Hello Pratibha 7th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 7th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pratibha repeats it is an invitation for singing talent competition. Mahen was smiling, Anmol comes there. Peehu tells him that mom didn’t tell them mom got a chance for wild card entry at a talent contest. Anmol hugs Pratibha, Peehu says Mahen should stop her, mom isn’t in the age group. Mahen says they must be happy, her mother has been called on by them. Pratibha thinks his smile tells he has done it all. Peehu gets the call again. She goes inside. Mahen tells Pratibha not to worry, she will do best.
Peehu comes to the room, the man warns her that if he doesn’t get money till tonight he will hand all the proofs to police. If she doesn’t take him seriously, he will call her parents. Peehu stood worried what to do. She turns to see Sunidhi standing there at the door. She comes inside and tells Peehu what is going on in her mind. She lost her control since she heard about it. Peehu is worried what she heard and asks what she heard about. Sunidhi says her mom would compete children at this age. Peehu tells Sunidhi she has to call her friend for an urgent work, if she came for some important work. Sunidhi says nothing, just her mother is after losing their respect in front of children. Sunidhi thinks she has thrown the stick to be burnt. Peehu is worried what to do, she thinks about stealing her gold earrings.
Praitbha comes to Mahen and says she knows he sent her name to talent hunt. Mahen says Aditya Narayan did it all, he just filled the form. Pratibha was irritated and worried, Mahen jokes with her. She was about to leave, Mahen holds her hand back. She says children of half her age would be there, how she would do this. Mahen says she isn’t that old even. Pratibha gives him the tickets and asks him to come to dinner. Mahen thinks about something.
Namrita brings food to Sumitra. Sumitra turns her face away. Namrita keeps the plate aside and hands her ring to Sumitra. She says she didn’t cook the food at her first kitchen turn, they ordered it from outside so she doesn’t deserve it. She keeps the ring on the table too. She says sorry, I have to give it to you. She must keep it until she cooks the food herself soon. She says she needs nothing but her blessings. She turns to leave, Sumitra stops her and asks if she thinks she will forgive her with her sweet words. The truth is that she doesn’t have an idea how much she has hurt her. Namrita says sorry to her.
Anmol tells Pratibha her singing video got so many likes and comments. Pratibha asks him to come out, she isn’t interested in this all. Anmol insists, Pratibha scolds him, then asks him to try and understand and go for breakfast. Mahen stood at the door, he comes in and sends Anmol out saying they will just come. He asks Pratibha what this all is, why is she getting irritated by Anmol. She must not regret whatever she decides, but if she doesn’t want to participate she must not. Pratibha tries to explain but Mahen leaves the room.
Peehu comes to Pratibha’s room, she thinks Papa is in washroom and opens the wardrobe. She looks for the key and finds it. She opens up the locker and takes her earrings. Mahen just comes out of washroom and asks Peehu what she needs. Peehu keeps the earrings in her pockets and says she came to call him for breakfast. She thinks she is breaking his trust, he must forgive her.
Pratibha serves food. Kaashi asks her to call Mahen and Peehu too. Mahen comes to the table, Kaashi asks Mahen to take a seat. He looks at Pratibha then tells Kaashi he isn’t hungry and is leaving. He says there is a lot to be done at the shop. Pratibha asks Mahen to go after eating. Mahen says he doesn’t want to, he won’t eat. Pratibha is worried and hands his lunchbox. Mahen says he doesn’t want to eat and take it also. One must do what he wants to. Pratibha asks why is he being stubborn like children, Mahen says he is being mature.
Mahen was in the shop. Pratibha comes with the lunch box. She tells Mahen she is also here, wants to talk to him for two minutes please. Mahen takes her into the office and asks what she has to say. Pratibha asks him to eat something please. Mahen says he told her he isn’t hungry, he has a lot to do here. Pratibha opens the lunch and tries to put one bite in his mouth. Pratibha says she feels really bad he isn’t eating because of her. He says he isn’t eating for a single day and she feels so bad, how does he feel when she is rejecting the dream of her whole life. Pratibha says she will participate in the contest.

PRECAP: Mahen calls Pratibha to get ready and meet him at Sharma building, there is a surprise for her.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I am an ass hole

  2. Hi why are u an ass hole ?

  3. Pratibha this is your opportunity to shine so shine on with your talent.Peehu needs to be taught a good lesson ,she is too besides her self.Damn disrespectful little girl.Sunudhi is a wicked woman and her turn is coming.Her son will reject her also.Mahen is really trying to boost her talent.The story is getting there.

  4. I was not a big fan of this show but this really is moving up the ladder with good script, although Pratibha’s sister-in-law’s role is shown too negative. But then…much better than any other show right now!

  5. Nice episode.

  6. Peehu is a disrespectful little girl she trust her aunt more than her mom and as for sunidi she should go to hell she making her niece turn away from her mom she is an ***hole she also just want that house she just die i mean share a good for nothing aunt she is a witch and for peehu she should just tell her parents about everything that had happen i am sure mahen would just get the police involved and put that blackmailer in jail i would really like to know who is this blackmailer i beat him up very cruel that he would never want to blackmail anyone again

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