Hello Pratibha 5th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 5th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Sunidhi says she won’t ever help her, she might complain anyone about her, she isn’t afraid. She turns to see Mahen standing behind. Mahen says he didn’t expect her to be such a misbehaving attitude; Pratibha is right that she has an equal responsibility in house chores and doesn’t want such an attitude with Pratibha again. Sunidhi thinks that today Pratibha is everyone’s weakness at home, but the day her daughter’s reality comes to her front, then she will see. Sunidhi nods at Mahen and leaves.
In the room, Sanjeev comes to Sunidhi to stitch his button on his favorite shirt. Sunidhi pours all her anger on him and asks him to go and ask Pratibha who is his favorite and he gave so much importance to her singing. She leaves saying she won’t do anything for her.
Pratibha brings Peehu’s favorite pasta to her. Peehu says she will eat after washing hands, Pratibha offers to feed her with her own hands. Peehu says ignorant that she will eat them herself. Pratibha keeps the spoon and gives her some money to buy her books. Peehu says she always bought her books. Pratibha says she is now grown up and can buy and take care of her things. Peehu smiles and says whatever has happened to mom, it is good.
Namrita brings a face wash to Sumitra, and says she thought about giving it to her as she brought it for her. Sumitra asks if she is bribing her to overlook her lie. Namrita says she is wanting to say sorry, she wants another chance and won’t hide anything from her now. She wants to begin a new relation with her. Sumitra says trust is earned in a long time but broken within a day. She would take time to forget about it and asks Namrita to promise she won’t do it again. Namrita promises. Sumitra says she would get food served.
Peehu was with her friends and says she is worried who is the man and why is he hiding. Her friend says it is good she doesn’t get along well with her mother. Peehu tells them her mother is changing, in a good way. She gives her space and takes care of her well now. Peehu’s teacher comes to call her aside and asks if she has some problem, her mother called to discuss it with her. Peehu says it is all well, she just had an argument with Sneha. Teacher leaves, Peehu is curt that her mother spies on her and can never change.
Anmol suggests Pratibha to watch a movie. Pratibha says this is a good idea, Peehu would also love it. She gets Mahen’s call, she tells him she paid electricity bill and gave Peehu the money. Mahen says he didn’t call for this, she says he often calls for these things. Mahen says he called to say lunch was delicious and he couldn’t concentrate on anything since then. Pratibha was lost, she tells Mahen that Anmol is missing him so he must come home early. Peehu comes home, Pratibha calls her but she ignores and goes inside.
Sunidhi was telling her mom about the video, Peehu enters, hugs Sunidhi and says she is like her mother in the house. She says she always wants to love her mother but everytime her mother does a blunder. She tells her that her mom wants to spy on her calling her teacher. Peehu says she wants to share her secret with her today. Sunidhi thinks it would not be good for her plan that Peehu tells her secret to her. She tells Peehu that she must share everything with her mother, she can’t go against Pratibha because Pratibha dislikes her and won’t behave with her well. Peehu cries that she was her true supporter at home and her mom took her from her too. She leaves the room. Sunidhi laughs and says Peehu’s secret and her hatred for her mother are going to be used by her against Pratibha.
Peehu comes to her room, Pratibha comes behind her and asks what is the matter and why she came here like this. She and Anmol were planning a movie. Peehu says she has no interest in any of their plan, she must leave. Pratibha notices her and asks if something happened at school. Peehu says a lot happened, and she must thank her for that. Peehu says she must ask her what she wants to know, she must not inquire her teacher about it. Pratibha says she called her teacher to know why was she worried after trip. Peehu says she told her she didn’t want to share her problem with her, why she pokes her nose everywhere and why she interferes in her matters. Mahen scolds Peehu from behind, he says this isn’t spying, it is her worry. Is this the way of Peehu to talk to her mother. Pratibha asks him not to scold her, they will talk to her later. Mahen and Pratibha leave, Peehu fell on the bed and cries. Sunidhi comes and consoles her, she says Pratibha can fell so much that she wants her to be scolded by her father.
Pratibha says to Mahen that she doesn’t want Peehu to respect her because of fear of being scolded. She wants to earn that respect, she will understand her and show her that she is always with her.
Sunidhi tells Peehu not to cry, she is with her and loves her more than her mother.
Mahen says the relation of mother and daughter is really cute, he is sure she will succeed in it.
Sunidhi says she understands what Peehu is going through and Pratibha hasn’t been able to understand her. Peehu hugs her. Sunidhi says she will snatch Pratibha her precious most thing in life, her daughter.

PRECAP: Mahen gets a call asking for Pratibha to participate in a talent show. Mahen asks Pratibha she never participated in these. Pratibha says no such thing happened in her timings. Mahen asks had she participated. Pratibha says she thinks a lot about it but all in vain. Mahen smiles.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Peehu is an ungrateful girl, he mother cares for her an she feels her mother is invading her privacy but she loves her Chaachie (villian Sunidhi). I can realy get so mad wen her mother talks to Peehu an she pulls her face, tat lil twit is the pittttts, she shud reAlise this only makes her more UGLY. She shud take a stress pill lol. What a beautiful, lovely, peaceful, hardworking, talented n can go oonnnn mother Peehu has n she prefers villian Sunidhi!!!!!!

  2. So nice to see Mahen smiling!! It suits u, very proud of u. Nice to see tat ur relationship wit Pratibha is flourishin. AND Anmol ur just the BEST!!!! Love u

  3. Yes it nice to see mahen is changing n respecting prabitha but this ungrateful daughter of his need to be taught a lesson she getting too out of hands

  4. Peehu,the bugs bunny, she lacks a carrot. With face like that and teeth she should keep her mouth shut.

  5. Pihu….. Is the worst oooooppppsss I mean most ugliest star I’ve ever seen…. YUCK

  6. Anmol i love u baby, tu es l’enfant de maman.

  7. Sunidhi needs a hard slap frm her husband to put her in her place, she is the youngest daughterinlaw an shud hav respect for pratiba!!!! Ther is so much of venom an jealousy for pratiba, so proud of Mahen as he finally seen Sunidhi’s true colours. N Peehu says her ‘ mom will never change’ MY dearest Peehu reality check U need to change ur stupid attitude ungrateful kniving lil BRAT!!!! PLS vote Peehu shud the worst daughter of 2015!!!

  8. Why does Peehu fright for her father but wit her mother she just has no respect????? And Pratiba she is a big girl wit major attitude an seems like she has always disrespected u in front of every1, why now ar u trying to change her to change her attitude towards u, u hav been slogging for her, giving her all the love like u hav been to Anmol so what went wrong wit u an Peehu???? Pratiba when did this relationship go so bad tat this girl has just no respect for u !!!!! Frm inception of this serial Peehu hav had this bad attitude towards her mom!!!!

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