Her Mr. Charming ~ A Twinj Three shot ( Shot I )

Hello everyone.. This is Sapphire and I’m here with my first writing.. Well, I hope that you all will like it.. Now let’s start without any further delay…

A lady was getting ready looking beautiful in her blue saree. She is none other than Twinkle. She smiled as she thought about the dinner date that her cute husband has planned for them tonight.

Suddenly, her phone rang.” Hello? ”

” Hello, Mrs. Sarna? ”

” Yes.” Twinkle replied, confused.

” Actually, Mr. Kunj Sarna has met with an accident. He has been taken to xyz hospital.. ” Twinkle felt numb as she heard those words. Her heart was gripped with fear. It was as if someone was squeezing her heart very tightly, until it broke into pieces at the next words of the caller, “His condition is very very serious. Please reach there soon..”

Before she could continue with her grief, the sudden urge of going to her husband overcame her and she quickly rushed out of the house, ignoring the shouts of the family members.

As soon as she reached the hospital, Twinkle quickly dashed towards the reception. ” Excuse me.” Twinkle said hurriedly.

” Yes ?”

” Can you please tell me the room number of Mr. Kunj Sarna? He was just brought here after an ac..accident. ”

” Yes Ma’am. He’s on the fifth floor, room no. 512. ” The receptionist replied as Twinkle quickly thanked her and rushed towards the elevator, all the while praying for Kunj.

As she reached there, she saw that the elevator would take some time to reach the ground floor. So without any further thought, she went to the staircase and started running, skipping a stair or two in between.

Suddenly, her foot slipped. And this time, she fall down as there was no one to save her. Her Kunj was not there for her this time. She cried at that thought. She very well remembered all the times he had saved her, whenever she slipped, and how he scolded her after that.

” Can’t you see and walk, Twinkle? You could’ve gotten hurt. What if I was not here? ” He would say, scared that she could’ve got hurt, had he not been there. And then she would apologize in a cute way, making all his worries go away and bringing a smile on his face, ” I’m sorry na Kunj. But yeah, I know I’ll never get hurt as you’ll always be there to save me.”

Twinkle could feel her unshed tears about to fell, but she stopped them. Now was not the time to waste in crying. So, she quickly got up and wiped her eyes.

Twinkle hissed in pain a she looked over her elbow to see a long gash and blood oozing out of it. But at that time, her Kunj was the most important. So, she again started climbing up the stairs, forgetting about her own injury.

As she reached the fifth floor huffing, she saw a doctor coming out of the room 512. Her heart stopped for a second as the doctor looked up at her with a sad face.

“Mrs. Sarna !” The doctor recognized her at the first glance, after all she’s the wife of the great ‘Kunj Sarna’ .

” Hello, I’m doctor Aakash and I’m handling Mr. Sarna’s case.” The doctor, Aakash, said as Twinkle nodded.

“Hello and please call me Twinkle. ” Twinkle replied in a low tone.

“Okay Twinkle. Will you please come to my cabin for a minute? ” Twinkle nodded and followed Aakash to his cabin.

Booth came and sat down opposite to each other as the doctor opened a file.

” Honestly speaking, Mr. Sarna’s condition is really bad. His head was injured badly, with some of his bones fractured. We can’t say anything till he gains consciousness. And yeah, please don’t have your hopes very high. I’m sorry but, it’s possible that he might have amnesia. ” And that was enough to rip her to shreds. Her Kunj, who was always there whenever she was in some problem, was now fighting for his own life. And what hurt more was, that she couldn’t do anything for him.

” Can I see him ?” Were the only words that she could utter at that moment.

” Umm.. yes, but you can’t go inside. Hope you understand. ” Twinkle nodded at the doctor’s words, ” Now if you’d excuse me, I have to collect some reports. And yeah, I’ll send a nurse to tend to your wound.” The doctor gestured to her elbow wound as she nodded again, before he moved out of the cabin and a nurse came in after a minute or two.

After wrapping a bandage around her elbow, the nurse left, leaving Twinkle to her thoughts.

‘ Kunj…I know nothing will happen to you.. Please Babaji, don’t let anything happen to my Kunj.. Agar use kuch ho gaya, to uski ye Twinkle jee nahi paegi.. Kyunki Twinkle Kunj ke bina kuch bhi nahi.. ‘ Twinkle thought as she moved out of the doctor’s cabin and went towards Kunj’s ward.

There he was, attached to several machines, with bruises all over his body and a thick bandage around his head, lying unconscious on the hospital bed. He looked so vulnerable, not like the Kunj Sarna that everyone knows. Twinkle saw him through the window and finally allowed herself to breakdown.

But before she could touch the ground, two arms were wrapped around her. She turned around to see her brother, Dhruv, and immediately hugged him and started crying bitterly. Seeing her state, Maya, Dhruv’s wife, also had tears in her eyes, as she was trying to calm Kunj’s parents down.

” Bh..ai…Why..? Why did it happen to him ? He never did anything bad with anyone.. Then.. why him ?” Twinkle cried, letting her heart out, the events of the day catching up to her.

Finally, after some time, Dhruv was able to calm Twinkle down. All of them were sitting in the waiting area near Kunj’s ward, praying for him, and also trying to get a grip of themselves.

So here I end this shot.. Drop down your comments and tell me how it is..
Love you all..
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