Hello Pratibha 4th May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 4th May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pratibha was worried as she thinks about Peehu’s problem. Mahen comes to room and finds her lost, he asks what is it. Pratibha says she senses there is something wrong with Peehu, she is behaving odd since she returned from trip. She tried to talk to her but Peehu doesn’t reply her well. She sensed some tension between her friends today, and talked to her teacher but the teacher says the trip went well. Mahen asks if she tried to talk to her. Pratibha says she did, but she didn’t tell her. Mahen says he saw how she overlooked her concern. Pratibha says there neither time nor environment was well. Pratibha says she will talk to her later, Mahen asks her to come and do it now. He says he also wants change in a lot of things and one of them in Peehu’s behavior towards her, she must reply to what Pratibha says to her.
Peehu was talking to a friend on phone, they both receives a video from a private number. Peehu and friends went with high speed in the car in forest area, a man came between the path and had a severe accident. Peehu tries to stop his friend, but they get the car leave that place. Peehu asked them to see if that man might be alive. Peehu was shocked to see the video, Pratibha and Mahen stood at her door. Pratibha watches the video, Peehu hides her cellphone. Mahen asks what happened Peehu, why is she so worried. Pratibha asks Peehu if there is something bothering her. Sunidhi comes from behind and says it is alright, she must tell about it to papa. She asks Mahen that in Peehu’s school a boy wrote love letter to her friend and it came to Peehu’ bag, she is worried and hasn’t been able to tell it to them as well. Peehu is relieved and says this was it. Mahen says they care about her a lot and trust her, she must have told this to her mother. Mahen leaves, Pratibha asks Peehu not to be afraid, she asks if there is something else. She must share anything with her knowing her mummy is with her. Peehu nods, Pratibha leaves. Peehu shuts the door and hugs Sunidhi and says she saved her today. Sunidhi says it seems she saved her top secret with her friend. Peehu says there is nothing like that. Sunidhi says in childhood, she had a lot of top secrets with friends she she understands her top secret cross code. Sunidhi asks Peehu to get her lime juice, when Peehu leaves she watches the accident video. She says it would be really interesting when this truth comes to Pratibha. This time she will see Pratibha defeated, she has everything, this house, husband, talent but her own daughter has broken her trust.
Namrita was in her room walking worried, Rishi sat silent. Namrita was worried she broke Sumitra’s trust, she would never believe her. Rishi asks her to forgive him, it was he behind all this. Namrita says he doesn’t need to apologize, they can’t do anything about what happened. She is saddened that maa ji got to know the truth from outsiders. Rishi says he will apologize her, Namrita says she herself will go to her and make her up. She will start over their relation again with truth. Rishi hugs her and says he is lucky to have her in life.
Mahen wakes up on Pratibha’s singing voice. Sanjeev and Anmol sat enjoying her singing. Mahen comes out and smiles listening to her. She turns to look Mahen come smiling and asks for another song, ‘lag ja galay’. Pratibha asks when he woke up, she will get tea for him. Mahen says he takes tea daily, wants to hear her voice now. Sanjeev and Anmol also buck her up, Pratibha sings the song. Kaashi says her Mahen has been an appraiser of his wife, she must also take her side. She comes and appreciates Pratibha’s voice, Mahen asks Pratibha to continue. Sunidhi puts a glass on table making noice, curtly. Pratibha finishes her singing and heads to bring breakfast for them. Anmol and Sanjeev leave, Mahen says thankyou to Pratibha. Pratibha says mention not, turns and leaves smiling. Mahen also smiles back.
In the kitchen, Pratibha was indulged in cooking. Sunidhi comes there, Pratibha asks her to hurry and cook Roti for Sanjeev and Mahen. Sunidhi heads to leave, Pratibha asks didn’t she listen. Sunidhi turns and rudely says she has a lot more to do, she isn’t meant to do this all. Pratibha says she is meant to, some of their chores were divided. Sunidhi says when Pratibha has been doing all this work for years, why she should help her now. She says she will not do as Pratibha says it always, like everyone in the house and Pratibha must tell anyone about it. She turns to see Mahen standing there.

PRECAP: Pratibha tells Mahen on phone that she paid the electicity bill. Mahen says he didn’t call for it, he called to appreciate the lunch she cooked, he is unable to forget it till now.

Update Credit to: Sona

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