Hey roomie! -By Ninaku. Chapter 5

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So, you are 65kgs uh? Shivaay asks biting his lower lip.

Anika narrows her eyebrows, and giving him an irritated look she stomps to her room.

He chuckles and goes to his room. As he gets changed into his tees and boxers, he opens his laptop and was busy with his official Emails.

He suddenly gets thinking in the middle of his work. The gaze of his blue-green eyes switches to his mobile.

His jumps up from his bed and plugs out his cellphone from its charger.
Clicking on the instagram app he enters it.

Username: bro_calls_me_billu
Password: billubillubillu

“Damn you Rudra. You created this ID for extra likes on your every insta update, but what’s with this username and password. Errrr…” he mutters and logs in.

“Now now now… what will be her Username. …. hey wait… what am i doing? Why do i need to know about her?” He thinks a moment and keeps his mobile aside.

Fidgeting his fingers, tapping his feet several times, he took his mobile again.. “Well, a little curiosity never kills. I am not stalking her.. just taking a look. So not at all a problem” he mentally assurres himself and searches for her account.

“Fine… i dont know her last name, Not her hometown, not her education, not her job. But i do know that she is always active on instagram, so she must have updated about her pizza job”

After a lot of research, he finally got her account. It was in private though. He just saw her profile picture with her sister and mother.

•Bold yet Afraid of dark•
•Dreamer •Foodie•Dog lover•
•Moon admirer• GOT fan•
Was in her profile bio.

Looking at her profile picture,
“Hmm.. she looks beautiful.
I should just shut my phone and go to sleep” He shook his head and covered himself with duvet, jumping into sleep.

While Anika on the other side,
“Do i look like im 65kgs??”

She grabs her hips and rotates herself left and right and looks at the mirror.

“Do i look fat?” Asking this to herself her face pouts a sad pose. She quickly grabs her mobile and clicks a selfie.

Posting this on her instagram,
“Weight is just a number.
Just gulp in another chocolate and jump into your slumber”- her caption read.

“Why do i care if he thinks im fat?” She shrugs and jumps into her bed for a sleep. But she kept thinking about it and fidgeted her fingers.

Next morning, Anika walks around the kitchen sipping her green tea.

“Yuckk, how do you drink that??” Shivaay enters the kitchen looking at Anika with a weird look.

She gives him a plain look, not expressing her anger, “It’s better than you kaali coffee” she says with her eyes rolling up.

“Kaali??? Kaali?? It’s Americano woman!” He says biting his teeth.

She really did like seeing him go on his nerves “you shouldn’t judged about my weight, i’ll show you who anika is” she thinks to herself.

“Waise… shivaay, i think you better stop drinking sairabanu and start drinking complan. Atleast your height might increace. You are so short” Anika pin-points his touchy topic.

His anger rises to power tiffany,
“I really hate myself fir trying to become your friend. Irritating woman you are” he shouts and leaves for his work.

Later at night, he returns back after a hectic day. He looks at her slipper with pom-poms stuck to it.

“Arrgghh, she’s home already. I better go inside my room as soon as possible before she makes me mad” he silently mutturs to himself and walks in.

“Why is it soo dark? Why aren’t the lights on?” He thinks and looks around.

Suddenly he remembers reading Afraid of dark in her bio.
He gets distracted thinking about her and slightly gets tensed.

“If her slipper is outside she must definitely be inside. But how come she is sitting inside without lights. Is she training herself to be bold??.. Mad.. this girl is mad” He thinks to himself and moves to his room with his mobile torch without a word.

Entering his room, he flips the switch and finds that the current had gone. He shrugs his shoulders and sits with his mobile torch.

A fifteen minutes or so, he still ain’t over her thoughts. He sat confused on his bed in his usual tees and boxers.

“Im home already and she isn’t bringing up any problems?? Isnt that unusual and with these lights off, i seriously guess something is wrong” he raises his eyebrows saying this and tip toes to her room.

He opens her room door with a creak sound and peeps in.

“Pagal ladki??? Oii? Are you here?”
He asks with a small smirk and walks in.

He sees her sitting in a corner hugging her legs and shivering.
“Im not that scary. Look at me” he says faking a teasing tone and gently bends down and keeps his hand on her shoulder.

She swiftly rises her head and he witnesses the most terrified and bloodshot eyes.

Her face was all pink and her eyes were swollen. He jawdrops in shock seeing her state and before he could react, Anika swings her arms around and hugss him bone breakingly tight.

She lets out her sobs.
Every drop of her tear that she drops sinks in his tee shirt making him melt seeing her in pain. Her tears tell him a million of emotion that she’s going through. He isnt used to such situations before. But this feeling is something that is never gonna be out of his soul.

He hugs her back and just pampers her till her sobs subside.

He gently picks her up in bridal style while she still is hugging him, and sits in his bed. She had her arms wrapped around him and her face was placed in the crook of his neck. And she was perfectly seated on his lap.

They assumed silence for a while and after realising their position, Shivaay silently calls out Anika. While she snuggles inside his neck even more sending chills through his spine.

Shivaay kept rubbing her back and consoled her as much as possible.

“Poor Anika. She must have been afraid when the current got cut. And myself being an idiot, didnt check up on her as soon as i entered instead was away in my room for 15minutes. I hope she’ll be fine soon” he thinks and the next moment the current shows up.

He looks down and calls her. While she had no answer. She was fast asleep on his shoulder. He smiles a bit and gently places her on his bed.

Sits beside his bed on the floor and clutches his hand with her hand. He had no idea why he did that. But he smiled and leaned himself on the wall and dozed off.

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