Her Mr. Charming ~ A Twinj Three Shot (Last Shot)

Hey everyone, I’m here early as my hand has almost recovered. Thanks to all the lovely people who commented on the last one. So here is the last shot..
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Let’s start without any further delay…

One week later

A lot of things had happened in this one week. Kunj’s health has gotten better, making everyone happy, especially Twinkle; his surgery was also done and today, the bandages were going to be taken off. And today only, they will come to know if the scars on Kunj’s face will be permanent or not.


” Kunj, are you ready? ” Twinkle asked as she sat beside him on the bed. Kunj’s forehead and right cheek were tightly covered with bandages.

” Yes Twinkle. I don’t have any worry because I know that you’re here with me and will always be.” Kunj replied as he lightly kissed her forehead.

Twinkle got emotional and hugged him tightly, to which he reciprocated by making the hug tighter.

” Ahem.. ” A coughing sound was heard as both quickly broke apart and turned around to see Dhruv, Maya and Aakash standing there. Manohar and Usha were out of the city to do a pooja for Kunj’s health.

” Don’t worry, we didn’t see much. Right guys? ” Aakash said as the trio giggled, making Twinj blush.

” Okay jokes apart, shall we start Kunj? ” Aakash asked as the atmosphere turned serious.

Kunj nodded as Twinkle stood up and Aakash sat beside Kunj on the bed.

” One minute, Aakash. ” Kunj said, ” Twinkle.. ”

” What happened, Kunj? Why are you calling for Twinkle? ” Maya teased, knowing the reason, as Twinkle blushed. Aakash and Dhruv looked at them, confused.

” Guys, turn around. See what’s there. ” Maya said as both Aakash and Dhruv, along with Maya, turned their backs towards Kunj and looked out of the window.

Twinkle went and gently kissed Kunj’s bandaged and cheek, before moving away as the trio turned towards them.

” What Maya? Nothing was there. ” Dhruv said with a frown.

” Woh, I thought someone was there. But, looks like it was just my imagination. Sorry. ” Maya lied as both Aakash and Dhruv nodded and let it go for the time being. Twinj smiled and silently thanked Maya, making her smile in return.

” Anyways, I’ll start now. ” Aakash announced as he started unwrapping the bandages, making everyone worried.

” What? OH MY GOD. ” Aakash almost shouted, with wide eyes, as the bandages were finally unwrapped. Everyone grew scared as to what had happened.

” What happened, Aakash? Everything okay? ” Twinkle asked, fear gripping her heart.

” Guys, see this. ” Aakash said as he moved aside and everyone was shocked to see the result of the surgery.

” Hey, what happened? ” Kunj asked nervously.

” Kunj..” Twinkle said with tears in her eyes as she sat beside him and cupped his face, ” Kunj, there are no scars on your forehead. But your cheek has a scar..” Twinkle continued, ” Though it’s a temporary one and would soon fade off. ” She smiled as Kunj also sighed and hugged her tightly.

They finally pulled away as the others also smiled happily.

” Kunj, I’ve never seen such a result in a case as complicated as yours. It’s truly a miracle. Now I’ll prescribe you a cream and it will help the scar to fade away faster. It won’t take much time. ” Aakash said as everyone smiled with a shine in their eyes. Finally, after so much struggle, happiness was back in their lives.

” Guys, lets have a party tonight. Just us. ” Dhruv suggested as others agreed.

” Great idea, Mr. Husband. ”

” Thank you, Wifey. ”

” Bhai-Bhabhi, you can continue it later, in private. ” Twinkle teased as Dhruv and Maya blushed and others laughed whole heartedly.

” And Aakash, please bring Sara (his wife) along, okay? ” Twinkle said, or more like ordered.

” As you say, Bhabhi Ji. ” Everyone erupted with laughter again, enjoying the happy times.

” Cheers. ” Everyone said as they drank their drinks, except Kunj, who was drinking karela juice, though reluctantly. As Manohar and Usha were out of the city, the couples were fully enjoying their night at the Sarna mansion.

” Why do I have to drink this bitter juice? ” Kunj asked for the fifteenth time since he had been asked to drink the juice.

” Cause it’s good for your health. ” Everyone replied in unison.

” Huh.. You people are enjoying while I’ve to drink this stupid thing. I’m not going to drink it now.. ” Kunj said while crossing his arms and pouting like a kid.

” Okay fine, Kunj. You don’t have to drink it anymore. Happy now? ” Twinkle said as Kunj smiled and nodded, ” But then don’t talk to me, got it? ” She completed while turning her head to the other side, as Kunj’s face fell. Others watched them with smiles, curious of Kunj’s next move.

Seeing no other option, Kunj drank the whole juice and put the glass down, all the while making disgusted faces. The others laughed at his childishness, while a small smile crept up Twinkle’s face.

” See, I’ve finished it. Now don’t stay mad at me. ” Kunj said with a puppy face as Twinkle smiled and hugged him tightly.

” I love you, Kunj. My Mr. Charming. ” Twinkle said while closing her eyes, keeping her head on his shoulder.

” I love you too, My Twinkling Star. ” Kunj replied as he placed a loving kiss on her forehead.

” Hooh.. ” Both blushed as they realised that the others were also there, including Twinkle’s over-protective brother.

” Guys, let’s leave these love birds alone.. ” Sara said as others nodded and left them alone, but not before teasing them as hell.

” Love you.. ” Both said at the same time, with blush adorning their cute faces.

Twinj joined their foreheads with huge smiles on their faces, their eyes conveying the love that they harboured for one another.

Love : which brought them together, Love : which helped them face every obstacle of their lives, Love : which will always be there, Love : which changed their lives in a beautiful way, Love: which made Twinkle and Kunj as TWINJ…

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I’m going to start a ff after this and will be posting the prologue soon.. Hope you’ll like that too..
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  4. Great ending
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    Superb concept Sapphire. Read all part in one go nd it was amazing. Loved it so much. Nd that Twinj kiss nd window part was awesome. Fantastic story.
    Post your ff?
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  12. Awesome amazing
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    Thank you so much dear.
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