Hello Pratibha 4th March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 4th March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Kaashi tells the ladies that she lost her husband because of this lady. The ladies whispers amongst each other. Raashi says she had asked this lady to send her husband meet his old brother for one last time. But she didn’t want him to step in this home. Pushpa says atleast now she must speak the truth, she herself let them go out of the house and everyone know how her husband loved his brother. She turns to leave, but Raashi calls Pushpa’s mother as a liar saying she is also just like her. Pushpa turns back, and says she doesn’t know what did her neighbours believed but they must have believed that she doesn’t like the respect of her family. Raashi says she doesn’t consider her a part of her family. Pushpa says she had to disrespect her so she did, she must atleast tell them a bit of truth. She says she won’t be able to say so, because she never found the answers to her questions. She says neither can she kill her character nor win, ever. Sunidhi couldn’t resist clapping, then makes up that there are so many mosquitoes.
A lady asks Kaashi to solve her problems at home, not tell anyone. What is she trying to show to her daughter in laws. They all leave. Sunidhi smiles that Pushpa has defeated her so easily. Pushpa says to Kaashi that her poison hasn’t got low, she went the last time but she won’t go this time. Kaashi says this is her home, her room wasn’t her side but kitchen is my side. Pushpa says in this house, she has a right in everything. Kaashi says she will get her a cheque of everything belonging but then she will have to pay for everything she will use. Pushpa leaves.
Peehu sits in the room, thinking about Gia’s warning. Anmol asks doesn’t she has to go to school. Peehu says she has pain in stomach. Anmol says as he wish. She calls Gia, Gia says does she has the courage to call her even today. Peehu says she begs her not to tell anyone, she will do anything she say in return. Gia asks her to meet in school then.
Kaashi was curt; she says she has done a big mistake returning here. She gets an idea, takes a pack from her drawer. Pratibha comes there, Kaashi asks Pratibha to smoke the whole house.
Anmol and Peehu come to school in rickshaw. Peehu asks him to go inside; he asks if she plans to run away again.
Peehu is worried thinking what will be Gia’s plan, as Gia appears from the car.
Kaashi asks Pratibha to be hurry, Pratibha says she has to tell her something but Kaashi asks her to go to Pushpa’s room first and spread the smoke well. Sunidhi wonders what is Kaashi going to do.
Peehu held the bags of girls, Gia boasts that she always wanted someone to do her personal chores. Anmol sees her and asks how dare they, Peehu says he must not do anything or she will be in more problem.
Pushpa calls for the delivery of her inhaler, she is allergic and can’t suffer any smoke. Pratibha comes to her room, she was in washroom. Pratibha says before Pushpa asks her something about morning, she must go her work and leave. Pushpa comes out of washroom, and coughs hard. She calls Pratibha, Pratibha heads to go there but Kaashi stops her saying she is their enemy. Pratibha says she doesn’t seem to be fine. Pushpa was in a bad condition, Kaashi says to Pratibha she won’t go inside. Kaashi says Pushpa has let them in much pain, she is paying off. Pushpa calls Pratibha, Kaashi stops her but Pratibha heads to go inside. Mahen comes and asks what is happening. Praitbha says chachi is in pain, he looks at Kaashi who smiles at him approvingly. She asks Mahen to go and he runs inside. He asks Pratibha to open the windows, Pratibha comes to nearly fainted Pushpa. Mahen holds her, gives her inhaler. Kaashi asks him not to be so helpful but he gives Pushpa the inhaler. Mahen says he doesn’t want to win the case this way. Kaashi says she is doing all drama. Mahen says she isn’t doing any drama, and asks Pushpa if she is alright. Pushpa still lied faint. Mahen asks Pratibha to call doctor. Pushpa says it is all because of smoke, he has opened the window she will be fine. She thanks Mahen as he has helped her a lot. Mahen says he doesn’t want a drama at home, asks them all to go. Pratibha looked at the weak Pushpa, Kaashi calls Pratibha, Pushpa weakly approves of her to go.
Pratibha lay on the sofa, feeling the guilt that she was responsible of giving off the smoke. She gets up and goes to the room. She thinks how would chachi be, should she go to see her.

PRECAP: Pratibha takes leave from Pushpa in bed, she brings the tray out and find a confrontation with Kaashi and Sunidhi.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. What is wrong with Kaashi .She is an ugly vindictive woman and is using Pratibha for her evil.Pratibha you are old enough to defend your self and do the right thing.No matter how hard the truth is by doing right let the right always reign.PRATIBHA YOU KNEW FROM THE FIRST LIGHTING OF INCENSE THE MORNING THAT SHE WAS BEING affected ,so why go along with your mom in law to do more smoke in the house again and inPushpa’s room.Every damn show is the same thing ,always some kind of vengeance,Come on writers what is this.

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