Hello Pratibha 9th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 9th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kaashi takes the drum and sits to sing, drunk. Everyone looks at her shocked, she drinks even more. Sunidhi thinks there will be drama to see in Holi of Pratibha’s new friend, Namrita. The boys talk about her and go to enjoy with her as she danced. Namrita drags Sunidhi and Sanjeev to dance. Pratibha was looking at Mahen, she puts colour on Mahen’s face. Everyone stops to see the dare of Pratibha, Mahen takes colour and puts it on Pratibha’s face while everyone cheers.
Rishi comes there with his mother, he tells his mother that her daughter in law to be will win her heart in the first meeting. Namrita danced vigorously, drunk. Some boys had kept an eye on her, they come to join her in dance and tease her. Mahen watches this
He goes to the stage and slaps one of them, asking the rest what way is this to do the dance. Pushpa comes from behind, Namrita was still singing in a drunk state. Pushpa asks Namrita to come down the stage when Rishi’s mother calls from behind. Pushpa and her husband are shocked to see them. Sunidhi smiles watching them. Pushpa murmurs who invited them without asking her. Pratibha comes to greet them so does Pushpa. Namrita was calling for music from behind. Rishi’s mother watches her, Pushpa comes to her and asks her to come down. Namrita didn’t listen. Pratibha asks Mahen to go and see, Mahen asks Pratibha to stay calm right now. Rishi comes to Namrita and asks her to behave, his mother disliking it all. Pushpa tells her she doesn’t know what is happening, Rishi’s mother says today’s generation is really modern but one has to think about society and people as well. This is India, how can the tradition of some other place go on here, they must have heard that first impression is the last impression so she must think what if she must have seen her daughter in law this way. She says to Rishi that they must now leave. Pushpa says she is really ashamed, but they must not leave. She says she doesn’t think about talking in such an environment, hands a gift to Pushpa saying she brought Shagun. Rishi asks Pushpa to take Namrita inside, Pratibha stops her Maami but she leaves. Pushpa is left in shock.
Pushpa questions the whole family who dared invite Namrita’s in laws, when Sunidhi asks her to forget about it. Pushpa puts a hand over the colour tray she held, and the colour come off Sunidhi. Sunidhi smiles, Pratibha says she did. She thought it would be a great surprise for Namrita. Mahen asks what is she saying, Pratibha says sorry Mahen and looks at Pushpa. Sunidhi smiles evily. Pratibha apologizes Pushpa, saying she never thought about it. Pushpa comes to Pratibha and says the truth is that she likes her but she is here for her daughter. She doesn’t like any interference in her daughter’s life, she must never do any such thing again. Pratibha gets weepy. Sunidhi thinks that Kaashi must also have seen this, she thinks where has Kaashi gone. Kaashi was heavily drunk sitting outside in the lawn. Sunidhi comes to her watches the bottle on the bar table and gets what Kaashi was into. She takes Kaashi inside.
Pushpa says to everyone that Pratibha’s intentions were wrong. Pratiha didn’t serve her with bhang, because Pratibha can never do so. Mahen says in their family no one can do such a thing. Pushpa says she could trust him but some time ago his family can never invite Namrita.
Sunidhi brings Kaashi to the room. She was holding something in her fist and talked to her as Pushpa. She struggles with her fist.
Pushpa says the intention was breaking her daughter’s wedding and disrespect. Mahen stops her saying she can’t say anything, they aren’t responsible for what happened today.
Kaashi laughs that she and Sunidhi have planned to send Pushpa out.
Pushpa shouts that she doesn’t understand anything, if he trusts his family they must look into the house and if they find something from the house then…

PRECAP: Pushpa asks Mahen what if they find bhang after looking up in the house. Mahen says he will do anything. Pushpa comes to Sunidhi and Kaashi, Kaashi opens up her fist and there was bhang in it.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. What is wrong with Sunidhi and Kaashi ,are they that evil?To say this much Sunidhi has poor acting skills.She had the bottle with the bhang in the view of everyone so no one saw her when she was trying to spike the drink and then forget it on the bar.That is foolish.Why didn’t they leave it as a suspense for us to try and figure out what happened and who did it?It might have made it a greater suspense.

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