Hello Pratibha 3rd March 2015 Written Episode Update

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Hello Pratibha 3rd March 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Pratibha tells Mahen that Sunidhi wanted to prove her affair with this man through this photo. Mahen looks at the picture and gets it. He looks at Sunidhi when the door bell rings. They are shocked to see the same man there. He asks about Pushpa, Mahen nods she is inside. Pratibha was worried. The man asks Pratibha if Pushpa is here. Kaashi says so he is here, that Pushpa must have called him to mock them and take pleasure. Mahen stops her, but Pushpa says offcourse. Pushpa says whatever is happening in this house has to be enjoyed, the mother in law knows it all that the sister in laws are taking photos of each other. The man watches the photo, Pushpa asks him to go inside she will be there. He goes inside. Pushpa hands Pratibha the photo and goes inside. Mahen stops Kaashi from saying anything. He turns to Sunidhi and asks if she spied at Pratibha. Sunidhi stammers that she thought… Mahen says she thought Pratibha has an affair. Sunidhi nods. Mahen shouts at Sunidhi that Pratibha can be anything but characterless. Pratibha has spark in eyes. Sunidhi tries to say something, Mahen says he doesn’t want to hear a single word, how dare she thought about Pratibha like this and why she didn’t tell him about it directly. He asks why she did so, to ruin the respect of their family and their anniversary party. He asks Sunidhi to apologize Pratibha, Sunidhi was reluctant. Mahen shouts now, Sunidhi comes to Pratibha with an evil face and says sorry, I was mistaken. Mahen says he doesn’t need any other drama at home, the enemy is here and Mahabharat is going on between the house dwellers themselves.
Sunidhi was irked, she says in front of mirror that Pratibha will have to pay for all the disrespect she got her. She says she will destroy Pratibha’s life.
In the morning, Kaashi tells Pratibha and Sunidhi to end all the fights at home, especially in front of Pushpa. She doesn’t want to give her any idea about anything. Kaashi says to Pratibha that yesterday wasn’t her tongue, it was taught to her by Pushpa. It is the effect of her intimacy. Pratibha was silent. Kaashi stops Pratibha from leaving the room, she tells Sunidhi to collect the ladies of neighbourhood at home till 11 am. She asks Pratibha not to let Pushpa leave home till 11 am. Pratibha says she doesn’t speak to her, Kaashi says she talked to her before so she should now. She warns her against anything wrong, and says what to do to that Pushpa. Sunidhi tells Kaashi she can trust her. Kaashi says she is only afraid of this Pratibha and leaves the room. Sunidhi comes behind Kaashi to ask her the plan. Pratibha was in the room, disturbed. She comes out to see Pushpa and the man leaving, she looks at Pushpa. Pushpa recognizes her look. The man leaves, Pratibha also leaves inside. Pushpa is thoughtful.
Sunidhi’s mother and she enjoys the drama. Her mother says she must not deny her mother in law. She just have to see who is winning and go to their side. Sunidhi says she is waiting tomorrow 11 am. The next morning, Pratibha thinks how she must get to know if Pushpa is leaving or not. Kaashi points at the leaving Pushpa, Pratibha calls her to stop for a while. She brings coffee for her. Pushpa smiles, then asks how today as she denied it yesterday. Pratibha says she thought she would ask for it today as well, so she made it. Pratibha says it will get cold. Pushpa observes her for a while, and says had she not known she must have thought she is playing some trick. Pushpa says she was going out to have coffee, she asks what is she hiding. Pushpa says she had full chance of mixing something in coffee, but she won’t. Pushpa leaves inside with the cup, Pratibha wishes Pushpa stays in the room till 11.
Kaashi sends Pratibha to the room to light dia in fro went of God. Pratibha comes into the room, no one was there. She says to God, he do all the miracle, she asks for a miracle at home so that everything get well. Pushpa comes there and coughs hard due to smoke. She asks Pratibha to go out, Pratibha leaves. Kaashi peeks through the door and says she still remember her pain, she will come out just now. The ladies come home, Kaashi asks Pushpa to meet her friends and neighbours, if she wants to reside at home be a part of it. Kaashi asks why is she coughing so hard, did her lungs ruin or does she has TB. The ladies ask who this lady is, Kaashi says she is her sister in law. They say they never saw her here. Kaashi says she had send her out of the house, she gets teary and says she lost her husband and her children’s father because of her.

PRECAP: Kaashi asks Pratibha to smoke the house. Pushpa’s condition gets worsened, Kaashi asks her not to go there as she is their enemy. Pushpa calls Pratibha in pain.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. Pratibha are you a puppet or a real person with feelings can’t you see through your monster-in-law schemes…i use to call Puspa a manipulator but now i’m beginning to wonder and Mahen kudos you didn’t expect that well done

  2. Prathiba please stand of for your rights and say no to that monster in law.If anything happens to Pushba you will be blamed.Pushba is coughing profusely therefore she may be asthmatic and this could cause her to get a bad reaction from the smoke.Prathiba you are a good person stop being the puppet .Mahen stood for you and defended you and this was good but you have to be able to stand on your own as a strong woman.

  3. I think Pratibha’s politeness and kindness everyone taking advantage of her except her son and brother in law. Mahen needs to give more love and care to his wife. He seems always very serious and they don’t share any husband any wife relationships. PRATIBHA’S CORRECTER MUST BE STRONGER THAN SUNIDHI. Sunidhi needs to help Pratibha doing house work. Pratibha seems like everyone maid. I don’t understand why ???M.in law dancing for sunidhi’s tunes. Pihu MUST RESPECT HER MOTHER. Sunidhi’s mother’s correcter is unnecessary scene. PLEASE CHANGE THE STORY MORE INTERESTING OTHERWISE TRP WILL GO DOWN.

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