in relief.

“Step 2: Care for me..CHECK ✔”
She says and looks at him.

He facepalms himself and smiles shaking his head.

It was sunday so they both settled themselves in the hall. Shivaay was busy sipping his Americano and reading the newspaper. While Anika was flat on the sofa watching a hindi serial from VOOT casting it on TV.

Shivaay just couldnt stop rolling his eyes. “How come you watch these ?? You watch Game of thrones. And that’s something quite surprising. A girl so obsessed with GOT. BUT you watch hindi serials too. Like seriously?? Aren’t you feeling.. you know.. a “ewww” kind of feeling while watching these??” He asks shrinking his face and giving a disgusting look.

“Eww” feeling??? Like Michmichi??? She asks curiously.

“Michmichi?? He asks raising his eyebrows.

“Areyy.. michmichi… mich..michii.. when you look at something and you feel urrrrrr kurkurkurkurkur inside.. wo wala feeling” she says quickly and raises her eyebrows as if expecting an yes as an anwer.

Shivaay just rolls his eyes and cals her a “mad women”

“Acha suno.. how do i watch hindi serials is your question..
Just look at them man.. (she shows him the couple on screen. It was kaisi yeh yariyaan pair Manik and nadhini) Awww… the hero is Manik Malhotra and the heroine is Nandhini Moorthy.. they are just made for each other type.. they are soooo perfect onscreen” Anika nearly yells saying the last statement.

She kept ranting about the pair, their perfection and the story plot. She even told him how she loved love stories. She also informs him that she watches hindi serials only for the romance they show onsreen.

Shivaay chuckles and anika notices this. “Why are you laughing??” She asks with a curious face.

“I think this human is not always hungry for food… but also is hungry for romance” he says with his husky voice. She widens her eyes and smacks on shivaay’s shoulders.

While he laughs and continues sipping his Americano. Anika continues to watch the serial. Shivaay takes glances at the serial and when it ends with a shocking twist, he just jumps up.

“Omg… what happens after that” he screams and looks at Anika for an answer.

While Anika starts laughing.
“See.. i told you it’s intersting. Look at you… asking for the next episode already” she says and continues laughing.

Shivaay ignores her eyecontact and turns away still sipping his Americano.

“If you are okay with it, we can watch it together every sunday?? I wont tell Vicky that you watch hindi serial” Anika asks forwarding her hand but looking somewhere else.

After a long pause of thinking , “Deal” he says and grabs her hand still looking somewhere else. Anika silently smiles.

By 12:00 O’clock, Anika shouts “Im gonna cook” and enters the kitchen.
She wears her apron and wears her chef hat. She even pulls in gloves to her hands.

“Are you gonna do any operation??
Shivaay asks in a teasing tone and enters the kitchen.

“I know you are jealous. Just stand aside and watch me cook international recipes. HA HA HA ” she majestically laughs and keeps the pan on the stove. While shivaay giggles and leaves the kitchen.

An hour later, after a small noon sleep he enters the kitchen yawning to witness Anika with her face rubbed with wheat flour here and there, panting so hardly and a burning pan on the stove.

Shivaay jaw drops and facepalms.
He gets the mess cleaned up and looked at Anika standing at a corner like a kindergarden student made to stand aside for punishment. 

“You could have told me if you dont know to cook. Why did you ruin my kitchen” he asks in a angry tone.

She sadly pouts and avoids an eye contact. “I challenged my mother that ill learn to cook really soon when i stay here in banglore. I didnt know that cooking is so hard” she says and drops her head down.

“Fine. Ill teach you cooking in return of your favour letting me secretly watch hindi serials” he says and forwards his hand.

“Deal deal. But i didnt know you know cooking???” She said raising her eyebrows.

“You barely know me, honey. You still need to know a lot about me” he says and winks at Anika.

Soon shivaay and anika started cooking together. “Anika.. bring me that soya sauce, there.. it is in that cupboard” he says busy engrossed in cooking.

She tip toes to reaches for the cupboard. She keeps trying for it but in vain. Shivaay gets irritated waiting for her to take it and reaches for it himself.

As he nears for the sauce, his face reaches close to her face. Anika stare at him still with her legs tip toeing.

Shivaay after taking the sauce bottle in his hands bends down to see Anika looking at him at such proximity. They share an eyelock and it eventually gets broken when Anika looses her balance.

Shivaay quickly grabs her waist and grabs an eyelock again. Both of them realised their position a moment later and stands seperately breathing unevenly.

“Before it gets chilled, lets eat” shivaay says breaking the silence and diverting the topic.

They both sit on the dining table and start relishing the soya sauce Noodles and mayonnaise dip Nachos.

“Wah shivaay, really have to appreciate your cooking skills” she says with a raised eyebrow.

Shivaay self pats. “You cooking classes start everyday after 9pm. Be on time. Masterchef Shivaay never likes delaying” he says for which Anika answers with a tongue out.

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